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  1. AI: Aravind is going to take care of the separate repos for user reg and sync server code.
  2. AI: We need Arzhel to resolve 508658, but we need to move on this. Zandr may take it back.
  3. AI: Zandr is going to kick off the load tests. Should know by Monday.
  4. We really need to get the load test results back before we bring up the new servers.
  5. Plan is to push out 1.0b3 server with no slave config on Tuesday and release the client on Wednesday.


  • Client
  • Server
  • Ops
  • QA


  • hg stuff has been set up, should be complete today.
  • 508658 is still pending.
  • With our current cluster configuration, we can support almost 5mil performance wise, but only 600K disk space wise.
  • Replacing the smaller, faster disks with larger, cheaper disks will cost $12K.
  • It may be a better bet for us to stick with the current config and see if the weave monster will get us to 10s of millions of users.
  • Tonight server change will take us from 4 master slave pairs to 8 masters.
  • Once the server change is done, we will update the runbook.
  • Client should be code frozen tonight and there will be another snapshot build tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a QA day and we'll release the client on Thursday, in time for Friday.
  • Test day is this Friday. Show up on #testday.
  • AI: Let people know on weave forums. Tracy will take care of that.