Calendar:QA Chat:2008-06-26:Log

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[18:30] <mschroeder> Hi
[18:31] <mschroeder> just in time
[18:32] * Lifesaver2000 has joined #calendar-qa
[18:32] <Andreas> Hi Lifesaver2000
[18:32] <Andreas> Welcome to our calendar testday.
[18:32] <Lifesaver2000> Hello.
[18:33] <Lifesaver2000> Oh, didn't know it was test day.  Have this set up to auto sign in to this site when I open Chatzilla.
[18:34] <Andreas> Okay.
[18:34] * nth10sd has joined #calendar-qa
[18:35] <Andreas> If you have any questions feel free to ask.
[18:36] <mschroeder> Okay, let's start the QA chat...
[18:36] <mschroeder> hi gary
[18:36] <mschroeder> first topic: we have a test day
[18:36] <mschroeder> Andreas: anything happened while I've been away
[18:36] <mschroeder> ?
[18:37] <Andreas> Some special caldav questions.
[18:38] <Andreas> And bbbrowning helped out.
[18:39] <mschroeder> okay
[18:41] <mschroeder> What's the 0.9 status from a QA point of view?
[18:42] <Andreas> Hm, good question.
[18:42] <Andreas> A lot of unverifed issues.
[18:42] <mschroeder> We have 85 bugs.
[18:43] <mschroeder> unverified and fixed
[18:43] <mschroeder> last week that number was around 110
[18:43] <Andreas> I started with verifing this bugs last week at friday.
[18:45] <mschroeder> Maybe we can use next weeks event to analyze or identify the problematic parts in Lightning...
[18:46] <Andreas> +1
[18:46] <mschroeder> but I don't know how
[18:46] <mschroeder> I would like a more general thing... not bug-wise
[18:47] <Andreas> I can ask Berend, Phillip and Daniel.
[18:48] <Andreas> They should know where regresions are possible.
[18:50] <Andreas> And then send you a list of this areas?
[18:51] <mschroeder> hm... but what's the next step?
[18:51] <mschroeder> Another proposal: Let's do an announcement, and motivate people to send their impressions on our nightlys to
[18:52] <mschroeder> I think writing an email about your user experience is much easier than testing.
[18:52] <Andreas> That is realy a good idea.
[18:53] <mschroeder> We can get back to the users if we need more information.
[18:54] <mschroeder> maybe nth10sd can post something like that on Rumbling Edge for us.
[18:54] <mschroeder> to reach even more nightly users
[18:55] <Andreas> Our internal IT rolls out lightning 0.8 for two weeks ago. And so we get a lot of information from new users.
[18:55] <mschroeder> At the moment I'm kind of desperate regarding our QA community work.
[18:55] <nth10sd> ?
[18:55] <nth10sd> ahh nightly testers
[18:56] <nth10sd> doesn't sipaq do it?
[18:56] <mschroeder> nth10sd: I can do it on the Calendar blog myself.
[18:56] <nth10sd> you could, too
[18:56] <nth10sd> but lemme know if you need more publicity
[18:56] <mschroeder> nth10sd: k, thanks
[18:56] <nth10sd> 'cause i'm off for vacations soon. :)
[18:57] <mschroeder> nth10sd: I've read your blog. ;)
[18:57] <nth10sd> seen the QA post?
[18:58] <mschroeder> I bookmarked it, but didn't have the time to read it.
[18:58] <nth10sd> hehe
[18:58] <mschroeder> but I'll do so later this evening (CEST) ;)
[18:58] <nth10sd> my posts don't typically have comments, as i learnt over the year
[18:58] <nth10sd> s/year/years
[18:58] <nth10sd> ahh
[18:58] <nth10sd> ok
[19:00] <mschroeder> Andreas: okay, then I'll prepare the blog post.
[19:00] <mschroeder> anything else?
[19:00] <Andreas> Ok.
[19:01] <mschroeder> then let's continue the test day.
[19:02] <mschroeder> That's the end of the QA chat. :)
[19:03] <Andreas> Okay. Then it's time for me to leave. The current working day was long.
[19:03] <mschroeder> Andreas: Schönen Feierabend!
[19:04] <Andreas> Thanks, bye and see you next week!
[19:04] <mschroeder> bye