Calendar:QA Chat:2008-11-20:Log

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<mschroeder>     Hi Andreas
<Andreas>        Hi mschroeder
<mschroeder>     QA chat. Our agenda: <>
<mschroeder>     Our first topic is Tb integation.
<mschroeder>     One patch landed regarding moving view change buttons in the calendar view.
<mschroeder>     There seem to be only UI/style issues with this change.
<Andreas>        yes
<mschroeder>     So, we wait for more? ;)
<Andreas>        The last icon in the calendar toolbar is the find event button.
<Andreas>        Hm, good question. Christian should know all the open ui bugs.
<mschroeder>     the 'Find event' removal is already included in one of Fallen's patches
<Andreas>        Nice to hear that.
<mschroeder>     okay, anything QA related we should do on the Tb integration font?
<mschroeder>     front
<Andreas>        I think the changes - move week/month view buttons into tabs are only minor changes.
<Andreas>        We should wait and check the new ui when also the drag target for eMail/event convertion are implemented.
<mschroeder>     okay.
<mschroeder>     Second topic: Next testday/bugday
<Andreas>        Berend started with fixing the task mode today. Maybe this could be a good thing for the next testday.
<mschroeder>     I won't have much time until January, so it's your decision when and what events should happen.
<Andreas>        Okay.
<Andreas>        Maybe we should shift the next testday one week.
<mschroeder>     Andreas: Will it have landed until next Thursday? I like it as a testday topic because it's an UI change and could attract more people.
<Andreas>        Realy good question, I don't know. :-(
<mschroeder>     okay, we should wait until we have something obvious to test... and it should be announced with a screenshot. Maybe berend and you could coordinate a feature + testday announcement.
<Andreas>        Yes, that would be the best way.
<Andreas>        Then I send you an email with the outcome when I talked with Berend about this issues.
<mschroeder>     sound like a plan )
<mschroeder>     :)
<Andreas>        After this we can decide at which day we start the next testday.
<mschroeder>     yup
<Andreas>        I spend some time with iMip/iTip testing.
<Andreas>        Danile fixed some recurring event bugs.
<mschroeder>     Andreas: I tried to look at some unconfirmed (non-enh) bugs.
<Andreas>        sounds good.
<Andreas>        one moment - my mouse needs a new akku.
<Andreas>        okay, mouse is back.
<mschroeder>     hehe
<Andreas>        There are 55 bugs at the qawanted list, maybe we should take a look at this list in the next qa-chat?
<mschroeder>     sure. we'll do that.
<mschroeder>     mental note: put it on the agenda ;)
<Andreas>        okay, I do it :-)
<mschroeder>     Andreas: thanks. :)
<Andreas>        Next topic?
<mschroeder>     dont know ;)
<Andreas>        Do you know the 'clipboard code clean-up' bug id?
<mschroeder>     bug 463060 <>
<firebot>        mschroeder: Bug <> tri, --, 1.0,, <,> RESO FIXED, Clean-up and move clipboard.js
<Andreas>        Thanks.
<Andreas>        Maybe we should talk about this bug and how to verify this issue offline via email?
<Andreas>        I fear this fix could have many side effects.
<mschroeder>     ssitter found a regression, and there is another patch for the clipboard in the pipeline
<Andreas>        okay
<mschroeder>     do we have litmus testcases covering the clipboard?
<Andreas>        Oh, good question - I don't know :-(
<mschroeder>     let's put it on the agenda or the AIs for next qa chat
<Andreas>        After a first look: I can't find special clipboard testcases
<mschroeder>     okay
<Andreas>        Okay, second new topic.
<mschroeder>     anything else?
<Andreas>        no
<mschroeder>     okay... I'm hungry. ;)
<mschroeder>     so, that's the end of the QA chat