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[18:33] <mschroeder> Let's start the QA chat. You can find the agenda for today at .
[18:33] <thetux> hi ssitter
[18:34] <mschroeder> We have a test day today. :)
[18:35] <mschroeder> Andreas: ping
[18:35] <Andreas> mschroeder: pong
[18:36] <mschroeder> Andreas: What features have you tested last week?
[18:36] <mschroeder> still offline cache?
[18:37] <Andreas>  the new task filter
[18:37] <Andreas> I wrote a new litmus test case 5131
[18:38] <mschroeder> ah, okay. I've seen that one.
[18:38] <mschroeder> Andreas: What is your plan for next week?
[18:39] <Andreas> caching only a little bit. Because I found bug 412914 ;-)
[18:39] <firebot> Andreas: Bug cri, --, ---,, NEW, Enable offline caching for a calendar with many events -> startup horrible slow
[18:39] <Andreas> I try to reduce the count of non-verified bugs.
[18:40] <mschroeder> that's a good idea. we should force that before RC1. I'll also try to help there.
[18:41] <Andreas> thanks 
[18:41] <mschroeder> but I'm still busy, preparing for my exam.
[18:42] <Andreas> Okay
[18:43] <mschroeder> We should also test migrating from 0.5/0.7 to 0.8. Don't know if it's reasonable to do it for 0.3/0.3.1.
[18:45] <Andreas> Good point.
[18:45] <mschroeder> especially preferences and storage calendar
[18:46] <mschroeder> I'll prepare a final test plan for next week's QA chat. We shouldn't forget migration tests this time.
[18:47] <mschroeder> Let's have a look at the action items.
[18:48] <Andreas> And we should not forget the update feature in Sunbird.
[18:48] <mschroeder> I'll add that to the plan.
[18:49] <mschroeder> No known progress on the action items afaik.
[18:49] * ctalbert ( has joined #calendar-qa
[18:50] <mschroeder> ctalbert: Good morning.
[18:51] <nth10sd> hello clint
[18:51] <mschroeder> ctalbert: News about the Test Automation Summit or the blog post?
[18:51] <ctalbert> Hi all
[18:51] <ctalbert> sorry, I overslept :-(
[18:51] <Archaeopteryx> hi
[18:52] <ctalbert> mschroeder, I still need to write said Test Automation Blog Post.
[18:53] <mschroeder> ctalbert: okay :) You were still awake when I was awake again. ;)
[18:53] <ctalbert> heh
[18:53] <ctalbert> yeah
[18:54] <mschroeder> I think, we can skip the other topics because there are no news, no progress.
[18:55] <mschroeder> We should focus on testing 0.8pre.
[18:55] <ctalbert> For all you mac heads out there, we now have universal lighting builds :-)
[18:55] <ctalbert> which makes testing much much easier
[18:56] <skuribay> definitely :-)
[18:56] <ctalbert> One thing I would like to call attention to, is the new GuessSystemTimezone patch.
[18:57] <ctalbert> We've always had issues with figuring out the timezone of the computer we're running on, and now it does a lot of work to try to guess the proper timezone.  That means that the code runs through *different* paths on Windows, Linux and Mac.  So, it would be really great to reset your timezone, start Calendar in a new profile and see if the code can guess your timezone correctly.
[18:57] <mschroeder> I think, sipaq should write a blog post about the universal Lightning builds. :) 
[18:58] <mschroeder> I also added instructions to test the time zone guessing to the test day wiki page.
[18:58] <ctalbert> If folks find issues where timezones are not mapped correctly, please add those to the ones I've already noted in bug 413265
[18:58] <firebot> ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, Some timezones not mapped correctly
[18:59] <ctalbert> mschroeder: ah cool.
[18:59] <ctalbert> awesome
[18:59] * ctalbert would probably know that if he had been on time :-p
[18:59] <mschroeder> ctalbert: can you grant canconfirm on Bugzilla?
[18:59] <ctalbert> yes
[18:59] <mschroeder> thetux: ^^^
[19:00] <ctalbert> thetux: can you pm me your bugzilla ID?  Or just mention it here, whichever you prefer
[19:01] <ctalbert> mschroeder: have you already pointed thetux at the "How to Confirm Bugs" document, or should I dig up that link?
[19:02] <thetux> ctalbert: i'll do so, on moment, phone is ringing
[19:02] <ctalbert> sure, np
[19:03] <mschroeder> ctalbert: I haven't... but
[19:03] <mschroeder> Is this the recent version?
[19:04] <ctalbert> Hmm...yeah, that one isn't nearly as intimidating as the older one was.
[19:04] <mschroeder> Anything someone wants to bring up for the QA chat?
[19:04] <mschroeder> Ideas, suggestions, problems.
[19:05] <lifesaver2000> I just did the test for the Guess System Time Zone, and it did not work.  Running Windows XP, latest stable t-bird, and current lightning nightly.
[19:05] <ctalbert> lifesaver2000: what's your timezone on your computer?
[19:05] <mschroeder> lifesaver2000: Can you sum up the results? What is your OS timezone, and what was guessed?
[19:06] <lifesaver2000> Started a new profile, installed the nightly calendar extension, did a restart, then looked at the time zone, and it still showed the default.  Time zone is Central US, and I did
[19:06] <lifesaver2000> confirm it is set correctly on the computer.
[19:06] <ctalbert> mschroeder: that's an excellent write up for the guess timezone stuff on the test day wiki, by the way :-)
[19:06] <lifesaver2000> The restart was of thunderbird, not the whole computer by the way.
[19:06] <mschroeder> lifesaver2000: restarting Thunderbird should be fine.
[19:08] <mschroeder> lifesaver2000: Was there an information message or something in the Error console?
[19:08] <nth10sd> lifesaver2000: mine worked successfully
[19:08] <ctalbert> lifesaver2000: what timezone did it default to? AMerica/Cancun?
[19:09] <lifesaver2000> No, it was Africa something.
[19:09] <ctalbert> woah
[19:09] <mschroeder> That's the end of the QA chat. We continue the Testday! :)