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mschroeder's handwritten list of bugs that were not addressed: Bugs

mschroeder: Good morning, Clint.
[09:30am] ctalbert: Hello Martin
[09:30am] mschroeder: I think, we can start the QA chat.
[09:30am] ctalbert: whew, just in time!
[09:30am] mschroeder:
[09:31am] mschroeder: We will have a test day next Tuesday. What should we test
and verify?
[09:32am] Andreas: regression testing with the litmus testcases?
[09:32am] ulf: good idea!
[09:33am] ctalbert: Probably the best idea, given how close we are to release
[09:33am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 395211 to
DUPLICATE of bug 392627.
[09:33am] mschroeder: Problem with the Litmus testcases is they are not up-to-date
regarding the event dialog.
[09:33am] firebot: Bug nor, --,
---,, RESO DUPLICATE, No visibility of Google calendar
[09:33am] firebot: Bug nor, --,
---,, VERI INVALID, Google Calendar Events Not Showing Up in View
in latest nightlies (Error: dateTime.normalize is not
[09:33am] mschroeder: ctalbert: Is that correct?
[09:34am] ssitter: we are nowhere close to release until we can fix the major issues
reported from 0.5
[09:34am] chris-j left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[09:34am] ulf: mschroeder: you know there are test cases regarding the former prototype
event dialog
[09:35am] ulf: admittedlya bit ugly and long
[09:35am] mschroeder: ulf: ok, didn't know.
[09:35am] ctalbert: ssitter: We need to tell Daniel what those issues are and what
needs to block the release if we're going to put our foot down.
[09:36am] ctalbert: ssitter: Daniel is planning to cut an RC1 next weekend.
[09:36am] • mschroeder has a long list of possible blockers from new bugs, regression
bugs and the proposed blockers list.
[09:36am] ssitter: e.g. all the no-events-are-shown-anymore bugs
[09:37am] mschroeder: I think one such bug is on the blocking list.
[09:37am] ctalbert: yeah.  Those are super bad.  Also, just poking around the event
dialog last night, I hit about 8 or 9 issues.  I haven't checked to see which were already
reported.  It made me also question this RC in a week.
[09:37am] ulf: ssitter: we're working hard on reproducing that thing
[09:38am] ulf: mschroeder: correct one is blocking
[09:38am] mschroeder: What has to be changed in Litmus to use the correct testcases
for the event dialog?
[09:38am] ulf: ssitter: as ctalbert mentioned; shoot lose w. these issues and involve
[09:39am] ssitter: ulf: I know. The problem is that most of the reports were not
reproducible. I hope your setup helps with them too.
[09:40am] ulf: ssitter: right, no reproducible scenarios is really bad and indeed
one of my biggest concerns atm
[09:41am] ulf: BTW; wouldn't that also be something to try for the testday
[09:41am] mschroeder: Can we come back to the testday discussion? 
[09:42am] ssitter: sure
[09:42am] ctalbert: ulf: not a bad idea, but how much farther do you think we would
get by having another test day on it.  We got pretty good head way last time.
But, repeating that performance is probably not going to be very likely since those
people are going to say "Haven't we already done this.  We gave you the data, can't
you fix it"
[09:43am] mschroeder: We have "Regression testing with Litmus". Anything else? What
about Localization testing?
[09:43am] • ctalbert thinks have it be part of the test day, not the overall focus
[09:43am] ulf: ctalbert: you're right
[09:44am] ssitter: when is l10n freeze? it doesn't make much sense to test localization
[09:44am] mschroeder: ctalbert: That's also my opinion. We will create a matrix
for localizations to note which have been tested.
[09:45am] mschroeder: ssitter: last monday
[09:45am] ssitter: not en-us freeze, the freeze for all l10n teams
[09:45am] ctalbert: Have the localizers had time to do their work?
[09:46am] ctalbert: ssitter: I'm not sure.
[09:48am] mschroeder: ctalbert: We should discuss this with daniel and sipaq.
[09:48am] ctalbert: yep
[09:49am] ssitter: ok, according to Simon in m.d.l10n the deadline for localizers
is the same day as RC1 (9/17)
[09:50am] • ctalbert is feeling worse and worse about that date
[09:50am] mschroeder: so, when should we start localization testing. do we want a
test day for that?
[09:50am] ctalbert: mschroeder: We should start that near or after the 9/17 date
once the localizers have finished
[09:51am] mschroeder: ok
[09:51am] ctalbert: I think this test day next week will be crucial to demonstrate
whether or not the code is ready for RC or not.
[09:52am] ctalbert: If we find a bunch of bugs, I think that is a clear indication
that the quality is not there, especially considering the disappearing events issues
and the blocker list.
[09:52am] • ctalbert doesn't want to slip, but also doesn't want to release poor quality.
