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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
    • US/Canada: 866-692-3163
    • Netherlands: 0800-020-1392
    • Germany: 0800-000-3441
    • Switzerland: 0800-001-523
  • Participant Passcode
    • 3182189
  • Conference controls
    • Press *1 private help menu
    • Press *6 mute or un-mute individual line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

Meeting Log

  • Participants: KaiRo, mschroeder, Fallen, sipaq, dmose, davida, ause, dbo
[18:19]	<dbo>
[18:19]	-->|	KaiRo ( has joined #calendar-meeting
[18:20]	-->|	ause ( has joined #calendar-meeting
[18:20]	<ause>	since it's irc today...
[18:20]	<sipaq>	ok, agenda is here:
[18:23]	<dbo>	Ok, we start with 0.9 status
[18:24]	<dbo>	bug 455132 is in the works, seems to be the last one left
[18:24]	<dbo>	bruno will verify bug 455182 later this day
[18:25]	<dbo>	the rest are release bugs
[18:25]	<dbo>	sipaq: any comments on l10n?
[18:25]	<sipaq>	Yes
[18:25]	<sipaq>	doing the release tomorrow is impossible
[18:26]	<sipaq>	a few l10ers have communicated to me that they will need time until Thursday to do their stuff
[18:26]	<dbo>	who?
[18:26]	-->|	dmose ( has joined #calendar-meeting
[18:26]	<sipaq>	Swedish and Hungarian team
[18:26]	<dbo>	what locales are affected?
[18:26]	<sipaq>	sv-SE and hu
[18:27]	<dbo>	so he hasn't checked in his fixes yet?
[18:27]	<dbo>	that guys form the ml?
[18:28]	<sipaq>	that was the Swedish guy
[18:28]	<sipaq>	he is busy at work (current project with 16 hour sessions)
[18:29]	<sipaq>	I don't wanna lose these guys and one day won't kill us
[18:29]	<Fallen>	we were aiming for rc2 this week, if we need to wait until thursday, then it won't be there until monday
[18:29]	<dbo>	what needs to be done really? does anybody know?
[18:30]	<dbo>	I mean the boxen seem green, so are we talking about minor glitches only?
[18:30]	<sipaq>	we are talking about translation fixes, no idea how bad those are
[18:30]	<sipaq>	don't read too much into the tinderbox status
[18:30]	<dbo>	and hu ?
[18:30]	<sipaq>	it is only about quantity not quality
[18:31]	<sipaq>	both hu and sv-SE are translation fixes
[18:32]	<dbo>	this essentially kills RC2 for this week, because ause will have the builds friday afternoon :(
[18:32]	<sipaq>	I know, but the tradeoff is pissing off two long-time localizers
[18:32]	<sipaq>	bad alternative, if you ask me
[18:33]	<dbo>	any chance they get there fixes in today?
[18:33]	<Fallen>	I see your reasoning, but its not like string freeze is since yesterday...
[18:33]	<sipaq>	I can ask, but I wouldn't bet on it
[18:33]	<dbo>	exactly
[18:34]	<sipaq>	Fallen: sure, but with the RC1 still being the first public build that localizers are seeing with all the Lightning localized strings, the string freeze date is essentially then
[18:34]	<dbo>	the tinderboxen have been switched for about 2 weeks AFAIR
[18:35]	<sipaq>	guys, these are localizers, not developers
[18:35]	<sipaq>	these guys don't know these things
[18:36]	<sipaq>	they only know when they read that the RC1 is out
[18:36]	<sipaq>	you can't expect them to know all this development-related stuff
[18:36]	<sipaq>	that's not their turf
[18:36]	<sipaq>	right KaiRo?
[18:37]	<KaiRo>	they only know what you tell them on the L10n list/group
[18:38]	<sipaq>	exactly
[18:38]	-->|	davida ( has joined #calendar-meeting
[18:38]	<davida>	i'm here
[18:39]	<KaiRo>	and many people only _start_ localizing once they are told that this is a string-stable base to base work on
[18:40]	<dbo>	ause: what would be the latest point in time for you until the weekend?
[18:41]	<dbo>	you need the thursday builds, right?
[18:41]	<dbo>	when does l10n start to check out?
[18:41]	<ause>	with regular nightlies, i'd need the thursday builds
[18:42]	<sipaq>	if the tinderbox builds build time is the deciding factor, then this should be adjusted
[18:42]	<ause>	sipaq: it's the dependency of those builds
[18:42]	<sipaq>	we could tweak to push out builds at 10am or 1pm instead of 8am as it is now
[18:43]	<sipaq>	ause: ok, when is the point of no return?
[18:44]	<sipaq>	ause: ???
[18:45]	<ause>	sipaq: for l10n changes only (no code) around thurdsday 8pm german time with regular nightlies - from memory
[18:46]	<ause>	8am - sorry
[18:46]	<sipaq>	ause: and this is not in any way adjustable, so that we could get some more hours?
