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[12:35]	<mschroeder>	ctalbert: meeting time?
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[12:37]	<ctalbert>	mschroeder: yeah, it is. We're having a meeting here too
[12:37]	<mschroeder>	ctalbert: oh... i see
[12:37]	<ctalbert>	:-S
[12:37]	<ctalbert>	So, let's get the Calendar QA Meeting started
[12:39]	<ctalbert>	Sorry for running late. Here is the wiki page:
[12:39]	<ctalbert>	First off, some updates
[12:40]	<ctalbert>	We have code freeze this saturday. Several bugs are heading 
in - eTag support on CalDav, ability to determine whether or not iTIP should always 
bring up a compose window when attendees are present on an event
[12:41]	<ctalbert>	Also, I am trying to get something together that will handle 
the foreign timezone problem, and that will likely push our dates back a few days.
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[12:41]	<ctalbert>	We had a good test day on Tuesday. Attendence was light, but I 
think that is due to the giant focus on development right now. We'll turn that around 
as we move past code freeze and start concentrating on QA
[12:42]	<ctalbert>	Omar (aka thorn) was our winner.
[12:43]	<ctalbert>	Are there any questions about any of that stuff?
[12:43]	<ctalbert>	Soudns like no.
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[12:44]	<ctalbert>	What do people think about Damian's idea w.r.t. "test day needed" 
whiteboard flag?
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[12:44]	<mschroeder>	I don't know.
[12:45]	<ssitter>	is that basically the same meaning as qawanted?
[12:45]	<mschroeder>	It's nothing for a permanent test like those in litmus.
[12:45]	<ctalbert>	I thought it sounded kind of the same as QAWanted
[12:45]	<mschroeder>	ssitter: agreed
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[12:46]	<ctalbert>	ah yes. And the bug he mentions was resolved, so I don't see 
why we'd be spending more time on testing it. Perhaps that was a typo
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[12:47]	<ctalbert>	I think I'm going to suggest he use QAWanted for anything he 
thinks needs more testing, and we'll see how that works out.
[12:47]	<ctalbert>	If it gets too difficult to manage, then perhaps we'll look at 
splitting it out later.
[12:48]	<ctalbert>	It also might help if I add a specific "Test QAWanted" section 
to the Test Day wiki page to increase the visibility of those bugs.
[12:48]	<ssitter>	the meaning of qawanted is: Use this keyword for bugs which need 
more info, or it needs reproducing, or testcasing, or it's a dupe but you can't find 
what it's a dupe of.
[12:49]	<mschroeder>	ctalbert: that's a good idea
[12:50]	<ctalbert>	I think that's partially what he wanted to address. The other 
problem he surfaced about "needing more than one person" for testing, sounds like 
it could be rectified by using multiple programs or more than one instance of the program.
[12:50]	<ctalbert>	That would be a case by case determination.
[12:50]	<ctalbert>	Unfortunately, he's not here...
[12:51]	<ctalbert>	Let's take this up with him when he logs in, but I don't want 
too many keywords that mean similiar things.
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[12:52]	<ctalbert>	Let's go through the QA Discussion needed
[12:52]	<ctalbert>	17 of these:
[12:53]	<ctalbert>	I'm sorting by Severity
[12:53]	<ctalbert>	So, bug 367822 is first
[12:53]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Sunbird 0.3 may corrupt remote calendar if 
closed while popup alarm box is active
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[12:55]	<ctalbert>	We need to confirm this if we can, and then ask lilmatt if he 
thinks it ought to block 0.5. I'm kind of doubting if it should block unless people 
have a larger chance to hit it.
[12:55]	<ctalbert>	(than only when the close sunbird with an alarm window open)
[12:56]	<mschroeder>	so it's a qawanted candidate
[12:56]	<ctalbert>	If it's something that can happen any time you close during a 
write operation, then I think it must block 0.5.
