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Sep 07 12:33:01 <ctalbert>	Let's get started with the calendar-qa meeting. 
Sep 07 12:33:45 <ctalbert>	I have another meeting I'm supposed to be at.
Sep 07 12:34:10 <ctalbert>	Our agenda:
Sep 07 12:35:16 <ctalbert>	So, first off, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for dropping off the planet last week.
Sep 07 12:35:34 <lilmatt>	?
Sep 07 12:35:39 <ctalbert>	I really dropped the ball with several calendar-qa stuff that was in process
Sep 07 12:35:56 <ctalbert>	Yeah, there was no calendar-qa TODO list created, etc.
Sep 07 12:36:16 <ctalbert>	I felt really bad about it.
Sep 07 12:36:52 <ctalbert>	Today, we'll create the TODO list during this meeting and that way it will happen and get done.
Sep 07 12:37:35 <Sebo>	It looks like printing, printing, printing
Sep 07 12:37:48 <ctalbert>	All right. So, who's going to put the notes up on the wiki
Sep 07 12:38:04 <ctalbert>	sebo, I think you're right
Sep 07 12:38:59 <ctalbert>	Okay I'll throw the notes up  later.
Sep 07 12:39:30 <ctalbert>	What do people think about firebot? 
Sep 07 12:40:03 <ctalbert>	Is he too verbose? Do we need to know every time that a patch changes?
Sep 07 12:40:28 <Sebo>	I find it very useful to see new bugs coming in
Sep 07 12:40:59 <ctalbert>	That's probably the best part about it. 
Sep 07 12:41:44 <Sebo>	but I personally dont mind the rest.
Sep 07 12:41:47 <ssitter>	would be nice if firebot could anounce bugs that get the qawanted keyword is set (other keywords not)
Sep 07 12:42:10 <ctalbert>	That's a good idea.
Sep 07 12:42:59 <ctalbert>	I'll ask Wolf about that
Sep 07 12:43:14 <ctalbert>	Anything else?
Sep 07 12:43:25 <ssitter>	i think patches and reviews might not be that interesting for most testers, it's useful for us developers only
Sep 07 12:43:34 <ctalbert>	I tend to agree
Sep 07 12:44:05 <Sebo>	but fixed and checked in is important again
Sep 07 12:44:08 <ssitter>	but state changes of bugs are (new bug, resolved fixed)
Sep 07 12:44:27 <ctalbert>	That's very true.
Sep 07 12:44:38 <ctalbert>	Uh-oh, I have to go participate in the other meeting briefly
Sep 07 12:44:54 <ctalbert>	Let's go ahead and start the discussion about bug 351851.
Sep 07 12:45:24 <ctalbert>	I'll turn the floor over to ssitter and lilmatt. Let us know what we can do to help you out with that and the other printing bugs.
Sep 07 12:45:44 *	ctalbert will be right back
Sep 07 12:45:47 <lilmatt>	Back in bug 275883, we landed some changes to printing
Sep 07 12:45:52 <firebot>	lilmatt: Bug nor, --, ---,, RESO FIXED, Cannot print calendar on Mozilla Suite, Thunderbird and Sunbird, no print button on Linux
Sep 07 12:45:59 <lilmatt>	Thanks firebot. :P
Sep 07 12:46:16 <lilmatt>	The changes greatly simplified the internal architecture.
Sep 07 12:46:38 <lilmatt>	However, it appears that something we thought may have been an edge case, or a local build issue may be more widespread.
Sep 07 12:46:52 <lilmatt>	Bug 351851... (pauses for firebot)
Sep 07 12:47:04 <lilmatt>	...or not
Sep 07 12:47:09 <ssitter>	firebot: bug 351851
Sep 07 12:47:12 <firebot>	ssitter: Bug 351851 was not found.
Sep 07 12:47:32 <lilmatt>	bug 351581
Sep 07 12:47:32 <ssitter>	firebot: bug 351581
Sep 07 12:47:37 <firebot>	ssitter: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Printing to Fine Print fails.
Sep 07 12:47:39 <firebot>	lilmatt: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Printing to Fine Print fails.
