Calendar:Status Meetings:2006-05-04

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Meeting Details

In Attendance

bienvenu, ctalbert, dmose, garyvdm, jminta, mickey, mostafah, mschroeder, mvl, redrenius, ssa, ssitter, Standard8, ulf


  • Action Items from last meeting
    • VOIP/phone conference options
    • get consensus on raison d'etre
    • get consensus on product definition
    • how to select our UI/design group
  • Sunbird 0.3a2 status
  • Versioning story (sync Lightning and Sunbird versions asap)
  • Proposed face-to-face meeting: late June or early July in Toronto
  • Proposed focus: dataloss
  • Feature Planning
    • Organization of feature discussions (roadmap proposal, brainstorm feature areas)
    • How to deal with proposals and mockups (and may be prototypes)
    • Start UI group selection process if possible
  • QA / bugzilla components

Action items from last meeting


  • VOIP looks somewhat tricky. ssa and dmose looking into possible corporate options
  • Next week's meeting is on IRC, tentatively

Raison d'etre

  • dmose's proposal from May 1 has general approval
  • Will also bring in the majority of the Firefox charter

Product Definition

  • Continue discussion in newsgroup

Selecting the UI Group

  • Newsgroup discussions here
  • Consensus on keeping group small
  • Waiting for feedback/ideas from beltzner

Sunbird 0.3a2

  • New extension manager code was a blocker, but now fixed
  • Importing bug with foreign timezones about to land
  • Possibly need to handle new bug in webdav code.
    • mvl and dmose will write/drive this patch in tonight
  • Aiming for release of RC2 tomorrow

Versioning story

Punted to next week

Face to Face meeting

  • Aiming for Toronto, June or July.
  • Avoid holidays (first week in July)
  • mvl to confirm availability
  • More concrete details next week

Feature planning

  • Going to put some prototypes in extensions for easier testing/feedback
    • mickey to get event-dialog into an extension
    • ctalbert to get iTIP/iMIP into an extension


  • Blocked by 0.3a2
  • ctalbert working to get more stuff up on the QA-wiki page.