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mschroeder: Hi ctalbert 
[11:17am] ctalbert: Hi
[11:25am] ctalbert: mschroeder: remember chiller's problem from the other day: 
check out this bug, I wonder if it is related: bug 381812
[11:25am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug 
maj, --, ---,, UNCO, FF fails to download extensions, giving an 
"Error Code -228" message
[11:26am] mschroeder: ctalbert: I'll have a look.
[11:26am] ctalbert: Hmm...on second thought maybe not related. 
[11:26am] ctalbert: see what you think.
[11:29am] ssitter: ctalbert: it looks like the l10n tinderboxen did not picked up the 
changes for 0.5and the mac ones are burning
[11:29am] ssitter: or is this still to come?
[11:29am] ssitter: also the Lightning tinderboxen are still building 0.5pre not 0.5. on 
[11:30am] ctalbert: ssitter, since we couldn't tag everything that night, we were unable 
to change the tinderboxes
[11:30am] ctalbert: So the tinderboxes should be untouched (by our work)
[11:31am] ssitter: as far as I see the non-l10n sunbird tinderboxen are already switched 
to 0.5
[11:33am] ctalbert: Hmm....maybe something went wrong.  I'll ask lilmatt
[11:33am] mschroeder: ctalbert: I don't know... server and protocols aren't my domain  
It is very difficult for us to test this server communication code.
[11:34am] ctalbert: yes, that's true.  It's not mine either, unfortuantely.
[11:34am] ctalbert: I'll mention it in the bug and see if he has that "access-range"
 feature turned on in apache. 
[11:34am] lilmatt: I got my /mofo back and tagged talkback last night
[11:34am] lilmatt: then I set the sunbird non-l10n tinderboxes.
[11:35am] lilmatt: so we _should_ have an RC
[11:35am] ctalbert: oh
[11:35am] ctalbert: But we haven't changed lightning yet?
[11:35am] • ctalbert is the last to know. 
[11:36am] ctalbert: lilmatt: What about lightning?
[11:36am] lilmatt: I didn't get that far before I started making dumb errors so I stopped.
[11:36am] lilmatt: (due to lack of sleep)
[11:37am] ssitter: the l10n tinderboxen are still repacking 0.5pre and the l10n mac 
tinderbox reports "make[2]: *** [repackage-zip] Error 1"
[11:38am] lilmatt: ya we need to set those to build too.
[11:38am] lilmatt: and lightning
[11:38am] ssitter: this are the configs in MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH_l10n, right?
[11:38am] ctalbert: lilmatt: Will you have time this evening?  I have time and can
 help, if needed...
[11:39am] lilmatt: yes
[11:39am] ctalbert: lilmatt: yes to sssitter, ctalbert or both? 
[11:40am] ssitter: ctalbert: yes
[11:40am] lilmatt: both
[11:41am] ssitter: ok 
[11:41am] ctalbert: Cool.  Thanks for your help lilmatt.  This is a perfect beginning 
for the calendar QA Chat
[11:42am] lilmatt:
[11:42am] • ssitter needs to be more patient
[11:42am] ctalbert: So, you just saw the status of the 0.5 release played out right before
 your very eyes.
[11:42am] ctalbert: Is there anything else on the agenda.... (/me checks)
[11:42am] mschroeder: I think everyone wants 0.5 out of the door.
[11:43am] ctalbert: +1!
[11:44am] ctalbert: I guess we can go throught the discussion bugs next.  Note that once
 we have an RC on both sunbird and Lightning we'll throw another test day.
[11:44am] ctalbert: QA Discussion bugs:
[11:44am] mschroeder: We should especially verfiy at least all bugs on the blocking list.
[11:45am] ctalbert: Good point, and probably more pertienent.
[11:46am] ctalbert: These are the blockers that need verification:
[11:46am] ctalbert: Hmm...that's actually all of them
[11:47am] ctalbert: 18 of those need to be verified
[11:47am] ctalbert: I'll add that to the TODO list.
[11:48am] mschroeder: I think 28.
[11:48am] ctalbert: doh...yeah 28
[11:49am] ctalbert: I still think that the best way to handle that is make a specific query 
for the ones that need verifying and put that on the TODO list, and I'll also add it to our
 channel topic
[11:50am] ctalbert: Do we want to walk through those bugs now or walk through the QA
 Discussion list....
