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[18:32] <mschroeder> It's QA chat time. Our agenda:
[18:33] <mschroeder> We're going to have a test day next Tuesday. What should we test?
[18:34] * ssitter has joined #calendar-qa
[18:34] <mschroeder> Hi ssitter
[18:35] <ssitter> hi martin
[18:35] <mschroeder> Any ideas what should we test on Tuesday?
[18:36] <Andreas> Maybe we should reduce the count of 'Verified bugs fixed in 0.7'
[18:38] <mschroeder> okay
[18:38] <ulf> good idea; what do the others think?
[18:38] <ssitter> there were several bugs fixed regarding internal stuff (caldatetime, jsdate), alarm handling etc.
[18:38] <ssitter> so maybe a verify and regression search testday?
[18:39] <ulf> that sounds good to me
[18:39] <mschroeder> I also think so.
[18:40] <ssitter> there were als some changes regarding repeating events + exceptions
[18:40] <mschroeder> Good, I'll prepare the announcement and wiki page.
[18:42] <mschroeder> Has anyone comments or suggestions on recent QA work?
[18:42] <ssitter> and the calendar list / calendar management stuff (create, edit, export, open, ...)
[18:42] <ctalbert> mschroeder: one thing I am going to try to get landed is the new "guessSystemTimezone" API
[18:43] <ctalbert> this should do a better job guessing a user's timezone on startup, particularly when the user is in the southern hemisphere
[18:43] <ctalbert> So, that would be something good to test, since there are lots of permutations there.
[18:44] <mschroeder> ctalbert: thanks. good to know.
[18:45] <mschroeder> So, has anyone comments or suggestions on recent QA work?
[18:47] <mschroeder> Should we continue with triaging the proposed blockers list?
[18:47] <ulf> mschroeder: do you have any particular in mind?
[18:47] <ulf> s/any/anything
[18:48] <mschroeder> regarding recent QA work or the triaging?
[18:48] <ulf> regarding the QA work
[18:49] <mschroeder> no. I only thought if anyone wants to bring something up.
[18:50] <ulf> ok
[18:50] <ctalbert> I don't have anything.
[18:51] <mschroeder> Then we should have a look at recently filed bug with proposed blocking flag.
[18:51] <mschroeder> First one is bug 388954.
[18:51] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Shared toolbar buttons (e.g. Delete and Print) behave faulty when customizing toolbars
[18:55] <ssitter> the startup failure after removing the buttons needs to be fixed, the faulty behavior if possible
[18:55] <ulf> +1
[18:56] <mschroeder> okay, I'll add that to the bug
[18:57] <mschroeder> Next one: bug 389052
[18:57] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Today pane: Initial view of tasks panel displays completed tasks even when 'show completed' is turne
[18:59] <ulf> I'd be very glad if we could fix this one for 0.7
[18:59] <ulf> this one really sucks
[19:00] <ulf> especially (wcap) power users have tons of completed tasks
[19:02] <mschroeder> ulf: can you add your opinion as a comment and cc daniel, so he can decide
[19:03] <ulf> sure!
[19:03] <mschroeder> I don't experience it myself, so I don't have a real impression how serious this is.
[19:04] <mschroeder> Next one: bug 390300
[19:04] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Open new event dialog from the today pane -> wrong default event length
[19:05] <ctalbert> ulf: the not so powerful wcap users probably have lots of uncompleted tasks :-p
[19:07] <ctalbert> mschroeder: I think this one should be fixed.  It shouldn't be that difficult.
[19:07] <ctalbert> It's poor user-experience
[19:07] <ssitter> I think this should be easy to fix because creating event via other locations like File->New->Event respect the setting
[19:08] <mschroeder> agreed
[19:10] <mschroeder> agenda uses createEventWithDialog(calendar, today(), today()); if somebody wants to have a look at the problem. :)
[19:11] <mschroeder> Next one: bug 390523
[19:11] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, ASSI, Persist calendar visibility and selection in calendar list
[19:11] <mschroeder> this only need checkin afaik
[19:11] <ctalbert> right, so we can go ahead and + it.
[19:11] * ctalbert does so
[19:11] <mschroeder> okay
[19:12] <mschroeder> ctalbert: thanks :)
[19:12] <ctalbert> np
[19:12] <mschroeder> Next one: bug 392448
[19:12] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, [Proto]: date/time combo boxes: edited values not always saved
[19:14] <ctalbert> this sounds like a pretty common use case.  This is how I work with the event dialog (by typing).  I'm surprised I haven't hit this one myself yet
[19:15] <ulf> probably because you hit return
[19:15] <ctalbert> yeah, I think so
[19:16] <ulf> this one only shows when selecting save and close by mouse
[19:16] <ctalbert> But, I have seen a lot of people work that way with dialogs.  They tab around to the text box controls, type their information in and then use the mouse for the buttons/toolbars.
