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  • Review action items from last week
    • Status of backend database machines - ordered? [Zandr]
    • WEP-100 blog post [Dan]
    • Handling captcha for account set up - bug filed? [Dan]
    • stunnel load tests in daemon mode - [Toby]
  • Status of 0.6 release - [All]
  • 0.5 server migration - [Toby]
  • Unit testing framework status - [MConnor]


  • Backend DB machines are indeed ordered. More blades. This will help us double the # of users we can support to up to 200K. Should be doable with the 0.6 release.
  • Dan would like the dev servers to be available without VPN.
    • AI: Zandr to look into it.
  • WEP-100 blog post to be done.
  • Bug #508112 for captcha issue. Assigned to Anant.
  • stunnel load tests should be done today.
  • Partial sync might require server API changes. Mardak is in the process of writing WEP(s) for this.
  • We shouldn't cut things out of 0.6 yet, let's see how this week goes.
  • Since Anant is done with his bugs for 0.6, he'll start looking at the unit test coverage/gaps when he is back from vacation. He'll work with MConnor to make sure we're on the right track.