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<ctalbert>	Ok. Let's get started with the calendar QA Chat
-->|	ssitter ( has joined
<ctalbert>	First off, I want to thank everyone who helped out this 
week with the "sunbird won't start" triage.
<ctalbert>	So...thanks
<ctalbert>	I believe next on the wiki ( is the 
test day next week.
<ctalbert>	I think everything is ready to go for the test 
day, except for the minor detail that the migrator 
patch has not yet landed.
<firebot> set the Resolution field 
on bug 360096 to DUPLICATE of bug 351581.
<firebot>	Bug
 nor, --, ---,, RESO DUPLICATE, Printing doesn't 
work at all
<firebot>	Bug 
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Print fails on first attempt but
 works on second
<Sebo>	will it land before tuesday?
<jminta>	not unless someone else steps up to drive it :(
<ctalbert>	I hope so.
<ctalbert>	Ah, what do I need to do help drive it? Talk with mvl?
* jminta	is awol until thanksgiving
<jminta>	ctalbert: there were 2 UI-review comments that 
need to be addressed
<ctalbert>	Ok. I'll look into that, and see if we can get that 
in. I'd like to have the test day on that.
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<ctalbert>	Hi Damian
<Damian>	Hi
<ctalbert>	If the migrator does not land before Tuesday then
 we will re-focus the test day to other areas.
<Damian>	how/what is migrator?
<Damian>	or you mean migration?
<ctalbert>	Yes
<ctalbert>	I'm going to switch around the order here. Let's 
talk for a brief moment about the Calendar QA todo list.
<Damian>	to be honest I haven't try to build debug version
 of sunbird because i having some problems with libs so i will 
have a look and create some test cases based on nightly version
<ctalbert>	Ok.
<Damian>	I'll be right back - I'm just from work and need 
supper ;)
<ctalbert>	The TODO list looks pretty well updated. Thanks 
for updating all the qawanted defects, sebo
<Sebo>	yeah, the first five items in the qawanted section I could 
not test
<Sebo>	the others I tried to address
<ctalbert>	Thanks.
<ctalbert>	I was going to work on these yesterday, but I spent 
my day tracking down the sunbird won't start issue and being 
<ctalbert>	Let's move on to the QAWanted items then.
<Sebo>	bug 312914 is probably not really assigned any more?
<ctalbert>	My thinking is to start with 327990 and work up 
the "tested" list from the TODO list. We'll see if we can clear 
the QAWanted flag on the ones that have been tested.
<firebot>	Sebo: Bug
 maj, --, ---,, UNCO, error message on first
 startup: chrome registration failed
<ctalbert>	Actually, I could replicate that one by 
installing over 0.2. I did it several times yesterday, but
 I assumed that was from the installer bug.
<ctalbert>	I was installing like a "typical" user: Not uninstalling
 0.2 first.
<Sebo>	mac specific?
<ctalbert>	Windows
<ctalbert>	I'll take this one on, and give it a shot with my system
 here after the meeting.
<ctalbert>	Do you have queestions about other ones, or should we 
head through the ones ya'll addressed and see if we can clear out the 
qawanted status?
<ssitter>	that could be caused by some of the old 0.2 files, so
 maybe retest with a fixed installer would be better
<ctalbert>	I agree. I will test it with a nightly instead of the
 0.3 release (which is what I did yesterday)
<ssitter>	i think the installer patch is not yet checked in
<mschroeder>	bug 356740
<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, NSIS installer should remove all obsolete 
files during installation
<ctalbert>	d'oh
<ctalbert>	Well, I ought to be able to build with that patch...
<ctalbert>	At any rate, I think we can't close 312914 without more 
testing just yet.
<ctalbert>	So, let's try to clear the qawanted status on some of 
these ones that have been tested.
<ctalbert>	What about bug 327990? It sounds like Sebo was able 
to verify that the problem as reported was fixed.
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, rationalize calICalendar deleteItem and 
modifyItem w.r.t. occurrences
<Damian>	if qawanted is needed reporter can always add it again
<Sebo>	it should actually be closed
<ctalbert>	ok. Then we'll do that.
<mschroeder>	comment #6: "Adding qawanted to verify that this is 
in fact fixed."
<ctalbert>	Yes, exactly. Moving on to bug 314206 -- seems like it 
should go to WFM, anyone disagree?
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj, --, ---,, UNCO, Error creating remote calendars generated by
 a different platform (win on linux)
<ctalbert>	Bug 304948 -- this seems like it ought to be closed, but
 we should flag it as testcase wanted, so that we can harvest the ICS 
out of them.
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Time shifts when importing .ics files from 
MS Outlook 2003
<firebot> set the Resolution 
field on bug 327990 to FIXED.
<mschroeder>	agreed
<ctalbert>	Cool.
<Sebo>	is it "litmus testcase wanted"?
<ctalbert>	Yes, that will work
<mschroeder>	Whiteboard: [litmus testcase wanted]
<Sebo>	ok, thanks
<ctalbert>	Sebo, what is your opinion on bug 249796?