[11:51am] mschroeder: Let's do qa discussion.
[11:52am] ctalbert: sorting by Severity, bug 357493 is first
[11:52am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, UNCO, Lightning unable to install if profile is stored on a
  fat32/vfat partition on Linux
[11:53am] • ctalbert thought we decided something specific about this one last week...
[11:54am] ctalbert: ah I was supposed to ask Daniel about it.
[11:54am] mschroeder:
[11:54am] ctalbert: Hard to catch him on IRC.  I'll just post in the bug.
[11:54am] mschroeder: okay
[11:55am] ctalbert: bug 371946 is next
[11:55am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, UNCO, Cannot delete event on network calendar
[11:56am] mschroeder: I think this is not possible with webcalendar.
[11:58am] ctalbert: this is a bug in webcalendar?  We should mark this as INVALID?
[11:59am] ctalbert: mschroeder: ^^ is that correct?
[12:00pm] mschroeder: ctalbert: It's no feature in webcalendar and webcalendar doesn't 
respond in any way on a delete attempt.
[12:01pm] ctalbert: ok.  I think I capture that in my comment.  Feel free to edit...
[12:01pm] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 371946 to INVALID.
[12:02pm] ctalbert: bug 362505 is next
[12:02pm] firebot: ctalbert: Bug nor, 
--, ---,, NEW, Mutiple Error Windows Without Content
[12:03pm] ctalbert: This is such a common issue, I think we need a better error message, 
something like: "Dude, your ICS file is corrupted!"
[12:04pm] ssitter: 0.5pre now displays a detailed error message
[12:04pm] ctalbert: Because these error messages make it look as though Sunbird/Lightning 
is at fault and can't parse the ICS.
[12:04pm] ctalbert: Ah, cool.  You can tell I haven't done this in a while.
[12:05pm] ssitter: "an unknown and undefined timezone was found while reading ..."
[12:05pm] ctalbert: Then I'm going t dupe this bug against one of the other ones. 
[12:05pm] ctalbert: bug 375397 is next
[12:05pm] firebot: ctalbert: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, NEW, Wrong Redo keyboard shortcut in Edit menu
[12:06pm] ctalbert: actually, I'm going to mark 362505 INVALID, like all the other ICS
 without timezone bugs.
[12:07pm] mschroeder: sorry, was on the phone
[12:07pm] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 362505 to INVALID.
[12:08pm] ctalbert: Ssitter, I think the issue with 375397 is that we can dupe it against 365810
[12:09pm] denis joined the chat room.
[12:09pm] ctalbert: Do you agree with that ^
[12:11pm] ssitter: regarding webcalendar:
[12:11pm] ssitter: is this what the bug is about?
[12:12pm] ctalbert: No, I was talking about bug 375397 and bug 365810, I think 375397 is a
 dupe of 365810
[12:12pm] firebot: ctalbert: Bug tri, 
--, ---,, UNCO, Ctrl+Y for Edit->Redo broken
[12:13pm] ctalbert: But that is what bug 371946 is about, I'll add that to its comments. 
 Thanks for the link
[12:13pm] ssitter: that was for bug 371946
[12:13pm] firebot: ctalbert: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, RESO INVALID, Cannot delete event on network calendar
[12:13pm] mschroeder: ssitter: I don't think so. It sounds like an internal thing... 
everything is kept in database but not displayed
[12:13pm] ssitter: but what if you access the database using a fat client, e.g. Sunbird?
[12:14pm] ctalbert: Right, something that doesn't know to filter on the proverbial "isdeleted" 
[12:14pm] ctalbert: Depends on where webcalendar does their filtering.
[12:14pm] ssitter: ctalbert: yes, I think 375397 and 365810 is the same toolkit bug
[12:14pm] ctalbert: thanks
[12:15pm] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 375397 to DUPLICATE 
of bug 365810.
[12:16pm] mschroeder: I will do more testing with the Webcalendar development version and
 look at the compatibility with our products.
[12:16pm] ctalbert: mschroeder: That would be great.  If you find anything that deserves a
 mention in the release notes let me know.  I'll file a bug where you can leave a comment.
[12:17pm] ctalbert: What do you guys think about bug 379124, it's next on the list
[12:17pm] firebot: ctalbert: Bug nor, 
--, ---,, UNCO, New mail window hangs after Lightning install
[12:17pm] mschroeder: Have we a wiki page on compatibility with webdav, caldav and other calendar 
[12:17pm] ctalbert: I used to use the nokia theme with 1.5.xx and eventually gave up on it as it
 caused too many problems.
