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ctalbert: well start the mtg in a sec
[09:34am] ctalbert: Ok, let's start the Calendar QA Chat.
[09:35am] ctalbert: I think that Martin has some exams this week, so I'll try
 to run it.
[09:35am] ctalbert: Ause got us some 0.7 RC1's.  Anyone have any feedback on
[09:36am] ctalbert: There was someone in #calendar yesterday that was having a
 problem due to the non-frozen linkage stuff, but that is a known issue.
[09:36am] Andreas: Yes, today I do some testing with the rc1. No problems so
[09:37am] ctalbert: good deal.  I haven't had much time to test them, since 
I've been trying to finish a project in FFx land this week.  But I hope to 
download the new lightning tonight and run through its paces.
[09:37am] Andreas: tomorrow I will check this versions again with some litmus 
[09:38am] ctalbert: I'm going to make an announcement on the blog about the RC1 
later today and advertise a test day for tuesday OCt 9
[09:38am] ctalbert: sounds good, Andreas
[09:39am] ctalbert: I think we are going to need an RC 2 to fix bug 375390
[09:39am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=375390 maj, --, ---,, NEW, New Event Boxes appear
 too large in month/multiweek view
[09:41am] ctalbert: Ok.  If there is no other feedback on stuff, then lets head 
into the QA Discussion bugs.
[09:41am] ctalbert:
[09:42am] ctalbert: First one is old.  Bug 155889
[09:42am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=155889 enh, --, ---,, NEW, Tasks should also be able to 
[09:46am] ctalbert: this is an interesting convoluted mess
[09:46am] ctalbert:
[09:47am] ctalbert: I think we should mark 155889 as WFM since we do have
 repeating tasks.  I think we should encourage people to use 373775 for the
  discussion on what happens if you complete a recurring task.
[09:47am] ctalbert: And mark 373775 as a dependent on 155889
[09:47am] Andreas: Ok, good idea. +1
[09:49am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 155889
[09:51am] ctalbert: ok, next bug is bug 225711
[09:51am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=225711 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Recurring tasks not displayed 
after first instance
[09:52am] Andreas: look at comment #19. I think this is also WFM.
[09:53am] ctalbert: Seems like 225711 should go to WFM based on ssitter's and
 Pete's suggestion
[09:53am] ctalbert: ah, jinx
[09:53am] ctalbert: makring
[09:54am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 225711
[09:54am] ctalbert: Ok.  Bug 326568 is next
[09:54am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=326568 nor, --, ---,, NEW, property changes for calendars
 do not appear immediately
[09:56am] ctalbert: The question here is whether or not it happens in Sunbird
[09:59am] ctalbert: seems to work in sunbird
[10:00am] Andreas: I check this in sunbird 20070905, and the new color or name
 is visible immediaetly
[10:02am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 326568 
[10:02am] ctalbert: I just checked it with the RC1 too
[10:02am] ctalbert: ok, next bug is 352872
[10:02am] ctalbert: er bug 352872
[10:02am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=352872 nor, --, ---,, NEW, improve UI for moving to 
readonly calendars in the event dialog
[10:03am] ctalbert: Hmm...I'm not sure we can close this one because we still
 have the old event dialog.
[10:04am] ctalbert: It's just not enabled.
[10:04am] ctalbert: Last time we closed one of these "old event dialog" bugs as 
"INVALID" we got ourselves into a mess.
[10:05am] ctalbert: I'll take this to the newsgroup post 0.7 so that we can 
have a discussion with lots of users about the event dialogs.
[10:05am] ctalbert: Let's leave this on the QA Discussino list for now
[10:06am] ctalbert: Bug 361740 is next
[10:06am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=361740 min, --, ---,, NEW, Strange behaviour when 
creating an event via drag&drop
[10:08am] ctalbert: Due to Martin's comment in comment 4 it sounds like this 
should be "QA Wanted" for new STR
[10:09am] Andreas: okay
[10:10am] ctalbert: yeah, it's reproducible
[10:11am] ctalbert: next is bug 362506
[10:11am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=362506 nor, --, ---,, NEW, [Proto] Event dialog: 
Thunderbird freezes after clicking the close button of New Events Window
[10:14am] ctalbert: no longer freezes
[10:14am] ctalbert: We should mark as WFM and point the 0 length event display 
discussion to the other bug where it is being worked on.
[10:14am] ctalbert: I'll have to rummage around for the number
[10:14am] Andreas: sounds good.
[10:15am] ctalbert: Let's keep going now.  Next is bug 366139
[10:15am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=366139 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Wrong end time set on multi-
day events
[10:15am] ctalbert: brb
[10:17am] ctalbert: bck
[10:19am] ctalbert: I'm not so sure about this one.  Patrick has a point in 
comment 2 that most users will not see the handling of the duration shift, and 
this has actually caught me more than once.
[10:21am] ctalbert: Thoughts on this?
[10:22am] ctalbert: Hmm....Apple iCal also works this way too.
[10:23am] Andreas: Sorry, no idea.
[10:23am] ctalbert: Maybe it's more worthwhile to just leave this as is, and
 know that the user will probably fall into this trap, but won't fall into it 
 very often
[10:23am] ctalbert: I'll CC mickey and get his opinion on that one.
[10:24am] ctalbert: Next is 373775, which I already handled back when we looked
 at 155889
[10:25am] ctalbert: LOL, the next one is 380295
[10:25am] ctalbert: I think this is an edge case.  Firebot: bug 380295
[10:25am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug
id=380295 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Single day Event spanning 
multiple days near from 2301 - 2359
[10:25am] ctalbert: oh... I thought he meant from Year 2301 to year 2359
[10:26am] • ctalbert needs more coffee
[10:27am] Andreas: what do you think about comment #2?
[10:27am] ctalbert: I agree with Omar on this one.  I think it's WontFix
[10:28am] ctalbert: I think that defaulting to the "current" hour when we open
 the event dialog is the right thing to do unless the user clicked on a 
 specific hour in the grid
[10:28am] Andreas: +1
[10:28am] ctalbert: Ok.  I think that's about all we have time for today.  I've 
got to go jump on  another meeting here in a bit.  Does anyone have anything
 else they'd like to bring up?
[10:28am] ctalbert: Also, rememeber that we have a TestDay on Tuesday!
[10:29am] Andreas: No, nothing.
[10:30am] firebot: set the Resolution field on bug 380295
[10:30am] ctalbert: Ok.  I'll see all of you on Tuesday at the test day then.
  Happy RC testing!