[09:52am] mschroeder: Do we have any major changes that should be tested?
[09:52am] ulf: mschroeder: a testday or working session on localizations seems appropriate
[09:53am] mschroeder: Maybe the unified task list will land until Tuesday.
[09:54am] ctalbert: It might be best to spot check the localizations later in the week, say 9/13
[09:54am] ctalbert: er 13/9
[09:54am] ctalbert:
[09:54am] mschroeder: ctalbert: ... and Simon will get his single malt. 
[09:54am] ssitter: mmh, we also need to finish the AUS2 topic until RC1
[09:54am] ctalbert: Yes
[09:55am] mschroeder: Why?
[09:55am] ctalbert: It requires preference string changes that must go into the codebase
[09:55am] ctalbert: or it may require....
[09:57am] firebot: New Calendar - Lightning Only bug 395229 filed by
[09:57am] firebot: Bug nor, --,
---,, UNCO, Category colors are not displayed in calendar
[09:57am] mschroeder: We have half an hour left. We should start discussing some bugs. 
[09:58am] mschroeder: Or is there anything else to talk about?
[09:58am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 395229 to DUPLICATE
of bug 340601.
[09:58am] firebot: Bug nor, --, 0.7,, VERI FIXED, Show category color indication on event/task boxes
in calendar view
[09:59am] mschroeder: First one: bug 364387
[09:59am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug nor,
--, ---,, REOP, [Proto] Event dialog: 'X' doesn't work for edited
[10:00am] mschroeder: Thoughts, opinions?
[10:00am] ssitter: mschroeder: what bugs are you discussing now? blockers, qawanted or
[10:01am] ctalbert: ssitter, looks like proposed blockers
[10:02am] ctalbert: Hmm...this one is also qa discussion
[10:02am] mschroeder: I compiled a handwritten list because we don't have the time to
triage all those bugs. All bugs I call are possible blockers imo.
[10:02am] ctalbert: cool, ok.
[10:02am] mschroeder: The first six bugs are from the proposed blockers list.
[10:03am] mschroeder: The STR in comment12 are a reason to block the release imo.
[10:03am] ctalbert: ssitter, this one sounds like it was never really fixed.
[10:03am] ssitter: afaik there is just a rare use case left in this bug. we probably
can live with it -> not-blocking
[10:04am] ctalbert: I would agree this is a rare case, and can be safely polished up
in the 0.9 release effort.
[10:04am] • ctalbert agrees with ssitter
[10:04am] mschroeder: ulf, Andreas?
[10:05am] mschroeder: relnote candidate?
[10:06am] Andreas: good idea!
[10:07am] mschroeder: ok, next: bug 373251
[10:07am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Can open multiple windows of a single event from
Agenda, Task lists and Unifinder
[10:08am] ctalbert: Again, I'd say annoying, wanted for 0.9, but not a blocker.
[10:08am] ctalbert: INMO
[10:09am] mschroeder: It's kind of possible dataloss imo.
[10:11am] ulf: mschroeder: right, this one implies possible data loss; on the other
hand, fixing this one first would probably leave us w. no release until after christmas
[10:12am] ctalbert: ulf: yikes
[10:13am] mschroeder: 2:1, so not blocking?
[10:13am] ctalbert: It is dataloss, but it isn't very likely to be encountered.  It
isn't as bad as the standard: "import data into calendar and all my events disappear"
type of dataloss.  This one is more human inflicted, and people won't do it twice.
[10:13am] ulf: ctalbert: maybe I'm totally off - hopefully I am.
[10:14am] mschroeder: at least we should relnote it. next bug: 387559
[10:14am] ulf: anyway, imo not blocking 0.7
[10:14am] mschroeder: bug 387559
[10:14am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Event creation/change fails if server requires
authentication for write (PUT) but not for read (GET)
[10:14am] ssitter: blocker
[10:14am] mschroeder: +1
[10:14am] ctalbert: mschroeder: yes a relnote for 373251 is definitely in order
[10:15am] ctalbert: +1 on blocking 387559
[10:15am] ssitter: and if we can't we (mvl) can't fix it we should go with the workaround
[10:15am] ctalbert: right
[10:16am] ctalbert: this is one that is important enough to stop the entire release
if we don't get it.
[10:17am] mschroeder: I mark it 0.7+ and cc daniel.
[10:17am] mschroeder: so he knows about our decision
[10:17am] ulf: who is going to do the final fix, mvl?
[10:17am] ctalbert: I think mvl is investigating it, yes
[10:17am] ctalbert: mschroeder: sounds good
[10:18am] firebot: granted blocking-calendar0.7 on bug
[10:18am] mschroeder: next: bug 390313
[10:18am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
nor, --, 0.7,, NEW, Mouse-over Tooltip window too narrow
[10:19am] mschroeder: Maybe this is only bad ui, but no blocker.
