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0.7 goals:

  • Don't keel over
  • Don't turn away users
  • Keep it simple, especially on fennec
  • And oh yeah - something about 1.0 Beta comes to mind

  • 0.7 status - where are we and what's needed
    • Partial sync [mardak]
    • Backoff [mconnor]
    • Handling race conditions - need an owner for this [mardak/mconnor]
    • about:weave [ragavan on behalf of dan]
      • Need help on fennec
    • Server changes? [toby]
    • Pre3 [all]
      • Soft freeze everything except about:weave
    • Disaster planning walk through - what happens when load peaks? [zandr/toby]


  • Should we set up a different cluster just for fennec users?
  • Partial sync
    • We need some way to show users that all of their data isn't there yet.

AI: Mardak will mock up the UI.

  • Backoff
    • Going out for review tonight. Will be part of pre3.
    • AI: We need some server side header support.
    • Need to plan the server side stuff, perhaps roll this out a part of pre3?
  • Handling race conditions
    • With backoff stuff in, this may perhaps not be as needed?
  • about:weave
    • Dan's patch is pending review. Looks good.
  • Server changes:
    • List of modified timestamps - can be memcached. This is live on the dev servers.
    • Collection counts - checked in. Not live on dev server yet.
    • Backoff stuff - This is live on the dev servers.
    • AI: We need to get QA involved somewhere.
  • Disaster plan:
    • Backoff is our biggest bet.
    • 9K concurrent 0.5 users at peak, 10 AM Pacific.
  • Ordering extra hardware:
    • If we go based on our current load profile and order similar hardware, we are looking at about 150K. Will check with Chris on options.