Calendar:QA Chat:2006-09-28 Log

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celina63: ok so here we go... if you could all turn your attention to the
Calendar QA Chat meeting page:
celina63: first thing on the list: who wants to log and post?
celina63: ok, no takers... I'll do it
celina63: next thing... as ctalbert has said earlier, the new nightly build
released last night (9/27) has a very good chance  of  being the RC build... so
everyone go get it and test the dickens out of it
ssitter: i understand that the next one (9/28) might be rc1
celina63: cool, so all the more reason to test this one really well... get any
last minute bugs in before RC1
celina63: here's the link to get the build:
celina63: ok, next on the list... the To Do list
celina63: Damian has been hard at work writing Litmus cases, but a majority of
that list still needs to be accomplished
celina63: doesn't look like anything was completed so no need to remove... do
we need anything added?
ctalbert: True, but if we're about to release 0.3 then the upgrade testing is
moot at this point.
ctalbert: Either it works or it doesn't now. I'd rather test different things.
ctalbert: What do ya'll think?
celina63: well... a majority of people (I think) will have waited for the
celina63: and still have 0.2
celina63: but hey, I just got into doing this, so I'm not entirely sure how the
user base acts  :)
ctalbert: well, they won't upgrade unless they feel compelled, so I guess we
should leave those on the todo list for now.
ctalbert: so we can prevent bugs
ctalbert: or rather so we can find bugs before others do
celina63: right
celina63: ok, do we need to *add* any?
ctalbert: i can't think of anything at the moment.
celina63: ok, last thing on the list: several qawanted bugs are in dire need of
testing/confirming, and are listed on the Chat   page, so please lets try to
get those looked at this week
celina63: I just installed the new build, so in between my massive amounts of
documentation I have to do, I'll do my best to  figure those out  :)
ctalbert: sounds good.
celina63: is there anything else that needs to be brought up?
ctalbert: I think we should update the TODO list to say that those qawanted
bugs and verifying fixed bugs should be top  priority
celina63: good point
ctalbert: For the record, I'll be working on getting the relnote bugs in order
and writing the relnotes.
ctalbert: unless someone else wants to do that
ctalbert: :-)
ctalbert: yeah, I'll do that
ctalbert: I don't have anything else
celina63: ok, last thing I would like to discuss
celina63: the next TestDay
ctalbert: :-)
celina63: are we gonna do that for the RCs or the release?
ctalbert: yes, we should
ctalbert: Wanna do one Tuesday?
celina63: if you think we can get the proper publicity in time..
ctalbert: Well, no, I don't think we can. But I've never had enough ramp up
time to do it properly in the past either...
ctalbert: and that worked out
ctalbert: One plus is that I will be at mozilla on Tuesday, so maybe that will
celina63: lol  :D
celina63: ok, I'm all for next Tuesday
ctalbert: Besides I think it'd be good to do one around the release
ctalbert: Cool.
celina63: right, exactly
celina63: ok, so unless there's anything else....
ctalbert: Do you have time to update the TestDay wiki page for a new test day?
celina63: yeah, I can do that
ctalbert: great, that'd be a big help. 
ctalbert: I'll work on publicity
ctalbert: I'm looking at about 50 calendaring freaks. Hmmmmmm
celina63: yay!
ctalbert: Alright sounds like that's the meeting.
celina63: sounds good
* celina63 bangs the gavel