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[11:28]	<ctalbert>	Calendar QA Chat will start in a about three minutes
[11:29]	<ctalbert>	I've been testing the 0.3.1 RC2, just going through regressions. 
I am getting the following error when I create an event, delete it, and try to undo 
that delete:
[11:29]	<ctalbert>	Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 
0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsITransactionManager.undoTransaction]" nsresult: "0x80004005 
(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-item-editing.js :: 
undo :: line 235" data: no]
[11:29]	<lilmatt>	does it do that in rc1
[11:29]	<ctalbert>	That's what I was going to ask ;-)
[11:30]	* ctalbert	digs through all the various builds to find an RC1
[11:30]	<ctalbert>	Other than that, I haven't found any issues :-)
[11:30]	<lilmatt>	they're in the rc1 folder :)
[11:31]	-->|	Andreas (chatzilla@7D304A72.4C00166E.33AABD5F.IP) has joined #calendar-qa
[11:33]	<lilmatt>	lightning's up
[11:34]	<ctalbert>	lilmatt: I know, but I've downloaded almost all of them :-p
[11:34]	<lilmatt>	mac
[11:34]	<ctalbert>	sweet, so we have all the lightning builds up there now!
[11:35]	<ctalbert>	lilmatt: No, undo works in 0.3.1 RC1
[11:35]	<ctalbert>	Someone should confirm my bug though. I'm running on vista and have 
a lot of events at this point, plus I'm running caldav, webdav, ICS, and local calendar stores.
[11:36]	<ctalbert>	Or...I can go to a new profile.
[11:36]	* ctalbert	grows a brain
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	Ok, well, Let's get started with the QA Chat for today. The agenda 
is at:
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	We have 0.3.1 RC2! (as I'm sure you are all aware)
[11:37]	<xFallenAngel>	yay!
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	Preliminary tests are good, barring this undo thing.
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	The Lightning builds are available from the "release" link which 
you can find over on our tracking page at:
[11:39]	<ctalbert>	Please update that page with the tests and localizations you run so 
that we can easily see what needs to be tested.
[11:40]	<xFallenAngel>	Have the locales been tested by native speakers?
[11:40]	<ctalbert>	We hope to release this thing next week, so we need to verify the 
locales on it. I will hold a "QA Work session" tomorrow morning (I'll try to get started 
at noon UTC) and work through verifying the various localizations.
[11:40]	<ctalbert>	xFallenAngel: Not yet.
[11:41]	<xFallenAngel>	Have any? It might be nice to know which ones to avoid filing 
bugs on things that are translated correctly but may sound wrong
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	I will post something to the L10N newsgroup and ask them to come 
take a look at their locales to be sure they are working as they expect.
[11:41]	<xFallenAngel>	(i.e "Top" in the print margins is correct in danish, but I 
though it was just forgotten)
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	Good point
[11:42]	<xFallenAngel>	ctalbert: Did you add the work session to the google calendar 
we have?
[11:42]	<ctalbert>	Today, I'll also hit the timezone tests here after the meeting and 
be sure those are OK. I did some earlier, but they didn't involve upgrading from 0.3.
[11:42]	<ctalbert>	xFallenAngel: Not yet. I'll do that too. Thanks for the reminder.
[11:43]	<xFallenAngel>	sure thing
[11:43]	=-=	eor is now known as eor|afk
[11:43]	<ctalbert>	I did post the blog and the calendar newsgroup about the 0.3.1 
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	Anyone have anything else they'd like to talk about before we 
launch into the QA Wanted and QA Discussion bugs/
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	?
[11:45]	<ctalbert>	Whoo-hoo! The undo works in a clean profile on 0.3.1 RC2 (on that 
Vista system I was just complaining about).
[11:46]	<xFallenAngel>	Whats the status on the officialness of the google QA calendar?
[11:46]	<xFallenAngel>	nice :)
[11:46]	<ctalbert>	That is still unclear. I have heard nothing from anyone on it. I 
should have asked sipaq about it yesterday.
[11:47]	<ctalbert>	I'll see if I can get that worked out by next week's meeting.
[11:47]	<ctalbert>	I think it is primarily up to him.
[11:48]	<xFallenAngel>	ok
[11:48]	<ctalbert>	-- QA Discussion Bugs --
[11:48]	<ctalbert>	Only one this week: bug 368728
[11:48]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Changed task disappear in calendar view until
[11:50]	<xFallenAngel>	I think the two are dupes, the same thing happens
[11:50]	<xFallenAngel>	it isn't shown until refreshed
[11:50]	<ctalbert>	that's what I was thinking too
[11:51]	<xFallenAngel>	If they should turn out to be different issues while creating
a patch, then it can still be reopened
[11:51]	<ctalbert>	Archaeopteryx: Any reason you *don't* think these are dupes?
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	Yeah, I'll mark it as a dupe unless there are reservations...
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	sounds like no.
[11:52]	<Archaeopteryx>	no, i see no reason
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	cool.
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	thx
[11:52]	<firebot> set the Resolution field on bug 368728 
to DUPLICATE of bug 353066.
[11:52]	<firebot>	Bug nor, 
--, ---,, NEW, problem with refreshing tasks in main view when 
end due starts is set
[11:53]	<ctalbert>	On to QAWanted:
[11:53]	* ctalbert	will try to slow down a little this time.
