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  • Localization
  • Prepping for 0.6
  • Bug triage
  • Partial views, partial sync
  • Talk about unified account system.


  • l10n fire drill.
  • about:weave, pop-up menu, pref window (can be P2), notifications (high P2)
  • Freeze for 0.7 preferably around 16th of Sep. AI: Ragavan to check with SethB if that will work.
  • Need a plan for what we are going to do with the auto-login pieces for 1.0.
  • Prepping for 0.6 - 3 things needed.
    • Get to talk the right User API.
    • Migrate users to nodes, Toby has kicked them out.
    • Test the hell out of the client/server integration.
  • When users upgrade, the client will see the server as being empty and initiate a new upload. Will freeze for the key generation. Backup is guaranteed because the 0.3 server data will still be available.
  • 0.3 server will be deprecated in a month.
  • All the server side stuff has been completed already.
  • Still seeing replication delays, can't get 0.6 soon enough.
  • Partial views, partial sync is likely not going to make 0.6. We'll punt it to 0.7pre1.
  • AI: Ed is going to write up a WEP for partial views, sync and we'll get more eyes on the spec before getting too deep into the code.