Calendar:QA Chat:2006-08-17 Log

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mvl, ctalbert, jminta, lilmatt, dmose, lisaH, andreas, 
celina|meeting Fallen|away Taliesin
<ctalbert>	Hi everyone.
-->|	Andreas (Andreas_Tr@4EC2AC72.4C00166E.33AABD5F.IP) has joined #calendar-qa
<mvl>	hi ctalbert
<ctalbert>	Hi Andreas
<Andreas>	hi ctalbert
<mvl>	i'm more here to lurk then to participate, sorry. Time issuess...
<ctalbert>	mvl: I understand
<ctalbert>	I guess we'll get started. I hoped a few more of the new folk from the Test Case Day
would show up.
<ctalbert>	The wiki page for the meeting today is at:
<ctalbert>	Anyone want to post the IRC log onto the wiki afterward?
<ctalbert>	No takers. I'll do it.
<ctalbert>	We all have more than enough to do.
<ctalbert>	I wanted to let people know about the progress that was made 
over the last week 
about the Community Test Day
<ctalbert>	Fallen|away and celina|meeting put together a great wiki page 
for the test day
<ctalbert>	We've had some interest on the test day from the calendar blog
 as well, 
which is good
<ctalbert>	And we have our writer friend LisaH working on another
 article about us.
<ctalbert>	She's actually here today
<LisaH>	Hello :-)
<mvl>	an article for what?
<ctalbert>	An article for the Community test day.
<mvl>	ah, cool
<ctalbert>	She got our Test case writing day on slashdot
<ctalbert>	dmose mentioned yesterday that we might also write 
something for the Mozilla 
Zine. I was hopping to ask some of the folks from the Test Case day if they wanted to 
help out with that.
<mvl>	mozillazine has a tendency to be quite late with posting
<mvl>	an article 3 days after the fact is useless
<mvl>	so send it in time
<ctalbert>	Do you know their deadlines?
<ctalbert>	I'm sure I can find out.
<mvl>	i don't think the have deadlines
<mvl>	just whenever somebody feels like posting a bunch of articles
<ctalbert>	That's cool.
-->|	Taliesin (Taliesin@ED7B4236.5E385367.8A7D4876.IP) has joined #calendar-qa
<ctalbert>	Hi Taliesin
<Taliesin>	hello
<ctalbert>	Today's agenda is:
<ctalbert>	We were just discussing trying to post a small article 
to Mozilla Zine about 
the Community Test Day
<Taliesin>	I'm actually almost in time
<Taliesin>	ok
<ctalbert>	LisaH, before I leave the subject of the Test Day, do you have 
any questions for folks?
<ctalbert>	(It's a unique opportunity to have everyone together)
<LisaH>	Not at the moment. I"m writing the story now and hope it will be up 
either late today or early tomorrow.
<ctalbert>	Awesome.
<ctalbert>	We have about 40 uncomfirmed bugs filed over the past month 
and we need to get to confirming those.
<ctalbert>	Wow, that's quite a URL
<jminta>	tinyurl is bugzilla's friend
* dmose	chuckles
<mvl>	ctalbert: shorten-bug-query bookmarklet is also a friend
<ctalbert>	I am hoping to get a group of folks together to go through and
 confirm those over the next couple of days, any one interested in 
helping out with that?
<ctalbert>	Next couple of days meaning: today and tomorrow
<Taliesin>	I can do some
<Taliesin>	but I'm a bit busy workwise
<ctalbert>	Whatever you can do will be awesome. We're all really busy 
at the moment.
<ctalbert>	I'm going to ask celina|meeting when she returns as well
<ctalbert>	And finally, I wanted to let everyone know about the new 
0.3 Release Schedule
<Taliesin>	shall we assign numbers?
<ctalbert>	Taliesin: good idea
<Taliesin>	just to avoid overlap
<ctalbert>	I'm trying to see if there is a good swath
<ctalbert>	Why don't you take from 345658 and lower
<ctalbert>	Why don't you take from 345658 and lower
<ctalbert>	woops
<ctalbert>	That's about ten or so
<Taliesin>	ok
<ctalbert>	I'll take the next ten, and we'll get celina|meeting to 
do the last ten
<ctalbert>	about half of these look to already be confirmed
* ctalbert	notes to get better bug queries next time
<Taliesin>	I have the list already if you want
<ctalbert>	Sure.
<ctalbert>	The new release schedule is as follows:
<ctalbert>	Aug 22 Test Day
<ctalbert>	Aug 25 Deadline for landing all high risk patches
<ctalbert>	Sept 2. String Freeze (localization begins)
<ctalbert>	er translation
<ctalbert>	Sept 6. Release Candidate 1
<lilmatt>	Sept 13. lilmatt's birthday
<ctalbert>	Good timing for a party
<Taliesin>	Sep 3 SMART-1 falls on the Moon
<ctalbert>	We're definitely heading into crunch time here.
<ctalbert>	So, any time that folks have to help out with QA'ing the 0.3 
release, will be appreciated.
<ctalbert>	Send your friends too. :-)
<ctalbert>	Andreas, do you forsee any change in you and Ulf's status?
<Andreas>	I hope we can join
<ctalbert>	Great, we'd love to have ya'll.
<ctalbert>	Quick Re-cap: We'll see if we can find a way to get 
something in MozillaZine
<ctalbert>	Taliesin, celina|meeting, and I will confirm the 
remaining unconfirmed bugs
<ctalbert>	And we'll be ready to get the Test Day kicked off on Tuesday.
<ctalbert>	Does anyone have anything else?
<ctalbert>	Or questions?
<Taliesin>	just congrats on the page. looks great
<ctalbert>	Oh, thanks. Tell celina|meeting when she returns.
<ctalbert>	She and Fallen|away (xFallenAngel) did most of the work
<ctalbert>	Ok that's it for the meeting. Thanks for coming.