Sep 07 12:48:07 <lilmatt>	In that bug, we're seeing behaviour where the first attempt at printing silently fails, but subsequent attempts succeed.
Sep 07 12:48:48 <lilmatt>	All the reports so far have been using Windows, and either printing to a PostScript or PDF file, or using a driver that writes out such a file as an middle step.
Sep 07 12:48:53 <ssitter>	i saw it when printing to PDFCreator on Windows 2000
Sep 07 12:49:31 <Sebo>	they all go around postscript I think
Sep 07 12:49:42 <lilmatt>	We could use more datapoints using Linux and Mac, and also using Windows with real printers, and more "mainstream" printer drivers such as those from HP, Canon, Lexmark, etc.
Sep 07 12:50:03 <lilmatt>	I'd be especially interested in ones using HP PCL (rather than HP PostScript)
Sep 07 12:50:29 <lilmatt>	Basically, that's the deal. 
Sep 07 12:50:35 <lilmatt>	ssitter: Anything to add?
Sep 07 12:50:38 <ctalbert>	lilmatt: We have an HP PCL printer here in the office
Sep 07 12:50:49 <ctalbert>	So I can help out with that
Sep 07 12:51:07 <ssitter>	just a note what i saw:
Sep 07 12:51:17 <ssitter>	select file->print
Sep 07 12:51:43 <ssitter>	our own print ui comes up, do your settings and press [print]
Sep 07 12:52:16 <ssitter>	os dialog comes up asking for printer to select, select printer, press [print]
Sep 07 12:52:29 <ssitter>	dialog goes away, nothing happens
Sep 07 12:52:45 <ssitter>	repeat this steps and it worked
Sep 07 12:52:47 >ctalbert<	I can post this chat log for you
Sep 07 12:53:17 <Sebo>	just tested with real printer: same thing.
Sep 07 12:53:43 <ssitter>	Sebo: OS?
Sep 07 12:53:51 <Sebo>	Windows XP
Sep 07 12:53:55 <ssitter>	ok
Sep 07 12:55:39 <ctalbert>	Is there anything to discuss the other QA Wanted bugs? I notice that several of them are unconfirmed. The first thing to do would probably be to attempt to confirm them, and then delve into the issues that they express.
Sep 07 12:56:12 <Sebo>	many of them are old and the reporters not responding
Sep 07 12:56:22 <ssitter>	nothing to discuss, just a reminder to look at them if possible
Sep 07 12:56:48 <ctalbert>	Sebo: that's probably one of the reasons they got on the list.
Sep 07 12:57:11 <ctalbert>	Okay, Calendar QA Todo list.
Sep 07 12:57:24 <ctalbert>	I want to built next week's TODO list right now.
Sep 07 12:57:35 <ctalbert>	It's at:
Sep 07 12:57:46 <ctalbert>	You can already see the QA Wanted bugs are there.
Sep 07 12:58:24 <firebot> requested first-review from for attachment 234605 on bug 322827.
Sep 07 12:58:30 <firebot> requested second-review from for attachment 234605 on bug 322827.
Sep 07 12:58:37 <firebot>	Bug nor, --, Lightning 0.3,, NEW, All X-Components are serialized with BEGIN:X, rather than BEGIN:X-FOO
Sep 07 12:58:37 <ctalbert>	We should probably also add part of lilmatt's printing comments from above.
Sep 07 12:59:03 <ctalbert>	What else should go on the TODO list for next week?
Sep 07 12:59:25 <ctalbert>	What about upgrade testing?
Sep 07 12:59:49 <Sebo>	from what version?
Sep 07 12:59:52 <lilmatt>	That would be good, especially once we have bumped the version numbers for an RC
Sep 07 13:00:05 <ctalbert>	From 0.3a2 and 0.3a1 Sunbird and from 0.1 Lightning
Sep 07 13:00:17 <ctalbert>	We should probably also try 0.2 Sunbird to 0.3 Sunbird
Sep 07 13:00:21 <lilmatt>	Did we get an 0.2 upgrader in yet? I know jminta was working on one
Sep 07 13:01:43 <Sebo>	Should we provide some test-calendars of 0.2 version?
