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  • 0.5 release status - open bugs review
    • 7 open bugs, will try to have them all in by wednesday for pre7, some risk we may need to slip pre3 to thursday
  • 0.5pre3 7/22
  • Pushing back 0.5 from 7/27 to wednesday 7/29 for consistency with "pre" releases
    • Yes, all agreed here
  • Do we need a crypto proxy server? - Performance benchmark data for Fennec needed to decide. Need to make the call on this one before the end of this week.
    • Working on what we need to figure this out
  • Are we ready to firm up what the next cluster needs to look like? Need to order hardware ASAP.
    • Need to know how much more HD space we need
    • We are doing SSL termination on the webheads. Easy win to defer that outside of apache
    • Still don't know how much the master DB scales to. This will be the ultimate bottleneck and affects the numbers on the rest of the cluster.
    • Zandr says, hardware this week to run bigger load tests.
  • Staging & development clusters
    • Development is sm-weave-proxy01, includes everything except LDAP & services.m.c API (so wizard/user creation via the client won't work)
    • Needs to get an external IP/name so that we can point users to it
    • Need to figure out how to point users to the devel cluster
    • Need to make plans for staging setup
  • [good first bug] triage ? (Mardak)
    • Fron prior experience in the Firefox team, this is not a super useful