Calendar:Status Meetings:2008-11-05

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
    • US/Canada: 866-692-3163
    • Netherlands: 0800-020-1392
    • Germany: 0800-000-3441
    • Switzerland: 0800-001-523
  • Participant Passcode
    • 3182189
  • Conference controls
    • Press *1 private help menu
    • Press *6 mute or un-mute individual line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

  • Ause asks how lightning integration will likely look like w.r.t. the build process. Background of his question are concerns about l10n builds.
    • xpi-wise, i.e. we keep it as a (hidden/appManaged?) xpi?
    • deep integration, resolving lightning.xpi

Meeting Log

  • Participants: philipp, mschroeder, dbo, dmose, bryan, davida
  • lightning integration
    • dmose: ideally keep it as an xpi
    • bryan: thoughts about having a calendar pref to turn off, although a minority would need it
    • dmose: ause should post to the ml about his l10n build concerns
    • dmose: worries about update story of thunderbird if lightning comes per preinstalled extension; need to talk to standard8
  • dmose/davida: can't throughly test caldav because of zimbra problem; dmose will ask bruno
  • mid term we continue to work on the tb-integration list P1 bugs
  • dbo landed itip overhaul today, hopes to fix more bugs in that area
    • precondition to complete caldav sched