Sep 07 13:03:02 <Sebo>	lilmatt: its in the release notes but no bug number is mentioned.
Sep 07 13:03:20 <ctalbert>	That would be a good way to ensure that we can upgrade those.
Sep 07 13:03:31 <lilmatt>	Sebo: What is in the notes? 
Sep 07 13:03:35 <lilmatt>	copy/paste
Sep 07 13:03:38 <lilmatt>	it here
Sep 07 13:03:59 *	ctalbert wonders if we can use some of the dataloss ICS and use those to seed our "upgrade" calendars
Sep 07 13:04:02 <Sebo>	lilmatt: I mean the upgrader. Its under likely to be fixed.
Sep 07 13:04:14 <lilmatt>	Ok
Sep 07 13:04:15 <dmose>	ctalbert: that sounds like an excellent idea
Sep 07 13:04:48 <ssitter>	question: where do you test lightning? In thunderbird 1.5 or 2.0a1? most users will use 1.5 i guess, so focus should be there
Sep 07 13:05:23 <dmose>	yeah, 1.5.0.x is what counts the most, i think
Sep 07 13:05:26 <ctalbert>	ssitter: I think you're right. Especially for upgrade testing, I think it makes sense to use 1.5
Sep 07 13:05:42 <jminta>	there is a partial patch for upgrading in a bug, but i was hoping to make iCal import work too
Sep 07 13:06:22 *	ctalbert updates the TODO list, everyone refresh it.
Sep 07 13:07:12 <ctalbert>	Once we decide tomorrow when the RC will be, is there anything that QA needs to do at that moment?
Sep 07 13:07:32 <ssitter>	i'm also asking about the tb version because e.g. bug 351452 was regressed about two weeks ago
Sep 07 13:07:33 <ctalbert>	Anything we need to prepare in advance? 
Sep 07 13:07:37 <firebot>	ssitter: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Fields for custom alarm time cut off in dialog New event
Sep 07 13:08:17 <dmose>	ctalbert: actually, i think ssitter has a list of release process stuff to do somewhere
Sep 07 13:08:34 <ssitter>	could someone write litmus testcase for setting custom alarm on event/tasks (if not existing)
Sep 07 13:08:44 <lilmatt>	ctalbert: Checking branding stuff, since we'll be switching the branding then
Sep 07 13:08:58 <ctalbert>	ssitter, yes.
Sep 07 13:09:10 <ssitter>	ctalbert: see old list on
Sep 07 13:09:13 <lilmatt>	ssitter: Found a bunch of stuff in Windows that we've already fixed, but perhaps there's Linux or Mac stuff outstanding
Sep 07 13:10:30 <lilmatt>	remove the : from that last post
Sep 07 13:11:21 <ssitter>	lilmatt is talking about bug 351155
Sep 07 13:11:23 <ctalbert>	in other words ssitter found a bunch of stuff we already fixed w.r.t. branding, but there might be more on other OS's
Sep 07 13:11:24 <firebot>	ssitter: Bug nor, --, ---,, RESO FIXED, Win32 build with --enable-official-branding still uses generic branding partly
Sep 07 13:12:25 <ssitter>	ctalbert: right
Sep 07 13:13:12 <ctalbert>	I think we have a pretty solid list here.
Sep 07 13:13:28 <lilmatt>	Upgrade from CalExt to Lightning and Sunbird?
Sep 07 13:13:38 *	ctalbert shudders
Sep 07 13:14:11 <ctalbert>	That should be tested. That's not the same as going from 0.2 Sunbird to It wouldn't be would it?
Sep 07 13:14:14 <jminta>	my upgrade patch handles that too
Sep 07 13:14:23 <ssitter>	we know that this fails unless you disable calext ;-)
Sep 07 13:15:06 <ctalbert>	jminta: what bug # contains your upgrade patch?
