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[18:29:09] ctalbert: Well, it's about time to get started with the meeting 
[18:29:21] lilmatt: You probably want to have some good sample .ICS files around
 for people to test with.
[18:29:46] ctalbert: Yes, for the test day on the 5th, definitely.
[18:30:20] ctalbert: And for people trying it out tomorrow. Mostly, for the 
minitest day the students will be confirming unconfirmed bugs.
[18:30:31] ctalbert: Here is the agenda for the QA Chat today: (Link:
[18:32:05] ctalbert: Tomorrow, at 11:40 EST, 28 students from Seneca U will be 
helping us with confirming unconfirmed calendar bugs
[18:32:24] ctalbert: These are senior students that have some experience working
 with mozilla projects
[18:32:56] lilmatt: w00t
[18:32:57] ctalbert: But, we will still need moderators on hand to help answer 
questions and resolve issues.
[18:33:01] lilmatt: boh
[18:33:58] ctalbert: So, if you can be available tomorrow from 11:40EST for 
about an hour or two, that would be very helpful.  I think having folks around 
for the first hour will be crucial, just to get them off the ground. The second 
hour will probably be pretty easy.
[18:34:53] lilmatt: Sure.  I'm assuming you and eor will be around
[18:35:00] ctalbert: Yes.
[18:35:10] ctalbert: FYI: Looks like that is 16:40UTC, if that helps
[18:35:33] lilmatt: I'll be around.
[18:35:44] ctalbert: Thanks.
[18:35:51] xFallenAngel: I'll be around too, as I said :)
[18:35:57] ctalbert: :-)
[18:36:09] lilmatt: If I'm not, it's because I'm sleeping off this cold/flu/whatever so call my mobile and wake my butt up
[18:36:19] ctalbert: lol
[18:36:45] ctalbert: Next week is our big test day on the 5th. We will endeavor 
to have the SQL patch ready (as you saw lilmatt and I talking about). We will 
also be testing Sun's new dialogs and WCAP as well.
[18:37:12] lilmatt: FYI: Sun's dialogs only work with Lightning at the moment. 
[18:37:29] ctalbert: I thought the event dialog also worked with Sunbird. It 
[18:37:40] xFallenAngel: yes, whats keeping them from working in sunbird?
[18:38:08] ctalbert: That's exactly what I'm going to head off and research 
after this meeting so that I can put together the Test Day wiki.
[18:38:40] ssitter: I think the dialog files are only shipped with lightning
[18:38:45] lilmatt: It doesn't. I think it's just a matter of adding stuff to in the right place
[18:38:46] lilmatt: Ya. What ssitter said
[18:39:03] ctalbert: If other folk could take a look at the Sun stuff and then 
check the Test Day wiki for errors (after I create it), that would be very 
[18:39:05] lilmatt: But if you set the calendar.prototypes.wcap pref to true, 
you hang Sunbird
[18:39:14] ctalbert: Good to know
[18:39:38] lilmatt: (it hangs when attemtping to open the event dialog)
[18:39:44] lilmatt: not immediately
[18:40:05] ctalbert: We can have the people with sunbird concentrate on testing the SQL upgrade patch.
[18:40:21] Andreas: I think Ulf and I take a look at the Test Day wiki
[18:40:36] lilmatt: AUS is spotty only because #build is moving the box that 
creates the partial upgrades.
[18:40:40] xFallenAngel: I definitly need to take a look at this dialog.
[18:40:43] ctalbert: Andreas, that would be helpful.
[18:41:38] ctalbert: Let's other news...bug 330271 was resolved this 
[18:41:40] lilmatt: If we can get Daniel or Mickey or tbe to patch stuff so 
we're shipping the Sun event dialog with both apps before the testday, that 
would be nicel
[18:41:42] firebot: ctalbert: Bug (Link:
 blo, --, ---,, RESO DUPLICATE, crash when loading an https 
url (e.g. after trying to check for updates) [@msvcr80.dll]
[18:41:50] ctalbert: That was the mysterious start up crash we were seeing 
reports about.