[12:56]	<ctalbert>	mschroeder: yes, definitely
[12:57]	<ssitter>	wasn't there something fixed some time ago with delaying application 
exit until writing is finsihed?
[12:58]	<ctalbert>	ssitter: I don't remember.
[12:58]	<mschroeder>	ssitter: i think so
[12:58]	<ctalbert>	Cool, so this may not be an issue on 0.5pre
[12:59]	<ssitter>	and there is also a bug with not performing dismiss all when 
closing the dialog/exit - iirc it's waiting only for review
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[12:59]	<ssitter>	Bug 355755
[12:59]	<firebot>	ssitter: Bug 
nor, --, Sunbird 0.5,, ASSI, Alarms are dismissed when Sunbird 
is closed
[13:00]	<ctalbert>	We'll bring that one up with lilmatt and mvl, I think they are 
triaging the blocking list today
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[13:00]	<ctalbert>	next on the qa discussion list is: 371300
[13:01]	<ctalbert>	bug 371300
[13:01]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 cri, --, ---,, NEW, Incorrect calendar's functionality while 
 working offline, losing data in some cases
[13:02]	<ctalbert>	As ssitter already noted, we have no offline mode in 0.5, so 
I don't think we can really expect this to work.
[13:02]	<ctalbert>	I think Bas summed up the issues rather well
[13:03]	<ctalbert>	(though caldav and wcap are missing)
[13:03]	<mschroeder>	so is this a duplicate of one of the three bugs ssitter 
mentioned or a new issue?
[13:04]	<ctalbert>	I tend to think they should all be duped to 366923 right now. 
And we'll start opening new "offline" bugs once that feature lands. What are your 
[13:05]	<mschroeder>	agreed
[13:05]	<ctalbert>	ssitter: What do you think about that?
[13:06]	<ssitter>	I won't dupe against 366923 reading mvl comment in that bug
[13:07]	<ctalbert>	he has a point there
[13:08]	<ssitter>	probably keep the bug in question and mark it dependend on a 
generic add-offline bug (if we have one)
[13:08]	<ctalbert>	That sounds like a good plan.
[13:09]	<ssitter>	but since we don't have no offline modus yet this is no real 
critical bug but just lack of functionallity
[13:09]	<ctalbert>	+1
[13:10]	<ctalbert>	bug 372093 is next on the list
[13:10]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 maj, --, ---,, UNCO, Dismissed event reoccur
[13:12]	<ctalbert>	Sounds like this just ought to be marked QA Wanted and see if 
we can confirm it...
[13:12]	<mschroeder>	That's because we don't write to the remote calendar when 
an event is dismissed? And if the calendar is read-only there is no possibility 
to write.
[13:12]	<ssitter>	dupe of bug 356002 in that case
[13:12]	<firebot>	ssitter: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Cannot dismiss/snooze alarms from read-only 
[13:13]	<ssitter>	the reporter should check the js console when pressing dismiss
[13:13]	<ctalbert>	I'll bet that's it.
[13:13]	<ssitter>	this might tell if writing failed
[13:14]	<ctalbert>	Let's see if we can get more information out of him.
[13:15]	<ssitter>	maybe even the same error message as in Bug 354883
[13:15]	<firebot>	ssitter: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, NEW, subscribing missed events - dialog fires 
 when alarm is off
[13:16]	<ctalbert>	Hmm...we're not going to get through all the bugs. Does anyone
 have one that they want to bring up for consideration?
[13:16]	<ctalbert>	(off either qawanted or qa discussion lists)
[13:17]	<mschroeder>	I think bug 256591 is WONTFIX.
[13:18]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug 
enh, --, ---,, UNCO, Feature Request: Export to some PHP/Perl 
Web Calendar Program or Sunbird Web Version
[13:19]	<lilmatt>	+1
[13:19]	<lilmatt>	We're not making server software
[13:19]	<ctalbert>	I think the GData extension is as close to this as we'll get 
for a long time.
