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[11:37]	<ctalbert>	Let's get started with the calendar-qa chat. I don't 
have much today, so it should go pretty fast.
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	Our agenda is at:
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	I have posted the results from the lastest test day on 
the 19th. We found 3 bugs and 35 Litmus cases were run.
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	That's pretty good considering how little notice the
 day had.
[11:39]	<ctalbert>	We will definitely have another "Remote Calendar" 
Test Day, we need far more testing on those items.
[11:39]	=-=	ssitter|away is now known as ssitter
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	Anyone have any feedback on that test day? Or on
 the test days in general?
[11:41]	<lilmatt>	We'll also need one once the branch builds are 
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	Good point.
[11:43]	<ctalbert>	My goal for the new year is to revamp and 
re-energize the test days. If anyone has ideas on that, please let
 me know. I'll be posting some of my ideas to both the blog and the 
NG soon.
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	lilmatt: Do you think the branch build of sunbird 
will be stable by January 2nd?
[11:45]	<lilmatt>	Maybe
[11:45]	<lilmatt>	:)
[11:45]	<ctalbert>	:-)
[11:46]	<ctalbert>	We'll see how it goes then.
[11:47]	<ctalbert>	I also wanted to make people aware that Damian and
 I have been working with the Litmus team to try to make Litmus more usable
 for test case analysis after a test day. We have been collecting procedures
 and ideas here:
[11:48]	<ctalbert>	There are six bugs we have filed against litmus for
 enhancements and fixes as well. I'll be adding those and re-organizing the
 page here. But again, if anyone has ideas or suggestions, please let us know.
[11:49]	<ctalbert>	I'll list the Litmus bugs here for the log and for 
those of you who are interested until I have a moment to update the wiki 
page. They are: 364257, 364261, 362998, 363001, 363005
[11:49]	<ctalbert>	If you want to see all the Litmus bugs, it is 
under the Webtools Component in bugzilla.
[11:52]	|<--	Mechtilde has left (Ping timeout)
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	No comments on that stuff I guess...
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	On to the QA Wanted list.
[11:52]	<ctalbert>
[11:53]	<ctalbert>	First is bug 255995. It's rather old
[11:53]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, first calendar reload stalls when Content-Encoding: 
gzip used
[11:54]	<ctalbert>	I seem to recall that xFallenAngel was going to look 
into this, but I might be wrong about that. Anyone have an update on it?
[11:55]	<ctalbert>	Moving on...bug 257642. In comment 7, it sounds
 like we might easily be able to WFM this one.
[11:55]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Remote FTP calendar does not refresh but downloads 
correctly for auto-publish
[11:57]	<ctalbert>	312533 is one that Sebo is handling
[11:58]	<ctalbert>	I'm going to makr 324088 as invalid since it refers 
to code that is no longer in the prodcut (the original blue screen generated 
bylightningTextCalenda rConverter.js)
[11:58]	<ctalbert>	I still need to look into 327752
[11:59]	<ctalbert>	339960 is our Open Xchange friend. Updates?
[12:00]	<ctalbert>	Someone was going to look into bug 340488, but I 
don't remember who. Any Updates there?
[12:00]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, birthday's listed double after upgrade to a new 
sunbird version
[12:02]	<ctalbert>	We should look into Omar's advice about making 
347128 as WFM.
[12:03]	<ctalbert>	270915 just needs testing
[12:04]	<ctalbert>	And it looks like ssitter has tested 356486
[12:05]	<ctalbert>	ssitter can we move that one to WFM and remove 
the qawanted status? Or was more testing required?
[12:06]	<ssitter>	yeah, maybe also test on Windows XP native theme,
 otherwise WFM
[12:07]	<ctalbert>	I can do that right fast and then move it to 
WFM if it still works.
[12:07]	<ctalbert>	thanks ssitter
[12:08]	<ctalbert>	Ok That's the QA Wanted list. Does anyone have 
any other issues that they want to discuss?
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	...Sounds like no...
[12:10]	<ctalbert>	All right. There will NOT be a calendar QA Chat 
next week due to the holiday. But we WILL have a test day on January 2nd.
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	I'll be announcing that on the weblog and the
 newsgroup, so stay tuned for that.
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	I hope everyone has a happy holiday and a
 wonderful new year.
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	And that's the QA Chat for today.
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	Thanks!