[18:42:20] ctalbert: If people encounter that start up crash there are tools on 
331404 to help them fix that.
[18:42:58] ctalbert: As you can see I'll be out from Dec 11 to Dec 15, just 
wanted to let people know about that.
[18:44:08] ctalbert: lilmatt: that would be great. Do you think it could happen 
tomorrow, though?
[18:44:56] lilmatt: I'm not sure. I can email them.
[18:45:08] lilmatt: or we could just make a patch and do it
[18:45:30] ssitter: should we resolve bug 359669 and bug 357709 as duplicate?
[18:45:35] firebot: ssitter: Bug (Link:
 cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Sunbird crashes when authenticating to 
http:// WebDAV calendar
[18:45:36] firebot: ssitter: Bug (Link:
 cri, --, ---,, UNCO, sunbird 0.3 crashed when 
subscribing/publishing to a SSL-webdav server
[18:46:22] ctalbert: Thanks ssitter, I was looking for those. Yes, I think so. 
They should be dup'd against 331404.
[18:46:56] ctalbert: lilmatt: I have no time for emergency patching today, so if
 Daniel can do it, that would be better.
[18:47:20] ctalbert: If not, we'll just test Sun stuff on Lightning
[18:47:57] ssitter: ok, I'll close both bugs
[18:48:01] ctalbert: thx
[18:48:17] ctalbert: On that note, let's take a look at the Qa Wanted list.
[18:48:27] ctalbert: (Link:
[18:49:01] ctalbert: 327752 was on my todo list, but I have not had a chance to 
get to it yet, so no changes there.
[18:49:32] lilmatt: slacker
[18:49:48] ctalbert: you know it. :-p
[18:50:11] ctalbert: I think bug 340488 was on Sebo's list, but I haven't seen 
or heard from him in a while.
[18:50:15] firebot: ctalbert: Bug (Link:
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, birthday's listed double after upgrade 
to a new sunbird version
[18:51:10] ctalbert: I can have the students tomorrow check that one out -- it's
[18:51:44] ctalbert: And also with 339960
[18:52:23] ctalbert: Any thoughts on what we should do with bug 293562?
[18:52:28] firebot: ctalbert: Bug (Link:
 cri, --, ---,, NEW, sunbird crashing while loading remote 
[18:52:58] ctalbert: It's been open for a while, no dup's, no response from 
[18:53:05] ctalbert: lilmatt: Do you have a .mac account?
[18:53:16] lilmatt: I do!
[18:53:40] ctalbert: Is it possible to share calendars with those that do not 
have a .mac account?
[18:53:50] lilmatt: Yes. They're just .ICS files
[18:54:35] ctalbert: Then that doesn't make much sense. This was reported on 0.2 so that's probably the reason for the crash.
[18:55:05] eor|afk: jminta: pong
[18:55:08] ctalbert: Could you share me a calendar and I'll try this out on my 
little fedora box here? Then we can close it WFM
[18:55:09] *** eor|afk is now known as eor.
[18:55:11] lilmatt: Note that he says "private".  I'm wondering specifically how
 the .ICS file is being protected
[18:55:21] lilmatt: I can do that.
[18:55:27] ctalbert: Thanks.
[18:55:50] ctalbert: 353722 is waiting on dmose
[18:56:02] lilmatt: monday
[18:56:35] ssitter: or close the bug and wait for protests ;-)
[18:56:42] ctalbert: heh
[18:57:25] ctalbert: What about 361201? There was a bit of discussion on it, not
 all of it substantial.
[18:58:21] ctalbert: lilmatt: Looks like you were able to confirm it and find 
the checkins in the regression range. Is more QA Needed on this?
[18:58:38] ssitter: it's confirmed, has a regression range - I'd say qawanted 
can be removed
[18:58:50] ctalbert: I agree, removing it.
[18:58:51] lilmatt: Yes.