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj, --, ---,, NEW, I am unable to configure user/password when 
wanting to publish my calendar to a remote location
<Sebo>	oh, I wrote a lot :-(
<Sebo>	the issue itself seems to be worksforme
<ctalbert>	To me, it seems we could close this bug as Fixed, and 
open one stating: Need an Error message if user doesn't have certificate?
<ctalbert>	Or WFM
<Sebo>	Yes, I will do it
<mschroeder>	sebo did a good qa summary of that issue, so clear the
qawanted flag... but the problems must be addressed
<ctalbert>	Yes, he did. That certificate problem is definitely worth 
a new bug.
<Sebo>	opinions on the ftp issue in thunderbird
<Sebo>	?
<ctalbert>	Which comment?
<Sebo>	my first paragraph
<ctalbert>	Ah this: Thunderbird/Lightning which is known. There 
could be a dialog explaining the issue. (Currently it endlessly tries
 to publish until the user decides to abort).
<Sebo>	yes
<ctalbert>	Yes, that sounds like another bug, if there isn't one already.
<mschroeder>	may bug 273476
<Sebo>	ok, I will search for those both issues
<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Thunderbird calendar needs to be built with 
FTP enabled for remote calendars
<ctalbert>	Since you said it was a known issue, I sort of 
assumed there must be a bug on it already. That looks like a 
good candidate.
<mschroeder>	Waht about "An improvement would be to ask for 
username/password if anonymous
<mschroeder>	publish fails.
<mschroeder>	"?
<Sebo>	I would like this, actually
<ctalbert>	I think so too, there should never be a silent failure.
<mschroeder>	bug 273478
<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Anonymous FTP confuses Firefox calendar 
logging into remote server
<Sebo>	looks good
<ctalbert>	So, let's summarize this one: 249796 goes to FIXED or 
WFM, then we ensure there is a bug for anonymous FTP failure, bug for
 Thunerbird not having FTP access, and a bug for the "no client 
certificate" problem when using SSLVerifyClient is set
<firebot> set the Resolution
 field on bug 304948 to WORKSFORME.
<firebot>	Bug 
nor, --, ---,, RESO WORKSFORME, Time shifts when 
importing .ics files from MS Outlook 2003
<ctalbert>	Okay, on to bug 283301
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, reload remote calendar does not update my 
calendar (probably SSL issue) - my calendar updated when a
<ctalbert>	Looks like that one goes to WFM
<mschroeder>	agreed
<ctalbert>	bug 347128 is next
<ctalbert>	another FTP bug
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Changes to a remote calendar using ftp 
(without providing the username/password in the URL) are not
<Sebo>	this is very strange behaviour!
<mschroeder>	(2) sounds like 273478
<Sebo>	yes, sort of.
<mschroeder>	we should do a test-day for ftp :)
<ctalbert>	Do you think we can dupe 273478 against 347128?
<ctalbert>	mschroeder: I'm beginning to think so!
<Sebo>	but it also contains the problem of calendar using two channels:
<Sebo>	one for reading and one for publish
<Sebo>	I encountered this in another bug, already
<ctalbert>	That's true. And that makes 347128 different. So the 
steps for 347128 are valid for reproducing the problem?
<ctalbert>	If so, we should probably comfirm it, and remove 
the qawanted flag
<ctalbert>	s/comfirm/confirm
<mschroeder>	and give this bug a new, precise summary
<Sebo>	I have to think about it
<Sebo>	I think I did not get precisely the behaviour of the reporter
<Sebo>	but the most important information is missing: the ftp 
server configuration
<Sebo>	acually, no!
<Sebo>	"I never was asked for username and password"
=-=	Fallen|away is now known as xFallenAngel
<Sebo>	So, I dont know how he did it...
<Damian>	hi xFallenAngel
<ctalbert>	So, we should leave qawanted flag on 347128, and 
ask the reporter to outline his FTP server configuration?
<Sebo>	good idea
<ctalbert>	ok. We'll do that.
<ctalbert>	Next is bug 353722
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj, --,
 Sunbird 0.5,, NEW, character escaping issues 
cause data corruption
<ctalbert>	lilmatt: did you test this on Lightning?
<ctalbert>	Sounds like that one might still need testing on
 LIghtning. I can do that this afternoon.
<ctalbert>	Unless someone else would liek to volunteer...
<ctalbert>	Hmm...ok. We've reached the end of the allotted 
meeting time. But, I'd like to keep analyzing these qa wanted bugs.
 Shall we keep going?
<Sebo>	thats ok with me.
<ctalbert>	All right. The next one is the our old favorite 
"prints the first time, not the second." Bug 351581
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Print fails on first attempt but works on 
<ctalbert>	I think we can safely remove the qawanted flag from 
this one.
<Sebo>	;-)
<ctalbert>	Next is a pair. bug 336693 and bug 293562
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Crash when changing time for an already 
saved event
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, NEW, sunbird crashing while loading remote 
<Sebo>	the last one is part of our crash story, I think
<Sebo>	No, its an old report...
