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Follow-up on action items

  • Update on load testing [Zandr/MHanson]
  • Integrated dashboard [Toby]
  • Operational readiness doc/plan/training [Zandr]

Sync release train

  • Beta blockers
    • Client
    • Server
  • Deployment plan for Beta
  • Date?

Dev train

  • Account Manager page is up. Next steps [Dan]


  • MHanson did a couple of experiments with curl loader inspired C program. Does a whole bunch of inserts.
  • Every second the read slave seems to get 70 reads behind.
  • May need to do some experiments with no replication.
  • Sustained 25mbps disk throughput.
  • Will find a full disk failure mode.
  • AI: We should document all the scenarios we are interested in testing and prioritize them for 1.0 (Beta/GA) [MHanson]
  • AI: We should update our capability model docs with more accurate numbers. [MHanson]
  • AI: We need a systems test framework and something like this should run as part of a regression test suite. [TBD]
  • Given 140 writes/sec and the bottlenecks we know about, 1.3 M + 20% headroom.
  • AI: Zandr is going to write up what a no replication architecture would look like and what our backup solution would be. [Zandr]
  • AI: Operational readiness doc/plan/ with IT - Ragavan to schedule a meeting with IT.
  • pre3 tomorrow with near final UI and feature frozen. Faaborg will do his review on Thursday.
  • AI: MConnor will file a couple of Fennec bugs.
  • Toby wants to know if we can make object GUIDs hex? Would shrink our primary key size by a factor of 10. MConnor doesn't think we can do this for 1.0.
  • Server can make numeric IDs, but blocks on ldap in staging server.
  • Staging server has been created, but Aravind doesn't know he is on the critical path.
  • The server is not going to be frozen by the end of this week.
  • We should be able to release the client
  • AI: We will have a plan for the server deployment for Beta by EOD tomorrow.