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ctalbert: Hello, did ya'll start the chat?
[10:48am] Andreas: Yes, let us start the qa chat.
[10:48am] ctalbert: All right, here's the link to the page:
[10:48am] ctalbert: Sorry about running late
[10:49am] ctalbert: So, today is a test day as I'm sure you have noticed.
[10:49am] ctalbert: We don't have an RC2 yet, so we will probably also have a test day next week.
[10:51am] ctalbert: It looks like the L10N spot checks are going well.  But we need folks to concentrate on the upgrade testing (at least that's how it looks from the test plan)
[10:51am] ctalbert:
[10:52am] ctalbert: Anyone have upates on that testing that aren't on the wiki?
[10:52am] Andreas: ctalbert: Maybe the latest build will be the RC2.
[10:52am] ctalbert: That would be awesome
[10:53am] ctalbert: Do you know when Ause plans to spin the RC2, Andreas?
[10:53am] Andreas: ctalbert: Because yesterday the tinderboxes make some troubble
[10:53am] ctalbert: Yeah, we had a huge outage yesterday
[10:54am] Andreas: Not exactly.
[10:54am] ctalbert: I think we will probably see the RC2 next week, after the holiday.
[10:55am] ctalbert: So we'll put an all-hands on deck notice next week.
[10:55am] ctalbert: For that.
[10:56am] ctalbert: In the meantime, there are a couple of critical QA Wanted bugs that we should probably take a look at briefly.
[10:57am] thetux|away is now known as thetux.
[10:57am] ctalbert: The Query:
[10:58am] ctalbert: Let's just take a look at the critical ones (the red ones)
[10:58am] ctalbert: First bug: bug 393449
[10:58am] thetux: sorry - i'm late
[10:58am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Dismissing alarm deletes ics file
[10:58am] ctalbert: thetux: no worries, so was I 
[10:59am] thetux:
[10:59am] Andreas: Hi thetux
[10:59am] ctalbert: It'd be awesome if someone could run this quickly (393449) with 0.8 or ask these folks to see if they can test the problem with a latest nightly.  This sounds really serious.
[11:00am] thetux: Andreas: "just buying food" was really an adventure. looks like I was not the only person who wanted to buy some things for easter
[11:01am] ctalbert: I'll ask if they can retest with a nightly, but it'd be good for one of us to check it out too
[11:02am] Andreas: I tryed to reproduce this issue some time ago, but it works for me.
[11:03am] thetux: i'll try to reproduce it
[11:03am] ctalbert: Ok.  Be sure to update the bug with what you find. 
[11:03am] ctalbert: Thanks ya'll.
[11:03am] Andreas: But I don't used the same environment.
[11:04am] ctalbert: Let's check out the next critical one: bug 396100
[11:04am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Sunbird 0.7pre has Segmentation Fault instead of running
[11:04am] thetux: but i don't think i'll be able to do so. whole company is on wedav with lightning 0.7, we haven't lost any ics files this way 
[11:04am] ctalbert: Andreas: Yeah, if it's an environmental issue, the best way to cover that is to have them try a later build, but I'm glad you tried it 
[11:05am] ctalbert: thetux: that's good information.  It could be something specific to these guys' webdav server configurations
[11:05am] ctalbert: we've seen such thigns in the past
[11:05am] ctalbert: What about this 396100 thing? I've never seen this
[11:06am] ctalbert: Gary's already jumped on this one to see if it's reproducible with a 0.8
[11:06am] ctalbert: I think this one may be pretty specific to the user's installation.
[11:07am] thetux: ctalbert: i have ubuntu, too. no kind of problems like this. It has much to do with your kernel version and compiler settings
[11:08am] ctalbert: Hmm...the next one (bug 406156) sounds like exactly the same issue as 393449 (the one we just talked about w.r.t. alarms).
[11:08am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Lightning may delete webdav/ics files after undo operations
[11:08am] ctalbert: I'll bet money that those two are dupes of the same issue.
[11:08am] thetux: in my opinion it is impossible to fix this bug (396100)
[11:09am] ctalbert: I think you're probably right.  We'll wait and see if the reporter responds to Gary on it, and if not, then we'll close it.
[11:10am] ctalbert: I'm going to put a note into 406156 that it's probably a dupe of 393449, see if we hear anything from the reporter about that.
[11:10am] thetux: to all things regarding webdav bugs. I think it is important to know if the people use proxy servers in their LANs
[11:11am] thetux: we had a bunch of problems, mostly timeouts on data transfer with AVM KEN! Proxy as http provider
[11:12am] ctalbert: thetux: would you mind asking this question of the reporters on 393449?
[11:12am] ctalbert: That'd be quite useful to find out.
[11:14am] thetux: done so, same for 406156
[11:16am] ctalbert: thanks
[11:16am] ctalbert: I'm not sure what to make of this one: bug 406213
[11:16am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Cannot add events to calendar
[11:18am] ctalbert: I can't find anything else in bugzilla with that error message that was fixed, and I can't find anything else that hasn't been fixed with that message.
[11:18am] ctalbert: So, it appears to be an isolated event, but if our event dialog was no longer working, I think we'd have noticed by now!
[11:18am] ctalbert:
[11:18am] thetux: clint, the proxy thing might be usefull for, too. or even better: a dropdown field or checkbox in bugzilla
[11:19am] ctalbert: I'll ask him to retest on 0.8 RC1.  I don't know what else to do there.
[11:19am] ctalbert: thetux: that might be a good idea.  I'll ask around and see who owns that bit of documentation and where to file a bug to update it.
[11:21am] thetux: no idea on 406213, maybe just bad luck. They should try RC1 
[11:21am] Andreas: +1
[11:22am] ctalbert: That's what I asked him to do
[11:22am] ctalbert: Ok, one last critical bug.  Bug 411799
[11:22am] firebot: ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, UNCO, Corruption of ics calendar using webdav
[11:22am] ctalbert: Sounds like thetux already tried it (thanks!).  And someone else has confirmed the issue.
[11:23am] ctalbert: It sounds to me like this one (411799) can be confirmed.  It has reliable (though difficult) steps to reproduce the issue.
[11:23am] ctalbert: I think it makes sense to Confirm and remove QAWanted flag.  THoughts?
[11:24am] thetux: I added my proxy sentence to it
[11:25am] Fallen|away is now known as Fallen.
[11:25am] thetux: qawanted is ok in my opinion. the whole webdav thing needs a closer look
[11:25am] thetux: hey philipp 
[11:25am] ctalbert: I'll confirm and leave qawanted then
[11:25am] Fallen left the chat room.
[11:27am] ctalbert: Cool.  Is there anything else folks want to mention for the QA Chat?
[11:28am] nth10sd joined the chat room.
[11:30am] ctalbert: Alright then, I'll upload the log, and ya'll keep on going with the test day!  Thanks for the help!