[18:47]	<ause>	sipaq: sure it is. but you still have to run the whole cycle en-US->l10n for all platforms before fetching the builds
[18:48]	<ause>	sipaq: manual work (which might fail) for guessed 3 hours
[18:49]	<sipaq>	ok, so 8am it is
[18:49]	<sipaq>	and I have to tell localizers :(
[18:49]	<sipaq>	you guys owe me for this...
[18:50]	<sipaq>	ok, got to leave, have another meeting in like five minutes
[18:50]	<sipaq>	I'll send out a mail later tonight to the affected localizers
[18:50]	<sipaq>	cya
[18:50]	<--|	sipaq has left #calendar-meeting
[18:51]	<KaiRo>	this multi-locale package thing has its tradeoffs
[18:53]	* dbo	really wonders what's still buggy in sv-SE, because we have builds for about a week now
[18:53]	* Fallen	prepares whiskey
[18:53]	<dbo>	:)
[18:54]	<KaiRo>	whiskey is the release people's choice of surviving a release day, I guess ;-)
[18:54]	<dbo>	really - this is a tradeoff, but we've made clear that guy should fix the glitches ASAP.
[18:54]	<dbo>	and he shouldn't wait for thursday night before checking in
[18:54]	* KaiRo	wonders if whiskey's string enough for what he'll likely need to go through for a first hg-based release
[18:55]	<KaiRo>	s/string/strong/
[18:55]	<ause>	developers do rcs when they're done - localizers start working on rcs ;)
[18:55]	<dbo>	ok, good transition to the hg move
[18:55]	<dbo>	KaiRo: any status on that?
[18:57]	<KaiRo>	dbo: well, once I have an official "go" from you calendar people on a specific point in cvs trunk, I can do the import
[18:57]	<davida>	then we go wild
[18:58]	<KaiRo>	which means I'll tag that point on CVS, and add it in hg - it's up to you (or probably Standard8) to apply the build system fixes on top of that
[18:58]	<dbo>	I'd say you use CVS trunk tomorrow.
[18:58]	<dbo>	We will keep track of getting further fixes onto hg.
[18:58]	<KaiRo>	you just need to care to get any fixes that happen after that point checked in to hg as well
[18:59]	<dbo>	I'll do that once we've released: get a diff against your tag, then prepare a changeset.
[18:59]	<KaiRo>	tomorr, about what time?
[18:59]	<dbo>	It doesn't matter really.
[18:59]	<KaiRo>	+ow
[19:00]	<KaiRo>	ok, I'll probably go with CVS HEAD tomorrow afternoon then
[19:00]	<dbo>	as long as you tag after taking the snapshot :)
[19:00]	<KaiRo>	(CEST)
[19:00]	<dbo>	no, vice versa.
[19:01]	<KaiRo>	I'll actually go the other way round, tag first, then import exactly that state
[19:01]	<dbo>	ok
[19:01]	<KaiRo>	and I'll also care to get updated to not cull calendar from cvs any more
[19:01]	<KaiRo>	pull, that is
[19:02]	* KaiRo	guesses it's too clod in here for correct writing
[19:02]	<davida>	culling calendar from cvs is grammatical too =)
[19:03]	<KaiRo>	heh, probably :)
[19:03]	<ause>	ause-ok :)
[19:04]	<KaiRo>	there might be some fires around though due to pre-existing files from cvs being in the way of a hg update, but that should be easy to slove with me and gozer being alert to it
[19:05]	<KaiRo>	I'll warn gozer about this :)
[19:06]	<KaiRo>	and then, I'm looking forward to having you on board with comm-central!
[19:06]	<Fallen>	Personally, I'd be fine with you going ahead right now, but thats up to daniel :-)
[19:07]	* dbo	still hopes the last fix goes in this evening, so there's no further need
[19:07]	<dbo>	KaiRo: thank you for doing the work!
[19:08]	<dbo>	the last agenda item: calendar integration
[19:09]	<dbo>	AFAIK Christian has talked to Bryan this evening, but I don't know how far the discussion is.
[19:10]	<dbo>	anything else to add?
[19:11]	<dbo>	more topics?
[19:12]	<dbo>	ok, I think we're done then.
[19:12]	<dbo>	good evening, have a nice day, everbody
[19:12]	<davida>	actually, one thing
[19:12]	<davida>	if i can =)
[19:12]	<dbo>	go on
[19:13]	<davida>	I'd like to encourage people to hang out and discuss in #calendar as much as possible. I think it'll make it
[19:13]	* KaiRo	filed bug 455727 for the actual import of calendar/ into comm-central
[19:13]	<davida>	easier for the maildev people to find people to talk to about calendar integration stuff.
[19:13]	<davida>	There are some people who are often there (Fallen, looking at you), but I think more is better.
[19:13]	<davida>	that's all. just trying to build bridges.
[19:14]	<dbo>	yes, should be improved, my presence is varying, I know :)
[19:15]	<KaiRo>	davida: did you mean calendar people hanging out in #maildev or maildev people hanging out in #calendar?
[19:16]	<davida>	I actually just meant hanging out in irc.
[19:16]	<davida>	calendar convrrsations belongin #calendar, mail conversations in #maildev, and integration issues, wherever =)
[19:16]	=-=	ause is now known as ause_away
[19:16]	<KaiRo>	right