<ctalbert>	And he's on linux
<ctalbert>	I can see a way to test 293562 - I have a few friends 
with a .mac account. I can try that out.
<ctalbert>	I don't see much that we can do about 336693
<Sebo>	I agree
<ctalbert>	Let's remove qawanted on 336693 and hope that the 
reporter will test it with a recent build.
<ctalbert>	We'll leave everything intact on 293562 and I'll 
see if I can find some friends with .mac accounts.
<Sebo>	ok
<ctalbert>	Looking at bug 339960. Wasn't there someone who was 
going to test Sunbird against an OpenExchange server recently?
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, event editor adds 2 hours to time when 
saving to webdav
<Sebo>	there was one here in the chat
<Sebo>	and he had problems with incomplete ics-files being 
produced by OpenXchange
<Sebo>	if I remember correctly
<ctalbert>	oh yes, that's right.
<Sebo>	But I have had this two our shift as well using 
<Sebo>	its gone now
<ctalbert>	Hmm...
<ctalbert>	I hesitate to mark it as WFM though unless we 
try it on an OpenExchange box.
* ctalbert	thinks we need a calendar server farm.
<Sebo>	thats right, I just think dmose is correct with his comment
<Sebo>	ctalbert: actually, yes
<ctalbert>	Hmmm...I just don't know how we'd host it.
<xFallenAngel>	hi Damian, hi guys :)
<ctalbert>	Hey
<xFallenAngel>	I can host anything that works on linux
<ctalbert>	xFallenAngel: That's a brave statement. :-)
<xFallenAngel>	As long as my bandwidth is under 200 gb/mo
<xFallenAngel>	:)
<ctalbert>	I think it would just be used by the "core" folk. 
We wouldn't have a bunch of test day people hitting your server.
<ctalbert>	Let's talk about that after we finish these QAWanted 
<xFallenAngel>	its fine if they do, I can make seperate logins for
 testday days that can be disabled
<xFallenAngel>	ok
<ctalbert>	So, on 339960, I say we leave the qawanted flag 
in place and try to test with an open exchange server.
<Damian>	so we can move back to idea test day with ftp - 
it might be quite experience for us hope not for xFallenAngel 
<ctalbert>	mschroeder: Were you able to try bug 327752?
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Exception when creating WebDAV calendar using 
Microsoft WebDAV (Web Folder).
<ctalbert>	Ok, it looks like the remaining bugs: 327752, 287514 
and 348806 all require more testing.
<Sebo>	ctalbert: you have iCal?
<ctalbert>	I do. I'll look into 348806
<Sebo>	ok
<ctalbert>	I also should be able to look at 327752
<ctalbert>	Are there any other QAWanted ones that we need to l
ook into?
<Sebo>	I think the list on the wiki is not complete :-(
<ctalbert>	No, there are definitely more in bugzilla
<Sebo>	bug 340488
<firebot>	Sebo: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, birthday's listed double after
 upgrade to a new sunbird version
<ctalbert>	I don't have windows 2003 terminal server, but I doubt 
that will make much of a difference.
<ctalbert>	I think we should try this one. It appears to have 
good steps.
<Sebo>	thats true
<ctalbert>	I only wish the reporter had included his ICS 
<Sebo>	thats also true :-)
<Sebo>	but thats it! the list is done
<ctalbert>	whoo-hoo
<ctalbert>	Let's update all the ones that we've talked about, 
and see where we stand. Great job working through these. Thanks!
<ctalbert>	So, xFallenAngel, about hosting Calendar servers...
<xFallenAngel>	yes
<ctalbert>	Would you be able/willing to host 0.5 Cosmo's CalDav,
 a common (Apache?) Webdav?
<ctalbert>	What does OpenExchange run on?
<Sebo>	it runs on linux, I think, but needs a lot of love while 
<xFallenAngel>	I will host them all :)
<xFallenAngel>	I'm working on getting apple's calendar server
 running too
<ctalbert>	Yes, it appears so. I would add OpenExchange to 
the list, and Apple's iCal Server, but I think Apple's server also 
needs a lot of love.
<ctalbert>	heh -- you read my mind
<xFallenAngel>	it does :)
<ctalbert>	I think with those 4 we would be in a pretty
 good position to test many of these server releated bugs.
<ctalbert>	Thank you very much xFallenAngel
<Sebo>	regarding WebDAV: why is it a problem for Mozilla to supply 
<ctalbert>	I haven't checked to see if there is a WebDav system
 in house that we would have access to.
<Sebo>	(I'm thinking of the project calendar now)
<ctalbert>	No, that's a very good question.
<ctalbert>	I'll add that to my todo list and ask around if 
there is a mozilla test webdav system that we can use. I haven't 
had much time to keep up with Mozilla QA in general, so I don't really know.
<ctalbert>	Ideally, we would have all of this hosted by Mozilla,
 but in order for anything like that to happen, we'll have to get 
dmose's help when he returns from vacation.
<Sebo>	ok.