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ctalbert	hi mschroeder 
mschroeder	hi
ctalbert	Congratulations on winning the test day
ctalbert	Folks I think it is time to start the calendar-qa meeting
ctalbert	Today's wiki page is at:
mschroeder	ctalbert: Thanks, I saw it on the newsgroup some minutes ago.
ctalbert	You're welcome
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ctalbert	First, congratulations to mschroeder and damian for winning the
 test day.
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lilmatt	        Yay
ctalbert	The day went well. One of the best things from the test day is 
that koen and unlogic both posted back to the calendar blog that they enjoyed 
the experience of the test day.
ctalbert	I think that's a great compliment to our moderators
ctalbert	I've posted the results of the day on the test day wiki:
ctalbert	Is there any other feedback on the test day right now?
jminta	        ctalbert: matthaeus just posted a comment
jminta	        to the effect of 'we need to get testers editbugs asap
jminta	        i'm gonna see if i can do something on that frton
jminta	        front*
ctalbert	I agree. When doing these types of test days it will always be a
 pain in our side. We want to recruit new people, but we have to make sure that 
people understand the magnitude of their actions when using those permissions 
jminta	        right
ctalbert	Cool, let me know what progress you make on that.
jminta	        but i think it's in our interest to err on the side of giving 
out perms
ctalbert	I think you're right about that.
jminta	        especially since everyone is monitoring bugmail pretty closely
 at that time
ctalbert	One of the things firebot is good for in this channel is 
catching when people move a bug to an incorrect state.
Fallen	        We could make the bot do such changes, with some sort of 
ctalbert	Interesting idea
ctalbert	But, I think having people feel like they can actually do it 
themselves is a good thing. It will also keep them invested in helping out.
jminta	        ctalbert: ok, i just got a blessing from shaver to grant 
editbugs to people
ctalbert	Cool.
ctalbert	Let's move on to talk about the next test day
ctalbert	celina63: do you have an update on it's wiki?
ctalbert	s/it's/its
*	Sebo|food is now known as Sebo
ctalbert	We'll come back to that.
ctalbert	As you may or may not know, xFallenAngel has been working on 
making a bot that we can use to help out with managing the test day.
ctalbert	It's in the very early stages, but we've prepared a demo.
ctalbert	So, I need everyone to take a field trip with me. Come join the 
#fallen channel.
celina63	sorry, here now
celina63	work is being intrusive today  :-/
celina63	I will be completing the wiki for the next TestDay today
ctalbert	celina63: What were the topics we decided on for the next test 
day? Migration was one, as I recall.
celina63	I agree, the calbot will be very useful even as it is now
ctalbert	We may also have jminta's QA Extension available as well.
ctalbert	But, before introducing that to a test day, I think I want to 
create more tests for it
ctalbert	Or we can use it and get feedback on that too
jminta	        the extension doesn't gain a lot from being widely deployed
jminta	        because results will only very rarely differ
celina63	Clint, my notes say that next testday will be focusing on 
migration and testing the advanced panel in the preferences dialog
ctalbert	That was the other thing. Thanks
celina63	and litmus/usability testing
ctalbert	Both of those should land prior to the test day, so we're in 
good shape. I'll ask Damian how the latest updates to litmus are 
going next time I see him
ctalbert	I think he was working on adding interop testcases
ctalbert	Is there anything that needs to be covered w.r.t. the next test 
ctalbert	I'm going to get a list off my desk, brb
jminta	note that there's a chance we'll have nightly updates working by the 
next testday too
ctalbert	ohhh cool! So if you install a nightly build, you'll 
automatically be updated each day?
lilmatt	jminta: Do you think we'll get the sql patch landed also?
lilmatt	ctalbert: Yes
celina63	ooo automatic updates
ctalbert	After sorting through the bugs in the wake of the test day, 
I found several bugs that need to be addressed, and I think we should 
do that now, in place of the calendar Todo list item
firebot added attachment 244453 to bug 341971.
firebot requested first-review from for 
attachment 244453 on bug 341971.
firebot	Bug enh, --, 
Sunbird 0.5,, ASSI, Enable app update checking for 
Sunbird (aus)
ctalbert	and if we still have time we'll delve into qawanted bugs 
after that
ctalbert	If there's no objections, lets start with bug 349330
firebot	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Show country in Holiday Files
ctalbert	Damian recommends wontfix. What do you think?
lilmatt	No dupes, zero votes.
lilmatt	I agree with him
mschroeder	I also think wontfix.
jminta	i have no problem wontfixing it
ctalbert	ok. 