[12:18pm] ctalbert: mschroeder: I don't know, but that would be a good one to start
[12:19pm] ssitter: resolve WFM per comment #4?
[12:19pm] mschroeder: +1
[12:20pm] firebot: New Calendar - Website bug 381885 filed by
[12:20pm] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Need to write release notes for the 0.5 Calendar Release
[12:20pm] ctalbert: sounds good to me
[12:21pm] ssitter: ok, i'll do
[12:21pm] ctalbert: mschroeder and everyone else: ^^ There is a bug add items that need to 
be covered by the release notes.  Also gives me a place to attach the HTML patch.
[12:21pm] ctalbert: Note that we don't want to add bugs to that, those should be tracked via 
the relnote keyword.  Just general issues like this compatibility stuff.
[12:22pm] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 379124 to WORKSFORME.
[12:23pm] ssitter: some bugs use status whiteboard "[cal relnote]" instead of relnote keyword
[12:24pm] ctalbert: ssitter, thanks.  I'd forgotten about that one.
[12:25pm] ctalbert: We've only got about 5 minutes left to this meeting, anyone have any 
issues/bugs they need to discuss?
[12:25pm] ssitter: when will 0.5 be released?
[12:25pm] ssitter:
[12:25pm] ctalbert: lol
[12:25pm] ctalbert: As my dad would say, "hold your horses!"
[12:26pm] mschroeder: ctalbert: We started late... so more time is left. 
[12:26pm] ctalbert: ssitter, as soon as humanly possible
[12:26pm] ctalbert: Well, if we want to keep going, the next bug is 379208
[12:27pm] ssitter: firebot: bug 379208
[12:27pm] firebot: ssitter: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, UNCO, New event/new task window is too narrow
[12:27pm] ctalbert: oops
[12:27pm] ctalbert: ssitter, your understanding in comment 2 is correct.
[12:28pm] ssitter: so it's wasted time to fix it
[12:29pm] ssitter: but the prototype should be checked whether it exposes the same issue
[12:29pm] ctalbert: True.  It makes me sad though to mark this INVALID since it has a patch
 on it (even though its a small patch)
[12:30pm] ctalbert: the prototype is more height constrained and less width constrained, so
 it might have the same issue in a different dimension
[12:30pm] ctalbert: er...nevermind, this is for localizers
[12:31pm] ssitter: it's a valid bug -> WONTFIX?
[12:31pm] ctalbert: ssitter: Should we ask him to submit a patch for the new prototype dialog?
[12:31pm] ctalbert: well..but it may not be needed.  Yeah, WONTFIX sounds good
[12:32pm] mschroeder: +1
[12:32pm] ssitter: or leave it open
[12:32pm] ssitter: ask him to check the wcap lightning
[12:32pm] ssitter: once his locale is available
[12:33pm] ssitter: or better check the proto dialog using the wcap lightning for l10n issues
[12:33pm] ctalbert: Let's leave it open until we can check WCAP L10N lightning
[12:35pm] mschroeder: but we can mark the patch obsolete 
[12:35pm] ctalbert: yes, we could do taht
[12:36pm] ctalbert: done
[12:36pm] firebot: cancelled review?( for attachment
 263210 on bug 379208.
[12:37pm] ctalbert: bug 379629 is next and is probably the last one I have time for.
[12:37pm] firebot: ctalbert: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, UNCO, mini calendar and date picker are completely redundant
  ui - should be able to choose one
[12:38pm] ctalbert: I think we could also dupe this one against the new thunderbird integration 
work that Christian is doing
[12:39pm] mschroeder: +1
[12:40pm] ctalbert: I think it's fine to dupe against 374080 which seems to be a "improve date
 picker situation" type of bug
[12:41pm] mschroeder: also +1 
[12:41pm] ctalbert:
[12:41pm] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 379629 to DUPLICATE of 
bug 374080.
[12:41pm] firebot: Bug enh, --, ---,, NEW, Replace datepicker in Lightning sidebar with datetextpicker
[12:41pm] ssitter: mschroeder: 4!
[12:42pm] mschroeder: ?
[12:42pm] ssitter: +1 +1 +1 +1 = 4
[12:42pm] ssitter: ;-)