[10:20am] ulf: I also don't think this one qualifies to block the release
[10:20am] ctalbert: true
[10:20am] ssitter: is this a Windows XP only bug?
[10:21am] ssitter: on Windows 2000 it's fine
[10:21am] • mschroeder can't reproduce it on WinXP.
[10:21am] ctalbert: i don't see it on mac
[10:22am] mschroeder: But Markus and Omar could reproduce it on WinXP.
[10:23am] mschroeder: ok, not blocking. next: bug 394183
[10:23am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Task creation via double click in Task List is broken
[10:24am] mschroeder: imo blocking
[10:24am] ctalbert: yeah
[10:26am] ulf: I'm undecided as the feature is neither documented nor intuitive,
but admittedly a regression
[10:26am] Fallen: I have had problems with the tooltips on win2k
[10:27am] Fallen: but I agree, not blocking
[10:27am] Fallen: about the task list, thats probably easy to fix. I'll take a look
at it today
[10:28am] mschroeder: ulf: I think, it's a very intuitive way to create tasks.
[10:28am] ssitter: ulf: it has been working this way since at least Sunbird 0.3 Alpha1
[10:28am] Fallen: feel free to assign to me, I would myself but my mouse is broken
so everything takes a bit longer
[10:28am] ctalbert: yeah, i don't know any other way offhand to create them.  I
suppose there is a way through File->New
[10:28am] ulf: I'm still not sure whether that feature went on purpose; I THINK I
remember chrisJ never liked this double-click creation of a task
[10:28am] Fallen: right click -> new task works
[10:29am] Fallen: if double click creates a new event in the view, it should also
in the task list
[10:30am] mschroeder: Fallen: what's your bugzilla id?
[10:30am] Fallen:
[10:32am] firebot: granted blocking-calendar0.7 on bug 394183.
[10:32am] • mschroeder set 0.7+, daniel is cc'ed, assigned to Fallen and cc'ed
christian for UI expert opinion.
[10:33am] Fallen: kk
[10:33am] mschroeder: ... and time is up. 
[10:34am] mschroeder: We have finished the bugs I got from the proposed blockers
[10:34am] ctalbert: Did you have very many other bugs, mschroeder ?
[10:35am] mschroeder: 13 bugs left we should have a look at imo.
[10:35am] mschroeder: especially new ones filed over the last week
[10:36am] ssitter: we can proceed with them I'd said
[10:36am] ctalbert: yeah
[10:36am] ctalbert: bring them on
[10:37am] mschroeder: Bug 394010
[10:37am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
nor, --, ---,, NEW, The recurrece dialog has major user experience flaws
[10:38am] ctalbert: yeah, this was one of the issues I found with the event dialog
last night
[10:38am] ctalbert: It's a good polish item, and should be addressed, but I dont'
know if it blocks 0.7.  I think it should block 0.9 for certain.
[10:38am] • ssitter thinks the bug summary should be changed to describe the issue
reported in the bug
[10:38am] ctalbert: +1
[10:39am] mschroeder: ssitter: could you do that?
[10:40am] ssitter: ctalbert: do you want to take over? you already worded it in the
review today 
[10:40am] mschroeder: even better 
[10:40am] ctalbert: yeah, I'll fix that one up.  I've got a whole write up on it
[10:40am] ctalbert: Do ya'll think it should block 0.7?
[10:41am] • mschroeder tends towards 0.7+.
[10:42am] ctalbert: I personally hate releasing with very obvious shortcomings like
[10:44am] ssitter: I'd call it a nice-to-have-but-not-blocking bug. on the other hand
it's very exposed to the user. but only during event creation ...
[10:45am] ctalbert: yeah, ok let's not make it blocking but I'm going to CC mickey
and Co. on it.
[10:45am] ctalbert: What's next?
[10:46am] mschroeder: bug 394195
[10:46am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
min, --, ---,, NEW, [Proto] Dialogs doesn't persist width and
height set by user
[10:46am] Andreas left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[10:46am] ctalbert: not blocking
[10:47am] ssitter: I as the reporter says it's nice to have but not blocking
[10:47am] mschroeder: okay
[10:47am] mschroeder: bug 394358
[10:47am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Print toolbar button is not enabled in Calendar Mode
[10:48am] ctalbert: This is probably merely due to the toolbar button and the print
item on the File menu sharing the same command id.  This should be pretty easy to solve
[10:49am] ctalbert: (at least in a hacky way)
[10:50am] ctalbert: I could see this one annoying lots of people
[10:50am] ctalbert: printing is pretty popular
[10:51am] mschroeder: ssitter: you are the reporter. what's your opinion?
