Calendar:Status Meetings:2008-03-26

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
    • US/Canada: 866-692-3163
    • Netherlands: 0800-020-1392
    • Germany: 0800-000-3441
  • Participant Passcode
    • 3182189
  • Conference controls
    • Press *1 private help menu
    • Press *6 mute or un-mute individual line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

  • Tracking 0.8
  • Possible ways of sponsorship for volunteers' travel/hotel costs (F2F Meeting)?
  • What should we do with bug 421304?

Meeting Log

  • Attendees: Gary, Lars, Philipp, Daniel, Martin, Simon, Dmose, lilmatt
  • Ause set up build requirements on the camino box that has been loaned to us; looks promising that we've RC2 by weekend resp. start of next week.
  • Martin and Simon will apply for funding, and will contact David.
  • Gary asked whether we should request wanted and blocking flags for 0.9. Simon offered to set up the bugs. Daniel proposed to use the coming F2F meeting to find a broad consensus what to focus on for 0.9.
  • Dmose: maybe Bryan Clark will attend the F2F... would be great(!)
  • Simon asked about how to proceed on performance regressions, Talos etc. There's been discussion whether Talos is suitable for Thunderbird or too tied against Firefox. Dmose and Andrew Sutherland (new Thunderbird coder) are going to use dtrace and look for hot spots (on trunk).
  • Daniel asked how we should proceed with Hubert Fongarnard's offer (money for fixing iTIP/iMIP). Dmose will talk to David about framing such offers, MoFo etc.
  • Gary pointed out icalfuzzer python scripts that could be used to generate random ical data for stressing Sunbird/Lightning. He'll post about it on the newsgroup.