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Follow-up on action items from last week:

  • Load test results based on new client. [Toby/Zandr]
  • What does this mean for our capability model/capacity planning? [Toby/Zandr]
  • Combined dashboard with MHanson's and Toby's scripts [MHanson]
  • Filling out [IT]
  • AI: Thunder is going to clone current hg and create the dev branch repository.
  • AI: Our developer docs need to start living on MDC. We need a plan.
  • AI: Anant is going to write up a WEP for auto registration.
  • AI: Anant is going to incorporate feedback from Mardak on the preference sync WEP and post an updated WEP.

0.8 release:

  • Firefox UI [MConnor]
  • Fennec UI [MConnor/Mardak]
  • Partial sync improvements [Mardak]


  • Stripping out auto-login pieces [?]
  • Plan for distributing auto-login pieces [All]
  • How do we want to use the dev branch? [All]


  • AI: Zandr will update [Load Tests] page with latest run.
  • Toby is moving all the scripts to Once that's done we can integrate Mike's log analysis tests.
  • Potentially engage Metrics on some of the stats work. Reach out to Daniel Einspanjer.
  • AI: We need to get Zandr some time with the rest of the IT department.
  • AI: Thunder is going to clone current hg and create the dev branch repository. [Done]
  • Firefox UI - Pref panel stuff mostly works, wizard is mostly done. Error handling is mostly missing. Should be done by Thursday.
  • Partial sync improvements - Interestingness has landed for bookmarks and history.
  • Fennec UI - going with what Madhava has mocked up.
  • AI: We really need to lock the UI down ASAP and formalize this as well. MConnor is going to do this today.
  • AI: Mardak is going to hack on removing the auto-login pieces once his other stuff is done.