[11:54]	<ctalbert>	I did virtually nothing on the QA Wanted defects from last 
week's meeting, since I was consumed by 0.3.1 issues.
[11:54]	<ctalbert>	I did get kubuntu installed though, since that was one of the 
things we needed for these.
[11:55]	<ctalbert>	I also read through the daunting list of what it takes to install 
an openexchange server.
[11:55]	<xFallenAngel>	a hell of a lot of heap space - that what was keeping me
[11:56]	<ctalbert>	yeah. And various's a ton.
[11:56]	<xFallenAngel>	yep thats true
[11:56]	<ctalbert>	We should just recruit one of these people with a server to do 
testing for us. :-)
[11:56]	<xFallenAngel>	hehe
[11:56]	<ctalbert>	Anyhow, the bugs.
[11:57]	<ctalbert>	Bug 255995
[11:57]	<xFallenAngel>	I'll try to get more heap space from my hoster, should not 
be hard
[11:57]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, first calendar reload stalls when Content-Encoding: 
gzip used
[11:57]	<ctalbert>	xFallenAngel: ok.
[11:57]	<ctalbert>	This should be so easy to test, but I haven't had time to do it.
[11:58]	<xFallenAngel>	Same here :-}
[11:58]	<ctalbert>	We'll assume same status as last week...
[11:58]	<ctalbert>	I imagine that there are no updates on most of these.
[11:58]	<ctalbert>	Updates on bug 277941?
[11:59]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, FTP password pops up every time I make an 
addition to my calendar.
[11:59]	<xFallenAngel>	I haven't had any time since last week, so none at all from me
[11:59]	<ctalbert>	I haven't either. Actually, I think none of us have. Let me just look 
to see if there are any new QaWanted bugs
[12:01]	<ctalbert>	I think we might want to take a look at bug 356269 in the context of 
[12:01]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, UNCO, localization will not work Lightning are always english
[12:02]	<ctalbert>	I think bug 368999 is also new
[12:02]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, UNCO, inconsistency within storage.sdb causes Lightning to 
 segfault (in
[12:03]	<ctalbert>	And we have the Open XChange WebDav bug on 0.3.1: bug 369076
[12:04]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj, 
--, ---,, UNCO, webdav calendar open-xchange - events not deleted
[12:04]	<xFallenAngel>	ssitter might be able to comment on the first, he has a comment on 
[12:05]	<ssitter>	i had seen a similar issue after switching local just via command line
[12:05]	<ssitter>	all the js locales were in the new locale
[12:05]	<ssitter>	but the xul locales were in the old locales
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	Do you think asking the reporter to retest this with 0.3.1 RC2 would make a difference?
[12:06]	<ssitter>	after deleting the xul cache all strings were shown in the new locale
[12:07]	<xFallenAngel>	Did the reporter try that? I can't quite understand what he means in comment #4
[12:07]	<ctalbert>	He tried ssitter's suggestion.
[12:07]	<ctalbert>	ssitter: Do you think he should have also deleted LocalStore.rdf as well?
[12:07]	<ctalbert>	(as well as xul.mfl)?
[12:08]	<ssitter>	don't know. does it contain information about the locales?
[12:08]	<ctalbert>	I don't know. Let me open one.
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	no, it doesn't seem ot
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	to
[12:10]	<xFallenAngel>	It sounded to me more like he thought -uilocale de would remove the xul.mfl
[12:11]	-->|	mschroeder ( has joined #calendar-qa
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	Hmm...I dunno. While this is an odd, worrisome bug, we haven't seen 
too many reports of anything like it. I don't think I'd hold 0.3.1 for it.
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	Hi mschroeder
[12:11]	<mschroeder>	hi
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	But, that said, it would be good to try to recreate it on 0.3.1 
(mschroeder we're galking about bug 356269
[12:12]	<ctalbert>	er...talking
[12:12]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, UNCO, localization will not work Lightning are always english
[12:13]	<ctalbert>	mschroeder: We skipped the old QAWanted defects and looked at 
the new ones since all of us have been busy with 0.3.1 and haven't done anything on 
the QAWanted defects. Do you have any updates on any of the QAWanted defects 
( ?
[12:14]	<mschroeder>	no, I was busy with university projects.
[12:15]	<ctalbert>	Ok. I think we should just refer to last week's QA Chat log and 
we'll try to address the QAWanted bugs as we talked about last week.
[12:16]	<ctalbert>	Of course, testing 0.3.1 RC2 should take priority. Please help 
out, even verifying one localization is a great help.
[12:16]	<ctalbert>	I think that's all I've got today. Does anyone else have anything 
they'd like to discuss?
[12:16]	* ctalbert	thinks we might actually end this meeting early! :-)
[12:18]	=-=	mschroeder is now known as mschroeder|away
[12:20]	<ctalbert>	One of the mozilla testers Ray Kiddy asked me about doing automated 
testing on timezones. I responded to his email and copied my email into this wiki page:
[12:20]	<ctalbert>	I don't know if he's thinking of some kind of project for this or 
not, but it's good to have those ideas penned down.
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	I'll let you know if I hear anything from him.
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	Ok. I think that's the QA Chat for this week.
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	Thanks a lot for all the help over these last weeks!
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	Let's get 0.3.1RC 2 out the door!!!
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	-- End QA Chat --