Calendar:QA Chat:2008-06-19:Log

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[18:30] <mschroeder> hi Andreas
[18:30] <Andreas> Hi mschroeder
[18:31] <mschroeder> Welcome to the QA chat everybody. :)
[18:32] <mschroeder> Our (short) agenda:
[18:35] <mschroeder> First topic: QA status for 0.9
[18:35] <Andreas> okay
[18:35] <mschroeder> Andreas: I think you have a better overview than me at the moment.
[18:35] <Andreas> Maybe.
[18:36] <Andreas> Okay, at the moment I try to verify the fixed bugs.
[18:37] <Andreas> Also I try to start with litmus testing again to find regressions.
[18:38] <mschroeder> My impression is that we have more bugs at the UI level and fewer in the backend code at moment.
[18:38] <mschroeder> ... for new bugs.
[18:39] <Andreas> Yes, war on boxes is back :-(
[18:39] <mschroeder> who solved it last time? mickey?
[18:40] <Andreas> Yes, and thats the problem.
[18:40] <Andreas> Berend will fix this bugs now.
[18:40] <mschroeder> ah, okay.
[18:41] <Andreas> Berend and Christian works together to fix the UI glitches.
[18:42] <mschroeder> I have a long lists of bugs I want to check for severity or confirm the first time.
[18:42] <Andreas> Okay.
[18:42] <mschroeder> I'll do some triaging over the weekend.
[18:43] <Andreas> nice to hear that. :-)
[18:43] <mschroeder> maybe also some verifying
[18:43] <mschroeder> and I have a plan... concerning our next QA actions
[18:44] <Andreas> Sounds realy good.
[18:45] <mschroeder> we should have four events the next four weeks.
[18:45] <Andreas> Okay
[18:45] <mschroeder> at least that's what I think is needed
[18:46] <mschroeder> because it's less than a month until string freeze
[18:47] <dbo> Andreas: maybe you could comment on your recent leak tests in that bug
[18:47] <Andreas> @dbo: Okay
[18:48] <dbo> it sounds like it's WCAP only :(
[18:48] <dbo> and ics is not leaking any longer
[18:48] <dbo> which fits Bas experience
[18:48] <Andreas> The leak is caused by wcap recurring events.
[18:49] <dbo> though I don't yet understand the core problem, because ics parsing is *very* similar to what's going on in the ics provider
[18:49] <dbo> resp. calIcsParser.js
[18:49] <Andreas> Same calender exported to ics and stored on a webdav server do not leak.
[18:51] <mschroeder> Andreas: what would you suggest for the events? at least two test days imo.
[18:52] <Andreas> Yes, why not.
[18:55] <mschroeder> so next week... should we try a testday again although the last one wasn't successful?
[18:56] <Andreas> Yes, I thinks so. We have no choice.
[18:57] <Andreas> Do you hav any plan for this next testday?
[18:58] <Andreas> Maybe a Litmus only testday?
[18:59] <mschroeder> we can try... a 'find the most hidden regression' testday ;)
[19:00] <Andreas> Thats a greate motivation for all testers, I think. ;-)
[19:01] <mschroeder> I try to come up with a motivating announcement
[19:04] <mschroeder> okay... I think we discussed all topic from the agenda ;)
[19:04] <mschroeder> anything else
[19:04] <mschroeder> ?
[19:05] <Andreas> No.
[19:06] <mschroeder> good. then I can start preparing for the quarterfinal. ;)