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Last updated: 2014/04/09
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Firefox Chat Service is messaging service that uses the Firefox Account keys to encrypt and sign message between people.

Project Contacts

Principal Point of Contact (EU)

  • Tarek Ziade
  • Alexis Metaireau
  • Rémy Hubscher


Having people being able to communicate using their phone or browser in a way that respects their privacy.

People can use one of their device to communicate with other people.


Firefox Account

  • People needs to log on the service using their Firefox Account.
  • The Firefox Account assertion is used to register the public key on the server.
  • The Firefox Account kB is used to build the public and private key for a user.



  • 1. Alice register her public key on the FxChat server
  • 2. Bob register his public key on the FxChat server


Alice wants to send a message to Bob

  • 1. Alice get Bob's devices public keys on the FxChat server
  • 2. Alice encrypt her message usign Bob's devices public keys mixed with a temporary key pair she just build for this message.
  • 3. Alice send the message to the server with the temporary public key
  • 3. The server send the message to all Bob's devices
  • 4. Alice encrypt her message using her device public key to sync her messages upon all her devices.
  • 5. Each time I receive a message, I register a new device public key on the FxChat server.