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Subscribing To Your Calendar

The Sunbird/Lightning Create New Calendar wizard comes up with a third Format type for remote calendars (Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP)). As location, provide a HTTP or preferrably HTTPS URL to a Sun Java System Calendar server.

You can encode your common user-id into the url which will be used for the login prompt, e.g.

After creation, you need to switch the view on for this calendar in the Calendars list.


For login, you will be asked for a pair of UserName/Password. If you don't pass login, you will be asked again. If the calendar server does not support HTTPS, you will be asked whether to continue the login.


If you create items, keep care to have the correct calendar selected and checked in the Calendars list, because this will be the one for insertion. It can be confusing if the selected calendar is not shown (unchecked), i.e. you won't see your newly created event. IMO we have to improve this.


Log Level

The provider can log for diagnose purposes. Logs go to the js console, eventually to stdout (if user_pref("browser.dom.window.dump.enabled", true);) or log file.

Four log levels are defined:

  • 0 → no logging (release, default)
  • 1 → some logging, connection etc., but no calendar data
  • 2 → verbose log
  • 3 → very verbose log

You can set the log level your user.js in your profile:

user_pref("calendar.wcap.log_level", n);

or via Tools→Options→Advanced→General→Config Editor... (Thunderbird 2, Unix) and even change it without restarting Thunderbird.

Log File

You can specify a log file. Logs are always appended to the specified file.

user_pref("calendar.wcap.log_file", "/system/path/to/log/file"); // *nix
user_pref("calendar.wcap.log_file", "c:\\system\\path\\to\\log\\file"); // Windows
user_pref("calendar.wcap.log_file_append", true); // whether log should be appended, default is false (truncate)

Trouble Shooting

  • Some Calendar server versions cause trouble using the get_calprops.wcap command. If you encounter trouble with your version, the WCAP provider has a workaround using the search_calprops.wcap command. You can switch the usage setting pref
calendar.wcap.no_get_calprops → true