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Every server account can maintain a list of subscribed calendars which are not external calendars but calendars hosted on the same server. This allows for easy toggling between your's and other people's calendars.

Required UI changes

A dialog will be needed to list existing subscriptions and to add or delete them. New subscriptions will be added via address book (the server can match email addresses to calendars).

Calendar Subscription - Subscribe to a claendar on a WCAP server other than the own default calendar

Optional UI changes

It is unclear how subscribed calendars will be displayed in the views, there are different possibilities:

  • one at a time: your wcap calendar can be switched to display events of any subscribed calendar, this could be done with a context menu in the calendar list
  • each subscription becomes an own calendar: this might require grouping of calendars (all subscriptions below the main calendar) which is not suported yet
  • it could also be possible to display all subscribed calendars as top level calendars, which are switched off by default