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  • Work build and publish comprehensive roadmap and product plan continues.
  • Bug triage session complete.
  • Weave 0.2 bug triage and planning. Overview: Labs/Weave/0.2.


  • Team growing by ~400% for the next couple of weeks to drive 0.2 to completion.
  • Weave 0.2 overview and bugs.
  • Weave 0.2 status:
    • Streamlined first run and setup (chris)
    • Real-time sync (dan)
    • Additional data-types
      • Passwords (dolske)
      • Tabs and windows
      • Form data (anant)
      • Search data
    • Bookmark folder sharing between users
      • XMPP (jono)
    • Simple web-based interface for users to gain read-only access to their bookmarks
    • Crypto (dan)
    • Perf / Robustness (dan)
    • Build & Release (dan)
  • Documentation
    • Setting up a server
    • For extension authors, etc
    • Docs added for tests and build instructions

  • Setting stage server on
    • Need to find out what open tasks are (cbeard)
  • Set up XMPP server on sm-labs01 (jono)
    • Stuck on linking to expat
  • Investigate sm-labs01 crashing (atul)
    • OOM errors, adjustments have been made a few times, so far so good for 24h.
    • Please report any problems.
    • Urchin integration TBD.
  • Switching to plaintext usernames from hash of email addresses for resource locations


  • Unit test framework (dmills)
    • Need more tests
  • System tests using XMPP (jono)
    • Blocking on XMPP library bugs
  • Automatically running via buildbot (atul)
    • Need to install build tools onto buildbot machines (?)
    • Need to talk to timr & joduinn

Round Table