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Calendar Test Cases

Please help the calendar project by entering test cases. Test cases will be removed from this page as they are added to Litmus.

First, Choose a Subgroup for your Testcase
Local Calendar WebDav Calendar CalDav Calendar Display Of Events
Display of Tasks Import/Export Navigation Month/Multiweek View
Day/Week View Alarms Preferences Extensions
Themes Printing Look and Feel Search
Publishing Subscribe Sharing Meeting Requests
Freebusy Device Sync Web Service Integration System Integration
Install\Uninstall Software Update Profile Manager Help

Local Calendar


  1. Please edit this section
  2. Copy & Paste the template below to use for your test case
  3. Replace everything in UPPERCASE
  4. Replace Product with either Lightning, Sunbird, or Both (i.e. Use "L", "S", or "B").
  5. Don't worry if lines wrap and scrollbars appear.
  6. Ensure the spacing and formatting remains the same - this makes it easy to copy and paste into Litmus. :-)
Create template using IDE
Steps To Perform Expected Results Product Regression Bugzilla ID
1. Give template a name
2. Select object to be added
3. Edit the properties of the object
4. Add condition or Case
 Template created succesfully in XML format
 An error occured while creating template

 D'zYn O'Zone