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[11:32am] ctalbert: All right, calendar-qa meeting should be starting now.
[11:32am] Fallen: no qa discussion bugs
[11:33am] ctalbert: whoop!
[11:33am] ctalbert: no 0.5!
[11:33am] ctalbert: we're done 
[11:33am] Fallen: btw: what was the schedule with checkins? when do we start?
[11:33am] Fallen: 25 qawanted bugs
[11:33am] ctalbert: No, just kidding.  We released 0.5 yesterday.  The only issue 
I've seen with it was an incompatible extension problem with Birdie sync, which is now fixed
[11:34am] Fallen: does AMO have the 0.5 version number yet?
[11:34am] ctalbert: I think that we can go ahead and start checking in code now, just 
query bonsai first.  We don't want a bunch of checkins on the same day
[11:34am] ctalbert: Yes, AMO has 0.5
[11:35am] Fallen: great 
[11:35am] ssitter: we probably should wait until we have nightly builds back
[11:35am] ctalbert: Ah, yes, good point.  I thought lilmatt was going to transition
 the tinderboxes back to nightlies
[11:36am] ctalbert: ssitter: should we do that today?
[11:36am] • ctalbert doesn't see much benefit in continuing to build 0.5
[11:37am] ssitter: I just added the patch for it to the bug. do you want to review it?
[11:37am] ctalbert: certainly, bug #?
[11:37am] Fallen is now known as Fallen|away.
[11:37am] ssitter: 386194
[11:37am] Fallen|away is now known as Fallen.
[11:38am] Fallen: sorry, disconnect
[11:38am] Fallen: when do we have nightly builds again?
[11:39am] lilmatt: ctalbert: Oh, that was on me?
[11:39am] ctalbert: lilmatt: I had that misconception, but ssitter has a patch. 
[11:40am] lilmatt: ooo
[11:40am] firebot: added attachment 270195 to bug 386194.
[11:40am] firebot: requested review from
 for attachment 270195 on bug 386194.
[11:40am] firebot: Bug nor, --,
 ---,, ASSI, Switch tinderboxen back to MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH nightly builds
[11:40am] ctalbert: ssitter, lilmatt: This patch looks good, but is there an "official_branding"
 variable somewhere that we need to turn off?
[11:40am] firebot: requested review from 
for attachment 270193 on bug 386194.
[11:41am] lilmatt: ctalbert: It's in the mozconfig changes
[11:41am] lilmatt: he's deleteing it
[11:41am] ssitter: ctalbert: the first patch does
[11:41am] lilmatt: (which is right)
[11:41am] ctalbert: ok cool, I'll look again.
[11:41am] ctalbert: oh I see
[11:42am] firebot: granted review for attachment 270193 on bug 
[11:42am] ssitter: lilmatt: should we switch off official_branding on the l10n tbox 
too? I think they always produced hybrid builds, partly Sunbird partly Calendar
[11:43am] ssitter: like Calendar icons but Sunbird strings
[11:43am] firebot: granted review for attachment 270195 on bug
[11:44am] ctalbert: It would make sense to me to switch it off to be consistent.
[11:44am] ssitter: sorry folks, I did not wanted to interrupt the QA chat
[11:45am] ctalbert: that's ok, this is pretty necessary
[11:46am] ssitter: maybe we should also take a look and try to sync the config files 
on default and l10n branch, but this is another topic
[11:46am] ctalbert: yeah, I don't know much about that.
[11:47am] ctalbert: There are some outstanding issues from the 0.5 release process: 
number 1 on my list is to finish the "how to release" document
[11:48am] ssitter: ctalbert: I can update the l10n patch to switch off branding or 
add a new patch for it
[11:48am] ctalbert: Number 2: is the brainstorming idea that mschroeder came up with. 
 I think that will be an interesting exercise, and might bring more people to help out
  with qa, which is always good.
[11:49am] ctalbert: ssitter: probably a new patch, and maybe lilmatt should review that 
one if it will be moving L10N to a different state than it was pre-0.5
[11:50am] ctalbert: (since he knows a little more about how all this stuff fits together
 than I do)
[11:50am] ctalbert: But on this patch, you change the ProductName from Sunbird back to 
Calendar.  Is there more to be done?
[11:51am] lilmatt: ctalbert: No, the name gets set automagically based on the --enable-official-branding
[11:52am] ssitter: I just reverted back the changes: name, files and tag
[11:52am] ctalbert: oh, in mozconfig, right.  OK.
[11:52am] ctalbert: I don't see any harm in removing that on L10N tree.