Sep 07 13:15:07 <lilmatt>	jminta's patch disables calext for you :)
Sep 07 13:15:28 <jminta>	bug 349586 does most ofit
Sep 07 13:15:31 <Sebo>	so it makes sence to wait with upgrade testing until jmintas patch lands?
Sep 07 13:15:32 <firebot>	jminta: Bug nor, --, ---,, ASSI, Sunbird/Lightning should migrate data from other calendar apps on the system
Sep 07 13:15:58 <jminta>	bug 349048 is also relevant
Sep 07 13:16:02 <dmose>	jminta: should that be on the blocker list?
Sep 07 13:16:02 <firebot>	jminta: Bug nor, --, ---,, ASSI, Lightning does not work if the old calendar extension is also installed
Sep 07 13:16:20 <jminta>	dmose: i'm not convinced that the migration bug should be
Sep 07 13:16:27 <jminta>	considering that we're just 0.3
Sep 07 13:16:31 <ssitter>	the question is: will it land for 0.3?
Sep 07 13:16:38 <dmose>	well, migration of 0.2 stuff
Sep 07 13:16:41 <dmose>	not migration of everything
Sep 07 13:16:52 <jminta>	i don't think i have time to drive it into 0.3
Sep 07 13:17:09 <lilmatt>	If it works, I'd like to get it in, even if it can't handle stuff at the moment.
Sep 07 13:17:12 <jminta>	but, if you comment out the iCalendar stuff, it's probably ready for review now
Sep 07 13:17:14 <dmose>	we can find someone else to do that, probably
Sep 07 13:17:24 <ssitter>	then do it like with prev. build: release note it
Sep 07 13:17:30 <jminta>	note that it has substantial l10n in it
Sep 07 13:17:35 <dmose>	jminta: oh, hmm
Sep 07 13:17:42 <ssitter>	and let the user import the files
Sep 07 13:18:03 <dmose>	lilmatt: would you have time to try and drive that in today?
Sep 07 13:18:15 <lilmatt>	If you'll have time to review it, probably.
Sep 07 13:18:26 <dmose>	sure, i'll make time
Sep 07 13:18:54 <jminta>	it's pretty big :-/
Sep 07 13:19:04 *	dmose goes to look
Sep 07 13:19:36 <dmose>	that it is
Sep 07 13:19:45 <ctalbert>	Sebo, I think yes, we need to wait for this patch to land, but we should be able to upgrade from 0.1 Lightning and 0.3a* Sunbird without a patch.
Sep 07 13:20:15 <ssitter>	jminta: does all the extension manager / disable stuff work on 1.8.0 branch too?
Sep 07 13:20:22 <lilmatt>	ctalbert: Indeed. The SQLite db should be upgraded automagically. (jminta taught me that)
Sep 07 13:20:28 <jminta>	ssitter: i believe so
Sep 07 13:20:29 <dmose>	still, though, i think i can make time to review that today
Sep 07 13:21:03 <dmose>	plus, we can drop the ical chunks
Sep 07 13:21:15 <dmose>	as well as the evolution ones
Sep 07 13:21:24 <dmose>	which makes the review notably smaller
Sep 07 13:21:24 <jminta>	the ical and evolution ones are nearly identical
Sep 07 13:21:24 <Sebo>	Can you think of special cases where upgrading is a problem?
Sep 07 13:22:07 <dmose>	any objection to me marking as blocking and reassigning to lilmatt?
Sep 07 13:23:39 <ctalbert>	dmose: Sounds like the silence of agreement.
Sep 07 13:23:56 <ssitter>	Sebo: e.g. alarm handling changed, so test upgrade with calendar with events/task with alarms
Sep 07 13:24:02 <lilmatt>	Hey, if it makes me not have to work on printing...
Sep 07 13:24:22 <ctalbert>	ha
Sep 07 13:24:23 <dmose>	heh
Sep 07 13:24:24 <dmose>	ok
Sep 07 13:24:29 <lilmatt>	Seems like ctalbert may have some free time soon here too :)
Sep 07 13:24:40 *	lilmatt bulk assigns printing to Clint
Sep 07 13:24:57 *	ctalbert kicks lilmatt
Sep 07 13:25:04 *	dmose chuckles
Sep 07 13:25:05 <ctalbert>	Yeah, I can help out with some of that.
