Calendar:QA Chat:2008-11-13

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Meeting Details

Attendees and Log

Action Items

  • AI: Calendar QA test server with different CalDAV servers (mschroeder/bbbrowning)
  • AI: Create unittest buildbots for Calendar (bug 405007) (mschroeder)
  • AI: Add basic unit tests for calIDateTime (bug 433779) (mschroeder)
  • AI: Check coverage of existing unit tests, and clean up calendar/test/homegrown depending on coverage (bug 462824) (mschroeder)
  • AI: Implement profile service in unit tests (calManager needs them) (Sebo)
  • AI: re-arrange litmus test case subgroups (Andreas)

Talking Points

Feel free to add your ideas here

  • Thunderbird integration
    • Waiting for more UI changes
    • On standby at the moment
  • Next Testdays - iTIP/iMIP/Invitations in Lightning 1.0pre
  • Next Bugday - Verifying fixed bugs for Sunbird & Lightning 1.0
  • Testing after clipboard code clean-up