Calendar:QA Chat:2006-05-10:Log

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[18:32] <mschroeder> Let's start the QA Chat (if anyone is interested).
[18:33] <mschroeder> ctalbert is on the plane, so he can't be here.
[18:34] <xFallenAngel> I'm around for it, but I have a lot to do atm, I won't be here for all of it.
[18:34] <mschroeder> okay
[18:34] <mschroeder> ssitter: are you interested?
[18:37] <mschroeder> Has anyone ever tried the WebCalendar from We have some bugs on interoperating with it.
[18:38] <xFallenAngel> I haven't
[18:40] <mschroeder> I will set up one on my webspace for some testing. I already looked at it and it's really weird.
[18:46] <mschroeder> So, is somebody here who will actively look at the qa discussion needed bugs with me?
[18:54] <mschroeder> So we stop with the QA Chat here. :)