*	jminta notes that wontfixes should usually only be done by major devs
jminta	because they tend to make people angry
*	Fallen has quit (Ping timeout)
ctalbert	yes, which is why I wanted to bring that up here rather than
 allowing Damian to wontfix it himself.
celina63	that's not a bug, it's an enhancement request
ctalbert	Next one is bug 351459
firebot	ctalbert: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, UNCO, Calendar displays in 12 hour format; no 
option to change to 24 hour
lilmatt	The comment Damian references doesn't apply to the bug
lilmatt	The original bug is about time formatting and the one Damian links to 
is about the switch to 24 hour views.
ctalbert	that's what I thought too
ctalbert	And I think we'd want to change based on the locale setting,
 as per ssitter's suggestion
ctalbert	I'll try to confirm it, and add a comment to it.
lilmatt	I think we should pull from the OS if at all possible.
ctalbert	I think that's what we already attempt to do
lilmatt	rather than assuming that the user wants 24 hr time because they're 
in Fooland
ctalbert	oh, never mind, I misunderstood. Yes, I agree.
lilmatt	Also note that he's running on KDE
lilmatt	I'm not sure if that makes our "use the user's time settings" stuff 
less likely to work, but it might
Sebo	I can try with Suse+KDE
celina63	can't 12 vs 24 be a user pref thing?
ctalbert	Sebo, that'd be great. Thanks. My SUSE box finally died. 
ctalbert	celina63, it could, but we should make a smart choice to 
default to.
ctalbert	Next one on my list is 299688
ctalbert	bug 299688
firebot	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Japanese text is corrupted randomaly,
lilmatt	celina63: It could be, but if we can use the user's system's pref, 
it's one less pref for us
ctalbert	sorry if some of these are rather trivial, I wrote these
 down late last night
ctalbert	yeah, never mind on that one.
lilmatt	I'd ask gekacheka to try to repro it and then close it
ctalbert	ok, or I can I have a japanese system here too
lilmatt	That works
ctalbert	I wanted to ask what our intention was for bug 357012 
(week numbers in views)
firebot	ctalbert: Bug enh,
 --, ---,, UNCO, Week number support in the ligthning month
ctalbert	A lot of people have asked about that since 0.2 had it
lilmatt	christian's view mock up had it so I think we're eventually planning 
for it
ctalbert	I think what I want to ask is: should we confirm it
ctalbert	Ok
ctalbert	i'm sure there are dupes for that one too
ctalbert	ok, that's my list of things to address.
mschroeder	and i shouldn't be "Lightning only" but "Calendar Views"
mschroeder	it shouldn't be
ctalbert	thanks, good point
ctalbert	We have about 10 more mins. Are there any qawanted defects 
that need addressing?
Sebo	I promised to work on bug 249796, but didnt do it yet
firebot	Sebo: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, NEW, I am unable to configure user/password 
when wanting to publish my calendar to a remote location
ctalbert	qawanted bugs:
ctalbert	I see that japanese one is also a qawanted one, I'll 
knock that out
Sebo	lilmatt: I just tried printing in Lightning - no luck!
ctalbert	Can we clear qawanted status on: bug 351944?
firebot	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, Sunbird 0.5,, NEW, Printing has issues on Linux
lilmatt	?
lilmatt	Sebo: Using the "Print Calendar..." menuitem?
Sebo	it prints an empty page!
Sebo	yes
lilmatt	That seems wrong. It worked for me.
Sebo	(empty exept headers)
ctalbert	me too
ctalbert	are you on linux?
Sebo	no, but maybe because of thunderbird 2.0b?
ctalbert	I tried it with tbird 2.0b, on mac
Sebo	ok, I will try with clean profile
ctalbert	I've seen some issues with the data that was printed, but
 haven't seen printing just outright fail
ctalbert	(bug coming on that by the way)
ctalbert	lilmatt: can we clear qawanted status on bug 351944?
*	lilmatt reads
lilmatt	ok
ctalbert	cool
ctalbert	I'm also going to remove the cal relnote status from it as 
well since that's outdated
ctalbert	We're about out of time. Does anyone have other questions 
on anything (bugs, test days, bots etc)
ctalbert	next week, I'd like to spend more time on clearing out 
those qawanted bugs, so if you have a chance to test some of them, that 
would be very very helpful.
ctalbert	Ok If there are no questions, then I think we're done. 
Thank you for all your help with everything!
ctalbert	Happy bug hunting.