Calendar:QA Chat 2006-06-29

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Meeting Details

Proposed Talking Points -- feel free to add your ideas

  • From the QA Goals outlined in the QA Aspect newsgroup post:
    • Discuss How to Begin the Effort
      • Testcase creation - perhaps using the user scenarios as a starting point
      • Investigation into Regression/Unit test systems
      • Add your own idea here...
  • How do developers alert the QA community to a new feature or recently completed fix
    • Use the VERIFIED and RESOLVED status in bugzilla
    • General calendar QA mailing list that can be "watched", perhaps via bugzilla.
    • Use status whiteboard portion of a bug
    • Other options?
  • Brainstorm how to build a viable calendar QA community
    • Getting direction from the mozilla staff
    • Directly inviting people that posted to the NG saying "so I was testing Sunbird/Lightning..."
    • These Chats?
  • Dataloss testing framework