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  • Post-0.7 activities
    • Automated Testing: Enable tests on tinderboxen, Documentation, Automated Test Summit
    • An Outline of a plan for the Automation Summit Event and Preparations: User:Ctalbert:Automation_Summit

Note from ctalbert: Since I can't be at the meeting, I've outlined my entire idea of the test Automation summit. Please discuss the points and the questions and see what we agree on, disagree on, and who would be willing to help create the infrastructure for the automation summit. It's definitely going to be a lot of work, but I think it will be very rewarding work. We'll be enabling new volunteers to contribute to any mozilla project (and priming them for helping the calendar project), we'll be doing something very worthy of publicity (which will probably bring us more participants and volunteers), and will be continuing to build our community by actively leading it and reaching out to help instruct and teach those folk who are in it.