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  • Work to build and publish comprehensive roadmap and product plan continues.
  • Focus right now on getting Weave 0.2 out the door.


  • Weave 0.2 overview and bugs.
  • Weave 0.2 status:
    • Streamlined first run and setup (chris/maria)
    • Real-time sync (dan/atul)
    • Additional data-types
      • Passwords (dolske) -- done, needs testing
      • Tabs and windows (myk) -- done, needs testing
      • Saved Form data (anant) -- done, needs testing
      • History (atul) -- need to add support for an additional data element to ensure "awesomebar" works across fx instances
    • Bookmark folder sharing between users (jono/atul) -- basic ui is in the tree, backend work starting; should have working prototype by the end of the week
      • XMPP (jono) -- need help here getting the server back-end, dietrich is helping with the client-side
    • Simple web-based interface for users to gain read-only access to their bookmarks (chris/anant)
    • Crypto (dan/dolske) -- dolske has posted a work-in-progress patch in the bug, incl.

key-pair generation, random key generation and wrapping/unwrapping required. needs some more cleanup and refactoring. looking at about a week on the outside to complete.

    • Perf / Robustness (dan/myk/atul)
    • Build & Release (dan/atul) -- we've moved to a Makefile, and atul has written scripts to build a single XPI for all three platforms
  • Server side work (chris)
  • Web analytics (chris)
  • Privacy policy & terms of service (chris)


  • Unit test framework (dan/jono)
    • jono has written unit test for cookie sync, atul has written unit test for password sync
    • dolske has written unit tests for all the crypto modules
    • need more tests!!
  • System tests using XMPP (jono)
    • Blocking on XMPP library bugs
  • Automatically running via buildbot (atul) -- punting this to post 0.2 and fx3

Round Table