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  • Review AIs from last week:
    • We will need to order 2 more backend database machines. [Probably waiting on Zandr to return from Vegas]
    • Dan to poke to get reviews on WEP-100.
    • Anant is going to help Doug Turner going with the WinMo weave client.
    • Ragavan to write up 0.6 plan on wiki. [Done -]
  • Push out a release this Wednesday? 0.5.1 or 0.6pre1?
  • Ramp up on unit testing - can't afford to have avoidable problems
  • Sprints for this week - do we have details on wiki?
  • Need to set up UI/UX reviews with Fennec team - next week?
  • Latest on server scalability
    • What constitutes a cluster?
    • stunnel - helping or hurting?


  • Toby thinks we may have already ordered the machines.
  • Dan poked a few people on WEP-100, but we should probably blog about it to get more feedback.
  • Anant pointed out we need to figure out details on forgotten passwords, migration path.
    • AI: Dan is going to blog about it.
  • 0.5 works on WinMo.
  • 0.5.1 it is - won't be able to fix the captcha issue. Toby suggested adding some text to help users.
    • AI: Dan to file a bug.
  • Sprints:
    • No point in splitting up about:weave - Dan will do it all.
    • We could split up the partial sync into 3 pieces. - Mardak
    • Idea - let's do a fennec UX review. We should probably do one the week after since we'll be landing a few changes that affect fennec UX.
    • Password/Passphrase sprint
  • Toby says we cannot do virtual hosts over SSL, but will confirm.
  • stunnel was forking itself to death, when Zandr comes back we'll change stunnel to run in daemon mode and re-run load tests.