[13:20]	<ctalbert>	Of course WCAP also has web calendars available, and Cosmo has
 a webcalendar, I think. So, in some sense it is handled.
[13:20]	<ctalbert>	Let's WONTFIX it.
[13:20]	<mschroeder>	Bug 371114 is WFM.
[13:20]	<ctalbert>	But note that if the person wants to implement a web-sunbird 
and an extension to do this, he should go right ahead....
[13:20]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug 
enh, --, ---,, UNCO, The different views have no fast access
[13:21]	<ctalbert>	+1
[13:21]	<lilmatt>	I wouldn't even bother with that
[13:22]	<lilmatt>	There's many different ways to post your data on the web and
 access it via Sunbird.
[13:22]	<lilmatt>	We don't need to re-invent one
[13:22]	<firebot> set the Resolution field on bug 371114 
[13:22]	<ctalbert>	lilmatt: true.
[13:24]	<ctalbert>	What about bug 369261
[13:24]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
enh, --, ---,, UNCO, Enhancement: Sunbird could automatically 
publish updates to remote calendars
[13:24]	<ctalbert>	This is like the auto-refresh thing that bbbrowning and Fallen|away
 were discussing yesterday. it's either a dupe or WFM
[13:25]	<bbbrowning>	looks like extension fodder to me
[13:27]	<ssitter>	don't we always publish when using remote calendars?
[13:27]	<ctalbert>	That is what I thought, and what Bas noted
[13:28]	<bbbrowning>	hmm .. I thought 'publish' was 'wrap it all up in a single 
.ics and put it somewhere'
[13:28]	<bbbrowning>	where 'somewhere' is most likely not the usual calendar url
[13:29]	<ctalbert>	It sounds like the user does have a local calendar that he's 
trying to publish up to iCalX
[13:29]	<ctalbert>	That would probably not be done automatically yet.
[13:30]	<ctalbert>	I'll see if we can get more details on this guy's set up. The 
description is pretty week.
[13:30]	<ctalbert>	er weak
[13:30]	<ctalbert>	too many calendars in my life.... ;-)
[13:31]	<ctalbert>	We're about out of time. I had one last thing to mention, and 
saved it for last. For those of you who are going to be at the F2F meeting, we're 
going to have a session (or two) specifically on calendar QA.
[13:33]	<ctalbert>	I want to hold that one when it will be convienent for "the
 usual suspects" to be there, and perhaps we can even rig up a conference call with
 folks that can't be in Germany then. So, I invite you to take a look at the current 
 agenda: and let me know 
 when would be the best time for everyone. Or, I can just pick a day, if that is easier.
[13:33]	<ctalbert>	Note, that it will probably have to be during working hours in 
Germany, so that means morning time for folks in the US.
[13:34]	<ctalbert>	My current thought is to do it on Sunday afternoon.
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[13:35]	<ctalbert>	Well, let me know if folks who aren't going to be in Germany 
would like to attend the QA Session, and let me know if Sunday afternoon (Germany time)
 would be OK. Probably hold it at the same time as this chat.
[13:36]	<ctalbert>	And that is it, for the QA Chat unless anyone has anything else 
they would like to bring up.
[13:36]	<lilmatt>	This time in germnay would be 7:30pm
[13:36]	<ctalbert>	Ouch. Perhaps a bit earlier.
[13:36]	<mschroeder|away>	I'll decide next week if I come to Hamburg or have to 
call in.
[13:36]	<ctalbert>	Ok.
[13:37]	<ctalbert>	Mostly, I want to get people thinking about it. I will be there 
the whole four days, and the schedule is pretty open right now, so I want to carve 
us out a time that's convient.
[13:38]	<ctalbert>	That's the end of the QA Chat. Thanks for the good work. We'll 
be ramping up QA here next week in preparation for the release, so keep on Testing! 
Happy Testing.
[13:38]	<ctalbert>	Have a look at QA Defects too, if you have time!
[13:38]	<ctalbert>	s/QA Defects/QA Wanted Defects