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mschroeder: ctalbert: Do you want to start the QA Chat? 
[11:40am] ctalbert: Oh, crap. sorry
[11:41am] ctalbert: I was up too late last night and have nothing prepared
[11:41am] ctalbert: We have a 0.5 release candidate
[11:41am] ctalbert: We will throw a test day tomorrow to get some focused testing
 especially on the Lightning Localizations.
[11:43am] ctalbert: My time tomorrow will have to be split between a Firefox 3 
alpha release testing as well as the calendar testing so I don't know how much time I will have
[11:43am] ctalbert: That's the most important stuff, I think.
[11:44am] mschroeder: We have still 20 blocking bugs to be verified.
[11:44am] ctalbert: I am also putting together my notes on how to do a calendar 
release and creating a wiki page for that.  That way we this information won't be
 our bottleneck for our next release.
[11:45am] ctalbert: Ah, there is that too.  I will also add that to the Test Day 
[11:45am] mschroeder: Good idea. There are some Mac bugs I cannot verify.
[11:46am] ctalbert: We'll try to knock those verifications out tomorrow.
[11:47am] ctalbert: We've already found a few localization issues.  After tomorrow
 we'll make a determination on whether or not to spin another release or to release what we have. 
[11:48am] ctalbert: So, if anyone has a chance to download the RC and go through 
it, that would be great.  This is our last chance to catch any bugs we want to fix for 0.5
[11:48am] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 382611
 to DUPLICATE of bug 293195.
[11:48am] firewolfbot: Bug enh,
 --, ---,, RESO DUPLICATE, use TB address book for attendees
[11:48am] firewolfbot: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, NEW, addressbook integration for attendee mgmt in Lightning
[11:48am] ctalbert: Questions on anything?
[11:50am] mschroeder: no. 
[11:50am] ctalbert: There are 10 QA Disucssion bugs.  Shall we go through those quickly?
[11:51am] mschroeder: okay
[11:51am] sipaq joined the chat room.
[11:51am] ctalbert: First bug is bug 276353
[11:51am] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug 
enh, --, ---,, UNCO, Custom work days / week length
[11:51am] mschroeder: sorted by severity?
[11:51am] • ctalbert is losing his mind today
[11:51am] ctalbert: Sorted by severity, first bug is 357493
[11:52am] ctalbert: bug 357493
[11:52am] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug 
maj, --, ---,, UNCO, Lightning unable to install if profile is stored 
on a fat32/vfat partition on Linux
[11:52am] mschroeder: I think there was a new comment from the reporter.
[11:52am] ctalbert: Ah, we owe him a Thunderbird extension with compiled binaries
[11:53am] ctalbert: We can review that.  I'll send a note to mscott to see if he knows 
of any off the top of his head.
[11:54am] ctalbert: bug 379208 is next
[11:54am] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, New event/new task window is too narrow
[11:54am] • ctalbert thinks we forgot to remove "QA Discussion Needed" from last week
[11:55am] sipaq: hi ctalbert, can I help?
[11:55am] ctalbert: shouldn't we also set this to wontfix?
[11:56am] ctalbert: sipaq, we're just doing the weekly bug triage on the "QA Discussion
[11:56am] ctalbert: sipaq:
[11:57am] ctalbert: (so yes , you can help) 
[11:57am] mschroeder: We could leave it open and revisit later.
[11:58am] mschroeder: When the new event dialog lands.
[11:58am] ctalbert: right, that was the decision last week
[11:58am] ctalbert: went ahead and removed the qa discussion flag though
[11:59am] ctalbert: bug 380777 is next
[11:59am] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, NEW, if one is unsuccessful installing an extension, 
 the chrome of the add-ons window is messed up
[12:00pm] mschroeder: This seems not to be Calendar specific.
[12:00pm] ctalbert: +1
[12:01pm] Archaeopteryx: iirc you have to click the extensions button again
[12:01pm] mschroeder: and Robert has no clue why this happens. 
[12:01pm] ctalbert: I think I'll move this over into the toolkit area
[12:01pm] Archaeopteryx: i guess that the install chrome is loaded at install start an 
not remove at the en
[12:02pm] ctalbert: Archaeopteryx:  that sounds plausible
[12:06pm] ctalbert: hmmm...extension manager is not in toolkit.  I'm looking for it
[12:06pm] ctalbert: bug 380798 is next, if you'd like to continue
[12:06pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, NEW, clicking on the 'Restore Default Set' changes
  icon view
[12:08pm] sipaq: well, that one will be fixed when we move to the trunk or the 1.9 
branch (once it is created)
[12:08pm] mschroeder: I vote for WONTFIX, because all comments sound if such a patch wouldn't 
be approved for MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH.
[12:08pm] sipaq: there's not much we can do on the 1.8 branch
[12:09pm] sipaq: Don't WONTFIX it, please. It's basically a dupe of bug 350292 IMO
[12:09pm] firewolfbot: sipaq: Bug tri, --, 
---,, VERI FIXED, Customize Toolbar: Restore Default Set does not restore to default
[12:10pm] ctalbert: ok.  I will mark it a dupe
[12:11pm] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 380798 to DUPLICATE 
of bug 350292.
[12:11pm] ctalbert: bug 380800 is next
[12:11pm] mschroeder: sipaq: I thought WONTFIX is appropriate because it is 1.8 Branch only.
