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  • Tie up 1.0 loose ends - What's remaining? By when?
    • Client - RC2 should be final, yes?
    • Server - has 1.0 server been deployed to production?
    • Ops - are we running in master only mode, with support for 600K users?
    • Dashboard - are we tracking Active Daily Clients?
    • QA - seen any issues with 3.6 RC on Windows? Fennec and tab sync?
  • Next gen server platform planning
    • Goals: Make post 1.0 DB recommendation by Jan 31, Server h/w recommendation by Feb 14.
    • Have we identified the various databases we are planning on testing? Anything besides MongoDB?
    • Do we know the series of tests we are planning on running and have they been developed?
    • Do we have the hardware to run these tests?
    • Where are we documenting tests/observations so we have a record of our decisions?
    • Owner/Driver: Toby
  • Review client 1.1 plan
    • Any server/ops dependencies?
  • Security review
    • Status, next steps?
    • Owner/Driver: Chris Lyon

  • Roundtable


  • Server is in staging, running tests and running into issues. Perhaps LDAP problems? Still planning on being ready to push to production by Thursday/Tuesday.
  • Get code reviews on the refactoring by morgamic's team. Toby to send out review request before Thursday?
  • Ops is all done for 1.0.
  • Tracy to do more QA for the above test cases.
  • Ed will push RC 2 to AMO today.
  • Security review Round 1 should be done by the end of this month.
  • Hardware has been ordered and should be arrving in ~2 weeks.
  • Registration as a separate piece.
  • Ragavan to schedule a brain dump session with morgamic, toby, les, zandr, IT tbd.