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Suggestions for Context Menus:

Multiday/month views

  • Week view (available in month view)
  • Day view (available in month and week view)

Developer documentation

My humble feeling is that Lightning (and Thunderbird too) would be so much farther along, if people could have some developer documentation to go by. I know, I know, I should learn it myself, but it's a big learning curve to get started on developing when there is so much code to go through. Why not make use of the wikis and periodically add a tutorial? I'd like to be able to have an extension which adds tasks for people based on sunset times as gleaned from a server; but without an API (or documentation about how I might do that), I can't get excited about Lightning to have it go beyond what it already does, and if I can't get excited, then I can't help (in my own small way) to improve it.

I also hope you could find a way to allow people to optionally build Lightning/Sunbird (as well as Thunderbird, and some kind of syntax-coloring aware editor, etc.) back into Firefox. While modularity is great, the inability to use the modules to put it all back together (or part of it) is a disappointment. There's obviously advantages to being able to integrate, even while not everyone wants to be forced to do so (or to do so in the way that say the Mozilla Suite/Seamonkey developers have come up with--this is not a slight on them at all, btw).

I can't imagine how complex that might be, but Mozilla clearly has so much potential if the vision and reality can be made unifiable via its diversity. Thanks much, Brettz9 08:35, 27 March 2008 (PDT)