[12:11pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug nor, 
--, ---,, UNCO, cannot shift-click on event to select multiple events
[12:12pm] mschroeder: And duping against a fixed bug, looks like it was fixed. 
[12:12pm] ctalbert: I noted in my comment that it wasn't going to be fixed on trunk
[12:12pm] ctalbert: er branch
[12:12pm] sipaq: mschroeder: well, it is fixed...on trunk 
[12:13pm] mschroeder: okay, okay... you kind of convinced me 
[12:13pm] ctalbert: So I think bug 380800 is WFM
[12:14pm] mschroeder: Is Shift+Click is Mac typical... or does Strg+Click also work on Mac?
[12:15pm] ctalbert: Shift click selects a range of things ususally on mac, but CMD Click selects
 individual records, which is what he was trying to do.
[12:15pm] ctalbert: We don't support selecting a range without using the unifinder AFAIK
[12:15pm] mschroeder: I also think so.
[12:16pm] mschroeder: He could file a RFE. 
[12:18pm] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 380800 to 
[12:18pm] ctalbert: bug 382265 is next
[12:18pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Can't edit more meetings at the same time
[12:19pm] mschroeder: I think this is already fixed and a duplicate like ssitter suggested.
[12:20pm] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 382265 to DUPLICATE
 of bug 356833.
[12:20pm] firewolfbot: Bug enh, --, ---,, RESO FIXED, make the event/item dialog modeless
[12:21pm] ctalbert: bug 350725 is next
[12:21pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug tri,
 --, ---,, NEW, Publishing is not giving information how a calendar is going 
 to be published
[12:22pm] ctalbert: mschroeder: Why QA Discussion on this one?
[12:24pm] mschroeder: ctalbert: because I think this should be duped against the rework publishing
 dialog bug...
[12:24pm] mschroeder: and the patch was not correct (per ssitter's comment)
[12:26pm] ctalbert: I'd say it's not complete.  It does what is needed, just needs to do it better.
[12:26pm] ctalbert: Do you have a bug # for the "rework publishing bug"?
[12:27pm] ulf is now known as ulf|away.
[12:27pm] mschroeder: ctalbert: Bug 305527
[12:27pm] firewolfbot: mschroeder: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, NEW, Improve publish UI
[12:28pm] ctalbert: ok I'll dupe it then
[12:29pm] mschroeder: We already duped other cosmetic/trivial bugs against this bug, I think.
[12:33pm] ctalbert: ok
[12:34pm] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 350725 to DUPLICATE of
 bug 305527.
[12:34pm] firewolfbot: Bug tri, --, ---,, RESO DUPLICATE, Publishing is not giving information how a calendar is going 
to be published
[12:34pm] • ctalbert wonders if blocking/depends were what were really wanted there.  Oh well.
[12:34pm] ctalbert: We're out of time, but we only have three more.
[12:34pm] • ctalbert presses on.  Next bug is 376574
[12:34pm] ctalbert: bug 376574
[12:35pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug tri, --,
 ---,, UNCO, Import fails, failure code 0x80004005 moz|StorageStatementWrapper.execute
[12:35pm] ctalbert: this looks like a dupe
[12:36pm] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 376574 to DUPLICATE of 
bug 198863.
[12:37pm] firewolfbot: Bug nor, --, ---,,
 VERI DUPLICATE, installing via sudo creates root owned .mozilla directory in real users home and then
  real user cann
[12:37pm] ctalbert: bug 276353 is next
[12:37pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug enh, --, ---,, UNCO, Custom work days / week length
[12:37pm] mschroeder: How should the bug be resolved it is extension fodder like lilmatt commented?
[12:38pm] ctalbert: We don't have a state for that.  We could add something to the whiteboard to make 
searching easier
[12:38pm] ctalbert: [extension fodder]?
[12:39pm] mschroeder: I know there were such bugs before.
[12:39pm] ctalbert: I don't think they were resolved in any specific way.  We don't want to WONTFIX 
it because that will take it out of the bugzilla queries, I think.  Sipaq, how have you handled these 
in the past?
[12:40pm] mschroeder: Bug 288686
[12:40pm] firewolfbot: mschroeder: Bug enh, --, 
---,, UNCO, Synchronize categories among remote calendars [extension fodder]
[12:40pm] mschroeder: or
[12:40pm] firewolfbot: mschroeder: Bug 182558 enh, --, ---,, VERI WONTFIX, Gantt 
chart view
[12:41pm] sipaq: ctalbert: extension-fodder was normally WONTFIX'ed or INVALID'ated
[12:41pm] ctalbert: ok, then that solves that question
[12:42pm] sipaq: I use WONTFIX normally, because that better describes our intent
[12:42pm] ctalbert: let's add [extension fodder] to the summary though. 
[12:42pm] ctalbert: makes sense
[12:42pm] sipaq: but it is imperative that we describe, why we WONTFIX the bug in friendly words 
[12:42pm] ctalbert: +1
[12:44pm] firewolfbot: set the Resolution field on bug 276353 to WONTFIX.
[12:44pm] ctalbert: ok. Bug 377041 is the last one
[12:44pm] firewolfbot: ctalbert: Bug enh, --, 
---,, NEW, Sorting should put tasks without date alway at the bottom
[12:45pm] mschroeder: I have to go now.
[12:45pm] mschroeder left the chat room. (Quit: )
[12:46pm] ctalbert: meh, sorting.  That's a discussion all in itself. Let' s leave that till next time.