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  • Client updates
    • Performance
    • Firefox UI
    • Fennec UI
    • Graceful degradation
  • Server updates
  • Infrastructure/IT updates
    • Hardware for doubling cluster capacity
    • Staging environment
  • Metrics
    • Review MHanson's spreadsheet magic
    • Plan for tracking/updating numbers?
  • 0.7 release status
  • Review bug list
  • Schedule next bug triage session


  • Client updates
    • Performance - MConnor says it should get done this week.
    • Firefox UI - Mardak owns it for 0.7. Need UI for partial sync.
    • Fennec UI - Mardak owns this also for 0.7. Need UI for first time weave user.
    • Graceful degradation - deferring activation needs to be done.
    • Removing a set of prefs.
  • Server updates
    • Deferred activation will be deployed on Tuesday.
    • We should turn on round-robin node assignment.
    • Also retiring 0.3 server.
  • Infrastructure/IT updates
    • Hardware should be deployed on Friday. Will get us two extra clusters.
    • And complete staging cluster.
    • Wednesday mtg with VAR.
  • Metrics
    • grabbed mysql bin logs from pm-weavefs03 (half of staging cluster) to pick apart queries.
    • Should we do this on a production slave in a nice way once it's done-ish?
    • Need to check all these scripts into source control.
    • Payload % of tabs is 92%
      • If you have only 1 client, tab sync will be disabled.
      • Syncing less frequently, for desktop clients.
      • If you don't change tabs, we won't sync tabs.
    • We should see at least a 5x reduction in server load. Won't help with new user spike.
    • Better answers should be available on Wednesday.
    • Do we need an OMG client update mechanism?
    • Do we have a target for #actions/hour? We need to think about this a bit more.