[11:53am] ssitter: the difference is that the non-official l10n branding files will be packaged
[11:55am] ctalbert: which would make sense to me, given that our nightly builds are non-official
 branding as well.  Maybe I don't uderstand the impact.
[11:56am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 383163 to FIXED.
[11:56am] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---,,
 RESO FIXED, Missing file sun-lightning.dtd in localized lightning.xpi
[11:57am] Andreas left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[11:58am] ctalbert: ssitter, if you think it should be changed, I'll be happy to review the patch. 
 It seems like the right thing to do to me.
[11:58am] ssitter: I think it just has impact on the locales files being packaged, like brand.dtd 
and brand .properties
[12:00pm] Andreas joined the chat room.
[12:00pm] firebot: added attachment 270196 to bug 386194.
[12:00pm] firebot: requested review from for attachment 
270196 on bug 386194.
[12:00pm] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---,, ASSI, Switch tinderboxen back to MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH nightly builds
[12:00pm] ctalbert: Now that 0.5 is out, we need to be sure to find items that need to be
 in 0.7 (as per the roadmap), and nonimate those as blocking the 0.7 release.  You can see
  Daniel's blocking page here:
[12:01pm] ctalbert: We're going to be pretty strict about only fixing things that are on
 this list, so if it needs to be in 0.7, it needs to be nominated.  I'd also encourage
  folks to take a look at the QAWanted bugs and see if those need to be resolved in 0.7,
   if we can figure out what is happening in those scenarios.
[12:03pm] • ssitter needs to take a look at the 0.7 roadmap soon
[12:03pm] ctalbert: I also need to re-review it myself.
[12:03pm] firebot: granted review for attachment 270196 on bug 386194.
[12:04pm] ctalbert: Anyone else have anything to discuss for the QA Chat today?  That's about all I have.
[12:05pm] ssitter: I have some worry about one topic that I saw reported several times lately
[12:05pm] ctalbert: what is that?
[12:06pm] ssitter: about events disappear when switching view or similar
[12:06pm] ssitter: might be something with network problems
[12:07pm] ctalbert: I saw those bugs come through.  Are they only on CalDav?  Caldav has
 had similiar problems at various times.
[12:07pm] Fallen: bug 386197
[12:07pm] firebot: Fallen: Bug cri, 
--, ---,, UNCO, all calendar entries invisible after first navigation
[12:07pm] ssitter: it's not yet clear if this all is caldav or another provider
[12:08pm] ctalbert: ah, it's an upgrade.
[12:08pm] ssitter: maybe also bug 385152, bug 385483, bug 373439
[12:08pm] firebot: ssitter: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, UNCO, Events on RSCDS CalDAV server are not visible
[12:09pm] firebot: ssitter: Bug nor,
 --, ---,, UNCO, CalDAV calendar event not redisplayed when changing views
[12:09pm] firebot: ssitter: Bug maj,
 --, ---,, UNCO, Contents caldav calendars disappear after restarting 
 Thunderbird. Sunbird works fine!
[12:09pm] ctalbert: yeah, those were the ones I was thiking of
[12:10pm] ctalbert: phone...
[12:10pm] ssitter: also bug 365641
[12:11pm] firebot: ssitter: Bug nor, 
--, ---,, NEW, CalDav Event intermittently disappears from Day View or 
Week View
[12:17pm] Andreas left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[12:27pm] sipaq joined the chat room.
[12:27pm] ctalbert: sorry guys, had to take that phone call
[12:28pm] ctalbert: ssitter: let's flag all of these as dependent bugs to one of them and
 mark that one as qawanted.
[12:28pm] sipaq: hi guys
[12:28pm] ctalbert: Then we'll need to take a concerted look at this.
[12:28pm] ctalbert: Hi Simon
[12:28pm] ssitter: hi sipaq
[12:29pm] sipaq: ctalbert: you missed a lot of fun last night
[12:29pm] ctalbert: with you rewriting your web page? 
[12:29pm] sipaq: yes
[12:29pm] sipaq: just reverted those changes
[12:29pm] ctalbert: yeah, I saw some of that in scrollback.  Looks like a good time.
[12:29pm] ctalbert: Do we have a 0.5 webpage?
[12:30pm] sipaq: just the release notes
[12:31pm] ulf: hi sipaq, all!
[12:31pm] ctalbert: howdy ulf
[12:33pm] ctalbert: I think the QA Chat is pretty finished.  We do need to take a closer
 look at those bugs that ssitter mentioned, now that 0.5 is out.