[18:59:02] lilmatt: Yes remove QA Wanted that is
[18:59:42] *** ulf ( has joined 
[19:00:23] ctalbert: 312533 was Sebo's, looks like Omar has tested it and found 
it WFM
[19:00:32] * ctalbert waves at Ulf
[19:00:51] ulf: hi, everyone
[19:02:00] ctalbert: If I understand Omar's comment correctly, he's saying that they incorectly specified the ftp URL
[19:02:23] lilmatt: Ya. I'm not sure he's correct there.
[19:02:37] lilmatt: I'm not sure that the problem was as simple as that.
[19:02:41] ctalbert: I'm not either.
[19:03:06] ctalbert: Let's wait for Sebo on this one, he's become our resident FTP expert. :-)
[19:03:46] ctalbert: same thing with 347128 
[19:04:08] ssitter: do we have some testing done for Thunderbird/Lightning + ftp
[19:04:13] ssitter:  I always thought it doesn't work but according to a german 
forum post it works now
[19:04:23] ctalbert: I haven't tried it.
[19:05:07] lilmatt: ssitter: I would be really surprised if it worked unless Tb 
added FTP to their necko protocols list in
[19:05:30] ctalbert: Maybe they did in the trunk builds?
[19:05:43] jminta: lilmatt: i mentioned to mscott that he should consider it, 
but i never heard more
[19:06:01] * lilmatt looks at lxr
[19:07:09] lilmatt: Not enabled in 1.8 or trunk for Tb
[19:07:45] ctalbert: 249796 is also waiting on Sebo. We'll give those a few more
 days and if we don't see Sebo, then we'll have to start asking for volunteers 
to take those on.
[19:08:02] ssitter: the posts says thunderbird with lightning 0.3
[19:08:36] ctalbert: Odd, that would be the last thing I would expect to work
[19:08:52] lilmatt: No ftp in 1.8.0 either 
[19:09:18] ssitter: that's exactly why I raised this question
[19:09:46] ssitter: so maybe someone with ftp server access could test this :-)
[19:10:15] ctalbert: Definitely. I'll add it to the todo list.
[19:10:58] ctalbert: Does anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?
[19:12:33] ctalbert: Ok. Ulf: Next week's test day is going to be focused on the
 Sun dialogs
[19:12:45] ctalbert: So, where do we stand on litmus test cases for those and 
for WCap?
[19:13:40] ulf: I had a little difficulties on adding the subgroups we agreed 
on. Means I added them but couldn't see them so far
[19:14:09] ctalbert: That sounds like that old Litmus bug again.
[19:14:23] ulf: ctalbert, can you see "Prototypes" and "WCAP Calendar" ?
[19:14:33] * ctalbert checks
[19:15:33] ctalbert: Nope.
[19:15:42] ctalbert: Anychance you know what the ID's are of those?
[19:15:43] ulf: ouugh
[19:16:30] ulf: if I remember correctly it was 235 and 236 or something the like:
[19:16:32] *** eor is now known as eor|test.
[19:16:53] ctalbert: Don't worry about it. I'll see if I can find Zach or Coop 
and let them know that the cache is eating things again.
[19:17:03] ctalbert: Once they reset it, they will appear.
[19:17:34] ulf: ok, thanks!
[19:17:56] ulf: the test cases themselves what format do they have to be in?
[19:18:38] ctalbert: They are just very simple: A list of steps and a bulletted 
list of expected behaviors.  It's easiest to mimic the layout of the existing 
test cases.
[19:19:08] ctalbert: The odd thing is that you have to create the testcase, then
 add the testcase to the subgroup. It's a little backwards.
[19:19:29] ulf: no problem
[19:19:40] ctalbert: So you can go ahead and create testcases now. And when the 
subgroups show up, we can add them then.
[19:20:07] ulf: good idea! will do
[19:20:14] ctalbert: thx
[19:20:20] ctalbert: Anyone have anything else?
[19:22:33] ctalbert: Ok, sounds like the meeting is over. Thanks everyone. The 
Test Day Wiki for the test day will be landing in an hour or two, please check 
it over the next few days to be sure I didn't leave anything out!