[19:16] <ulf> I must admit I haven't tried mickeys suggestion/question in comment #2
[19:17] <ctalbert> It sounds to me like Simon volunteered to do it :-)
[19:18] <ulf> anyway if a fix is not too expensive we surely should take it for 0.7
[19:18] <ctalbert> +1
[19:18] <mschroeder> I also don't know how the parser reacts.
[19:18] <ctalbert> (and it doesnt sound too expensive)
[19:19] <ulf> I'll work with mickey on this one - for the time being I suggest to leave it 0.7?
[19:20] <mschroeder> agreed
[19:21] <mschroeder> Next one: bug 393105
[19:21] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, [Proto] Reminder dialog: localizability issues due to fixed width
[19:23] <ctalbert> This blocks.  Should be no question, since if the English translation is too long for the button, you *know* the German one will also be too long :-)
[19:23] <ctalbert> INMHO
[19:23] <ulf> and the spanish!
[19:23] * ctalbert has already had too much coffee today.  I'm not usually this witty this early.
[19:24] <ulf> ctalbert: but you're right, anyway
[19:24] <mschroeder> ctalbert: Can you set it 0.7+? You have the better reputation. ;)
[19:25] <ctalbert> certainly
[19:26] <mschroeder> Next one: bug 393202
[19:26] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, [Proto] Event dialog: Categories hardcoded
[19:29] <ctalbert> I'm not real clear that there is a concrete issue here. Could this be a dupe of bug 377620?
[19:29] <firebot> ctalbert: Bug nor, --, 0.7,, RESO FIXED, [Proto] Event dialog: Localize 'Do you want to save changes?' dialog
[19:30] <ctalbert> The event dialog has been changing pretty fast, so he may have found hard coded strings in there that are no longer there.
[19:30] <mschroeder> If you delete all categories, there are categories shown.
[19:30] <ctalbert> ?
[19:30] <mschroeder>
[19:30] <ctalbert> ouch
[19:30] <mschroeder> correct ;)
[19:31] <ctalbert> blocks.
[19:31] <ctalbert> confirmed it on mac
[19:31] <ulf> but do they show off in the gui?
[19:32] <ctalbert> Yes.  After you go into preferences and delete all categories, then go into the event dialog and click the drop down, they appear
[19:32] * mschroeder deleted all Sunbird categories and has a full list in the dialog.
[19:32] <ssitter> Simon posted in the newsgroup what code needs to be copied/adapted to the prototype dialog
[19:33] <ulf> ok, I'd also vote for blocking
[19:33] <ctalbert> ssitter: could this bug be the vessel for that change?
[19:34] <ssitter> yes
[19:34] <ssitter>
[19:36] <ctalbert> marked, and I mentioned that thread.  Thanks ssitter
[19:37] <mschroeder> Last one: bug 393362
[19:37] <firebot> mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, [Proto] Can't remove last attendee
[19:37] <ctalbert> In the call yesterday, I believe Mickey already plans to fix this issue.  Even has a "patch in mind" if not "in hand".
[19:37] <ctalbert> This is pretty necessary for some of Fallen's work too, I think.
[19:39] <mschroeder> Where in the UI can you remove an attendee?
[19:40] <ctalbert> I think from the free/busy pane
[19:41] <mschroeder> this is WFM then
[19:41] <mschroeder> Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
[19:42] <ulf> mschroeder: I'm also puzzled by this bug
[19:42] <mschroeder> ok. I can confirm it.
[19:43] <Andreas> Create a vent, invite some people, SAVE it, reopen event, try to delete all attendees 
[19:43] <ctalbert> mschroeder: Can you write some better steps too?  Shame on Fallen, he knows better.  :-p
[19:43] <mschroeder> ctalbert: I'll do.
[19:44] <ctalbert> thanks
[19:47] <mschroeder> ctalbert: Is it 0.7+?
[19:47] <ctalbert> yes, that's one of those annoyances that wear out people's patience fast.
[19:48] <ctalbert> And we've had quite a few little annoying nags like that in the past, INMO so we shouldn't knowingly ship another.  
[19:48] <ctalbert> Somehow I also got the idea that this was blocking Fallen from doing something, so if it blocks him, it should doubly block.
[19:51] <mschroeder> This is the end of the QA chat.