Calendar:QA Chat:2006-08-31 Log

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ctalbert: Hello everyone.
ctalbert: Today's agenda is at
ctalbert: People can edit it quickly if they have anything to add to it.
ctalbert: Anyone want to post the log from the meeting on the wiki afterward?
ctalbert: This is always everyone's favorite part
ctalbert: :-)
ctalbert: Ok, I'll do it.
ctalbert: The first item in the set of talking points is "Let other people
(not only reporter) verify bugs in Bugzilla.
ctalbert: Looks like Damian added that line
ctalbert: And he's not here.
ctalbert: Seems like we just need to work out some bugzilla privliedge issues
ctalbert: We'll pick that up later when he logs in.
ssitter: I think he said yesterday that he got the bugzilla permissions
ctalbert: The next item in the talking points is my idea about a "Calendar QA
To-Do List"
ctalbert: oh, thanks. Good.
ctalbert: Has anyone thought much about the "Calendar QA To-do List" idea?
Anyone have any feedback about it?
ctalbert: I was thinking about trying to add the To-Do items to a shared
calendar, but I think it might be better to have them on the wiki somewhere.
ctalbert: My goal with the calendar-qa to do list is to essentially give a
weekly list of things we need to get done. People can pick and choose items
from the list, according to how much time they have.
ctalbert: They can also add things to the list
ctalbert: Is this silent agreement? Are you all typing furiously? ;-)
xFallenAngel: I like the idea. Test days are a start, but a constant todo list
would keep people working on QA
ctalbert: Thanks xFallenAngel 
ctalbert: I'd like to try it out for next week. Does anyone have any input as
to what should go on our list?
* ctalbert will make the list tomorrow
ctalbert: (using your input)
ctalbert: And, I'll post a the todo list to newsgroup
as well.
celina63: sorry, late to the meeting
ctalbert: hi celina63 
ctalbert: We're trying to get ideas to put on a trial Calendar QA To-do list for next week
xFallenAngel: I think we need a extensive testing on the views, there have been
a couple of bugs there lately. They are seen by the user at most
ctalbert: We also need upgrade testing, as ssitter pointed out the other day
celina63: Bug lists
ctalbert: celina63: Can you be more specific?
celina63: links to searches would be awesome, esp. for
Bugzilla-Search-challenged people like me
celina63: for instance, all the qawanted bugs
celina63: all the unconfirmed bugs
celina63: all the fixed bugs
celina63: is that asking too much?  :D
ctalbert: Nope
celina63: that would be a nice thing so when I have some "free" time (HAHAHA) I
can just click on that link and see what needs to be verified/confirmed
ctalbert: Ok, I think we have a good list. 
ssitter: someone could port the links from my private link list to wiki
ctalbert: I'll be happy to do that.
ssitter: and extend if needed
ctalbert: The To-Do list will be on the wiki, so people can edit it as needed.
I'll also have a section for suggestions for next week.
ctalbert: We'll see how it goes.
ctalbert: A few days ago we tossed around the idea of doing a small, informal
test day on Tuesday (Sept 5).
ctalbert: I know several people will be out of town, but I think celina63 and I
will be available to help folks test things that day.
celina63: I'll be here Mon/Tues/Wed
ctalbert: I think we will wait to do another big test day until we have a
Release Candidate.
ctalbert: Anyone have any ideas about the next test day schedule?
ctalbert: I think that for the next big one, we will not be able to get on
NewsForge or anything, so we'll have to make use of our blog and the
mozillaZine. If anyone wants to start thinking about writing something for
that, that would be great.
ctalbert: I'll post the calendar QA To-Do list either later today or tomorrow.
Check the newsgroup for a post about it. I'll also
advertise it in our topic on this forum.
ctalbert: Does anyone else have anything they'd like to discuss?
ctalbert: Ok. Well, I wish you all a good holiday (it's a long weekend in the
ctalbert: Let's keep up the testing. The Release Candidate should be out this
weekend, if all goes well.
lilmatt: Keep in mind Monday is a holiday in the US
lilmatt: in case folks dont get fast answers on monday :)
ctalbert: True, very few of us Americans will be around.
ctalbert: Alright. Meeting adjoruned. Thanks for everything.