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[18:31] <mschroeder> It's Thursday and QA chat time.
[18:32] <mschroeder> Anyone interested in the QA chat?
[18:32] * Andreas (chatzilla@D51210F0.4C00166E.33AABD5F.IP) has joined #calendar-qa
[18:33] <mschroeder> We had a test day on Tuesday because the test day last week didn't have many attendees.
[18:34] <mschroeder> I counted 11 participants without the already involved ones. Some said they would come back for the next test day.
[18:35] <mschroeder> We run a total of 175 Litmus testcase but they have to be modified for the new event dialog.
[18:36] <mschroeder> Anyone interested in looking at the qa discussion needed bugs?
[18:38] <ulf> mschroeder: sure, why not. Btw. Clint and me didn't finish the 0.7 blocker list in last weeks chat
[18:39] <ulf> do we want to continue w. that also
[18:40] <mschroeder> ulf: good idea
[18:40] <mschroeder> It's more important than qa discussion needed list.
[18:42] <mschroeder> ulf: any specific order we should go through the list?
[18:43] <ulf> just top down; trying to find the issue we stopped last time
[18:44] <ulf> bug 287612 should be next in turn
[18:44] <firebot> ulf: Bug maj, --, ---,, NEW, PUT without GET/merge when deleting events from remote calendars
[18:45] * ulf ( Quit (Client exited)
[18:46] * ulf ( has joined #calendar-qa
[18:47] <ulf> back, sorry, my ff crashed
[18:48] <mschroeder> I don't know what to do regarding this bug. We should fix it, but I don't think we can achieve this in the 0.7 timeframe.
[18:48] * sipaq ( has joined #calendar-qa
[18:49] <mschroeder> Hi sipaq
[18:50] <sipaq> hi Martin
[18:50] <ulf> sorry, just lost the buglist, can someone assist?
[18:51] <mschroeder>
[18:52] <mschroeder> I should have used tinyurl.
[18:52] <mschroeder>
[18:52] <ulf> np, thx!
[18:54] <mschroeder> bug 287612
[18:57] <ulf> mschroeder: do you think this one should block 0.7
[18:58] <mschroeder> no
[18:58] <mschroeder> We should fix it for 1.0, but I don't think we can achieve this in the 0.7 timeframe.
[18:59] <ulf> mschroeder: judged from the description this one is ugly - possible dataloss, but if we don't have the resources 1.0 is pretty fine with me
[19:00] <ulf> will you set it to non-blocking?
[19:00] <mschroeder> yes. will do that after the chat.
[19:01] <mschroeder> bug 308538 is next
[19:01] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Foreign X-Props in VALARMs are lost during roundtrip
[19:02] <ulf> I'd love to hear daniel on this one. Unfortunately he isn't around. Maybe again train delay - I think he's on his way back to Berlin
[19:03] <ulf> what do you guys think of this one?
[19:04] <Andreas> Good idea, we should ask Daniel.
[19:05] <ulf> so this one could stay w. 0.7?
[19:05] <mschroeder> Yes, I'll leave a comment in the bug.
[19:05] <ulf> great!
[19:06] <mschroeder> next: bug 320173
[19:06] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, new views do not support pasting of events
[19:07] <mschroeder> This bug has already some WIP patch. but I don't think this blocks 0.7. (funny... I nominated this one ;))
[19:08] <ulf> do you think the patch is already quite good?
[19:09] <ulf> I mean. how much effort would be needed to fix this one in a 0.7 time frame?
[19:10] <ulf> mschroeder: anyway, if you don't think it should block anylonger, would you remove the flag?
[19:10] <mschroeder> I don't know. Maybe Fallen can have a look when he has some time left.
[19:11] <ulf> fine w. me also
[19:11] <mschroeder> okay.
[19:11] <mschroeder> next: bug 320178
[19:12] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Need UI for editing single or all/future instances of recuring events
[19:12] <ulf> that one would need Christian's UI review anyway, right?
[19:13] <ulf> I think Christian has had something in the works regarding this topic, do you recall?
[19:13] <mschroeder> I wanted to say the same.
[19:13] <ulf> so, shall we reassign to him?
[19:14] <mschroeder> I'll cc him on the bug and add a comment.
[19:14] <ulf> very nice - and I'll ping him
[19:15] <mschroeder> next: bug 322458
[19:15] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, BYSETPOS not considered when getting occurrences
[19:16] <mschroeder> Another bug I think we cannont fix in the 0.7 timeframe.
[19:18] <ulf> that's the Bysetpos thing - yes that was also the outcome of last weeks chat
[19:19] <ulf> for what ever reason Clint and I talked about that one already last week
[19:20] <mschroeder> you decided to leave it ?
[19:21] <ulf> yeah, I think so. Clint wanted to have a look at it when he found some spare time
[19:22] <mschroeder> next: bug 324440
[19:22] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, make calendar code link with xpcom_glue instead of xpcom directly, convert to frozen linkage
[19:23] <mschroeder> This is Trunk only and we release from Branch. So this has to wait.
[19:23] * Andreas (chatzilla@D51210F0.4C00166E.33AABD5F.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
[19:24] <ulf> ok
[19:24] <mschroeder> next: bug 327780
[19:25] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Need to sort out what sort of toolbar UI to offer for Lightning
[19:26] <ulf> isn't this already fixed in current nightlies?
[19:26] * Andreas (chatzilla@D51210F0.4C00166E.33AABD5F.IP) has joined #calendar-qa
[19:26] <mschroeder> We should ask Christian if the Calendar toolbar is complete.
[19:26] <ulf> good idea. Will do.
[19:26] <mschroeder> If he agrees, we can close this bug.
[19:27] <mschroeder> next: bug 333363
[19:27] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug maj, --, ---,, NEW, Some providers return an allday event on the day of the event, and the day after
[19:30] <mschroeder> I think there is something like a temporary fix in the views and unifinder.
[19:31] <mschroeder> A fix would be nice but is not urgently needed.
[19:32] <ulf> ok w. me
[19:33] <mschroeder> Time is up. This is the end of the QA chat.
[19:33] <mschroeder> Schönen Feierabend. :)
[19:34] <mschroeder> I'll edit the bugs with our decision.
[19:36] <ulf> thanks, Martin!
[19:39] <ulf> wrote Christian a mail regarding 327780 and 320178