Sep 07 13:25:15 <ctalbert>	I just have one last patch for iTIP
Sep 07 13:25:22 <lilmatt>	Cool.
Sep 07 13:25:27 <ssitter>	at least the printing works on 2nd attemp
Sep 07 13:25:45 <lilmatt>	Yes, it'd be good to fix it, but it _could_ be relnoted if we really had to
Sep 07 13:25:59 <ctalbert>	True.
Sep 07 13:26:02 <ssitter>	i think so too
Sep 07 13:26:34 <Sebo>	there will be tons of bug reports, even if it is relnoted.
Sep 07 13:26:41 <ssitter>	if we have new feature instead: print on linux using mozilla app :-)
Sep 07 13:26:54 <lilmatt>	and print on mac using Sunbird
Sep 07 13:27:05 <firebot> granted blocking0.3 on bug 349586.
Sep 07 13:27:11 <firebot>	Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Sunbird/Lightning should migrate data from other calendar apps on the system
Sep 07 13:27:37 <ssitter>	lilmatt: what is lightning printing status?
Sep 07 13:28:29 <lilmatt>	It works enough to make paper with "Print Calendar...", but dealing with the enable/disable the menuitem crap in Tbird is extraordinarily painful. 
Sep 07 13:28:42 <lilmatt>	Truthfully, it makes my head hurt to try and follow that code for too long.
Sep 07 13:29:00 <dmose>	lilmatt: i probably wouldn't block 0.3 for lightning printing
Sep 07 13:29:14 <dmose>	it'd be nice to have, but if we don't get it, i'm happy to relnote
Sep 07 13:29:25 <lilmatt>	Like I said, we could do it with Print Calendar...
Sep 07 13:29:34 <ssitter>	so printing works with extra "Print Calendar..." menu item?
Sep 07 13:29:45 <lilmatt>	If someone wants to pick it up, I'm happy to help foist it upon them
Sep 07 13:30:06 <ssitter>	*I* think that is enough for 0.3
Sep 07 13:30:08 <lilmatt>	However, it does need the selection stuff that dmose has been working on landed for  "(*) Selected Events" to work
Sep 07 13:30:25 <dmose>	yeah, i could probably live with "Print Calendar..." for 0.3
Sep 07 13:30:43 <dmose>	can we land "Print Calendar..." today so that it hits the string freeze?
Sep 07 13:30:56 <ctalbert>	I can help take a look at it after the last iTIP patch is finished this afternoon.
Sep 07 13:30:57 <dmose>	then if it's unnecessary by the time we ship, we can stop using it
Sep 07 13:31:05 <lilmatt>	cool
Sep 07 13:31:10 <ctalbert>	sounds good
Sep 07 13:31:21 <ssitter>	dmose: you mean just the l10n strings?
Sep 07 13:31:37 <dmose>	ssitter: well, the menu item and the string, at the very least
Sep 07 13:31:49 <dmose>	presumably if we go that far, making the menu item actually print is trivial
Sep 07 13:33:15 <ctalbert>	All right. It looks like we're a bit over. Anyone have anything else for the QA meeting or the QA TODO list?
Sep 07 13:33:38 <ssitter>	 <command id="print_command" oncommand="alert('not yet. wait for 0.5')"/>
Sep 07 13:33:44 <dmose>	heh
Sep 07 13:33:45 <lilmatt>	heh
Sep 07 13:33:47 <ctalbert>	LOL
Sep 07 13:33:47 <lilmatt>	jinx
Sep 07 13:33:50 <lilmatt>	 you owe me a coke
Sep 07 13:35:34 <ctalbert>	Alright, I'll publish the calendar QA TODO list off the main Calendar:QA_Home page. And I'll announce it on the newsgroup list. And maybe even the blog. Yeah, I think there too.
Sep 07 13:36:05 <ctalbert>	Unless anyone has anything else, meeting adjorned.
Sep 07 13:36:09 <ctalbert>	Happy Testing.