[10:53am] ssitter: I'm using Sunbird. I could live with it  But for Lightning users
it might by very frustrating
[10:53am] mschroeder: bug 394363 is also some inactive UI element
[10:53am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
min, --, ---,, NEW, Export Calendar menu command is disabled if
no event is selected
[10:53am] Fallen: bug 394358, we should ask mickey about that bug, I believe he did
something with the print toolbar button, so it might be a regression one of his latter patches.
[10:54am] ssitter: bug 394363 - maybe this will be fixed by the menu reorganization
berend is working on
[10:55am] mschroeder: ssitter: that's possible
[10:55am] ctalbert: Should we make a depends on relationship between these bugs?
[10:55am] Fallen: This is also true for the export toolbar button
[10:56am] Fallen: the underlying problem is that the export function requires events
to be selected.
[10:56am] mschroeder: ctalbert: I don't think so.
[10:56am] Fallen: this should be changed to open the select calendar dialog, or to
export the selected calendar. Which do you guys prefer?
[10:56am] Fallen: (I'd say open select calendar dialog)
[10:57am] mschroeder: open the dialog
[10:57am] ssitter: 394358- it's similar like the print-fails-on-first-attempt-on-windows-bug:
it's a ugly bug but somehow you learn to live with
[10:59am] mschroeder: Fallen: Where are you at the moment?
[10:59am] ssitter: ok, cu later
[10:59am] ssitter left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox])
[10:59am] Fallen: mschroeder: In my dads gazebo, enjoying the warm weather 
[11:00am] Fallen: I should show you pictures sometime, its really nice here. I want
to live here, or at least take all the trees and the garden with me back to germany 
[11:00am] firebot: added attachment 279936 to bug 394183.
[11:00am] firebot: requested review from
for attachment 279936 on bug 394183.
[11:00am] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Task creation via double click in Task List is broken
[11:00am] Fallen: ctalbert: I have a patch for the task creation bug. Its pretty small, i
f you have a sec maybe you can review it 
[11:01am] ctalbert: ok in a bit, I've been pulled off to address the AUS stuff
[11:01am] Fallen: ok 
[11:01am] ctalbert: mschroeder: do yo uhave the bug number for the AUS stuff on hand?
[11:02am] Fallen: 381420
[11:03am] mschroeder: wow, Fallen is really quick. 
[11:03am] ctalbert: thx guys
[11:03am] Fallen: firefox quicksearches rock 
[11:03am] Andreas joined the chat room.
[11:04am] mschroeder: Andreas: What about bug 395011?
[11:04am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
min, --, ---,, RESO WONTFIX, Read only dialog of an exception shows
wrong start/end time
[11:04am] Andreas: one moment please
[11:05am] Andreas: ugly but I think non blocking.
[11:08am] firebot: changed the Product on bug 381420 from Calendar
[11:08am] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---,
server-ops@mozilla-org.bugs, NEW, clarify usage of AUS2 update system for Sunbird 0.7 release
[11:08am] mschroeder: Andreas: will you reopen it?
[11:09am] ulf: non blocking also imo
[11:09am] Andreas: okay.
[11:09am] Fallen: hmm, bug 390147 has a patch ready, that might be related to bug 394363
[11:09am] firebot: Fallen: Bug nor,
--, 0.7,, ASSI, Export calendar is not wired up correctly
[11:09am] firebot: Fallen: Bug min,
--, ---,, NEW, Export Calendar menu command is disabled if no event is selected
[11:09am] Fallen: and might even fix it
[11:09am] ulf: anything else?
[11:10am] firebot: cleared the Resolution 'WONTFIX' from bug
[11:11am] mschroeder: Can somebody confirm bug 357112 (again)?
[11:11am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
min, --, ---,, NEW, Drag and drop of multiday-event does't drop on
days the shadow suggests
[11:12am] ctalbert: Ok, mschroeder, ssitter: The AUS issue has been re-directed to the
server-ops component, and will now show up in their triage queries.  We spoke to them
and this was why the bug was languishing.  So, we should see some quick traction on
that, and if not, I'll take it up with them in person again.
[11:12am] mschroeder: ctalbert: thanks.
[11:12am] ctalbert: sure, tell preed thanks.  He figured out the problem.
[11:13am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 394363 to
DUPLICATE of bug 390147.
[11:14am] Andreas: Sorry, I have to leave. Bye!
[11:14am] mschroeder: ctalbert: Can you have a look at bug 394444 (Mac only)? Is this
Trunk only?
[11:14am] firebot: mschroeder: Bug
cri, --, ---,, NEW, calendar will not launch after latest nightly update
[11:14am] Andreas left the chat room. (Quit: Chatzilla [SeaMonkey 1.1.4/2007080216])
[11:14am] mschroeder: bye Andreas
[11:17am] ctalbert: mschroeder: I'll have a look