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[11:24] 	ctalbert	We'll be starting the QA Chat in about 7 minues
[11:24] 	ctalbert	minutes
[11:35] 	ctalbert	Ok. We'll start the QA Chat now.  I'm in another defect 
review meeting at the moment.
[11:35] 	ctalbert	So my responses will be a little slow.
[11:36] 	ctalbert	We will do a Test Day next Tuesday, I will post that on 
the blog at the moment.
[11:36] 	ctalbert	in a moment
[11:37] 	ctalbert	We have a bunch of testing ideas on the calendar TODO list, 
so if folks have time, please have a look there.
[11:38] 	ctalbert	Ok.  Here is the URL for the QA Discussion needed bugs:
[11:40] 	ctalbert	So the first bug is bug 283497
[11:40] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, calendar should use the toolkit's datetimepicker 
[11:42] 	ctalbert	I think that mschroeder was probably wondering if we could 
CONFIRM this bug since jminta and mvl have said that it is a valid bug.  I'll set 
it to a CONFIRMED state.
[11:42] 	ctalbert	bug 300470 is next
[11:42] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 cri, --, ---,, UNCO, published calendar events randomly dissappear.
  No valid reason and no info in log files
[11:44] 	bbbrowning	smells to me like your usual shared-ICS issue, though it's
 hard to be sure
[11:46] 	ctalbert	yes, there is quite a bit of discussion in there, I think 
it's on the list because folks think it might be WFM or a dupe of existing bugs
[11:47] 	ctalbert	I'll have to look at it in more detail after the meeting.
[11:48] 	ctalbert	bbbrowning: Since you're here, I'd like to skip down to 
bug 371753.  What do you think we should do here?
[11:48] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Url Authentication
[11:48] 	bbbrowning	we relnote 329570 which to my eye is the same thing
[11:50] 	bbbrowning	wrt 371753, I'm not sure
[11:50] 	bbbrowning	I just don't see a bug there. maybe I'm blind.
[11:51] 	bbbrowning	but clearly Lionel's understanding of http basic auth is
 different from mine (and Andrew's, I think)
[11:51] 	ctalbert	Ok.  I'll look at it again after the other meeting I'm in
 is over and see if I can write something to convince Lionel that his problem is 
 reported elsewhere and we will try to close 371753
[11:52] 	bbbrowning	thanks ...
[11:53] 	ctalbert	What about bug 366860?
[11:53] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, NEW, error when creating remote calendar
[11:54] 	bbbrowning	well, my opinion is that it should be closed (by someone 
other than me)
[11:54] 	ctalbert	I think we can mark this one as a dupe of the "better 
error handling" bug
[11:55] 	ctalbert	or invalid
[11:55] 	bbbrowning	probably should have marked it qawanted rather than for 
[11:56] 	bbbrowning	probably invalid since the error is being reported (though
 not always understood!)
[11:58] 	ctalbert	I think we can dupe this one  against bug 374566
[11:58] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, NEW, CalDAV provider should provide UI when setting
 calendar read-only
[11:59] 	ctalbert	brb, sorry.
[12:00] 	bbbrowning	I suppose, if only to close it. The patch in 374566 just
 makes the same error that Omar saw appear in an alert (localized) instead of the 
 jscript console
[12:01] 	bbbrowning	but if it closes the bug I'm good with it.
[12:02] 	ctalbert	I think that is what they wanted, something more understandable 
to the end user.  And a localized alert woudl do the trick (at least that's my reading 
of the bug)
[12:03] 	ctalbert	bug 357151 is next, the OS/2 bug
[12:03] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, event window does not open
[12:04] 	ctalbert	Sounds like that one may be fixed, per jminta's comment.  We 
just need to supply this guy with an OS/2 nightly to retest, or have someone build
[12:04] 	ctalbert	I'll leave it on the list for now to keep it in the radar.
[12:05] 	ctalbert	bug 353887 is on the list pending some investigation that has
 still not happened.  So, it stays
[12:05] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Calendar Internal Code has errors when 
 calculating recurrences with all-day and non-allday items
[12:05] 	ctalbert	And that brings us to bug 333717, which looks pretty scary
[12:05] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 maj, --, ---,, REOP, Timezone information lost, causing wrong 
 results from recurrence rules
[12:06] 	*	bvdbos_ ( has joined #calendar-qa
[12:08] 	ctalbert	Actually that's a rather old bug, and I'm not sure why
 mschroeder flagged it as "need discussion"
[12:08] 	ctalbert	perhaps he was wondering if it could be closed or duped
 against the "foreign timezone" bug 314339
[12:09] 	firebot	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, P1, Sunbird 0.5,, NEW, need to handle non-native 
 timezone bits
[12:09] 	ctalbert	I'll have to wait on that and ask him about it.
[12:09] 	ctalbert	And that is the QA Discussion Needed list.  Are there any 
other bugs that folks wanted to chat about?
[12:14] 	ctalbert	Ok. That sounds like the end of the QA chat then.  Remember
 we will have a test day on next tuesday.  I'll be blogging and updating the calendar and what not for it.  So stay tuned.  
[12:14] 	ctalbert	Try to work down the issues on the TODO list if you have 
[12:14] 	ctalbert	Thanks