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I'd like to see the ability to use labels (similar to Gmail's labels) to categorize events. You would be able to assign an unlimited number of labels to a specific event. This would allow you do things like:

  1. Assign Personal, Business, Hobby etc... labels to segregate your events.
  2. Assign multiple labels to events. (For example, you could add a Birthday label to events already labeled with Personal or Business. This would allow you to view the Birthday events of people in your Personal life separate from the Birthday events of the people in your Business life.)

As Gmail allows auto-labeling when email is received, when an event is added, the calendar should allow auto-labeling of an event. An example of this would be to auto-label all events as Business that begin between 7:00am and 5:00pm on Monday through Friday and not during an event marked with Holiday or Vacation. All events outside of these times could be labeled as Personal. These should be setup similar to "Message Filters" found in Thunderbird. I would guess the dialog would have similar items as an Add Event dialog would have:

  1. Label to apply
  2. Beginning or ending of an event falls within a specified
    1. Date/Time (i.e., 2005-12-25)
    2. Recurring Range (i.e., Mon, Wed, Fri)
    3. Another event (i.e., selected by Holiday label)
  3. Event title contains:
    1. specific words (regular expression?) (i.e., "Firefox|Mozilla|Thunderbird" label as Mozilla)
  4. Associated individuals within the Event
    1. specific person(s) within my address book (i.e., any of spouse, children, siblings, parents, etc... cause the event to be labeled as Family)
    2. a person within my address book who have a particual label (Mark the event as Business if it contains a person that is a Business contact)

I'm not sure if all of the above belongs in the Search or View's discussion (or another that I haven't found). --Kipphoward 20:52, 30 Mar 2005 (PST)