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  • Product Delivery Roundtable
    • Congrats on Sync 1.0.
    • Review Q1 goals
      • Increase ADUs to 1m+ (from 50,000)
      • Scale backend to support 10m+ users with a 20% headroom
    • Client engineering
    • Server engineering
      • Goals: Make post 1.0 DB recommendation by Jan 31, Server h/w recommendation by Feb 14.
      • DB experiments
      • HW experiments
      • Ownership
    • Ops
    • Security
    • Metrics
    • Services launch with API, docs, website and more
  • Engineering Delivery
    • 1.1 status
    • GetSatisfaction, user forums
    • Server memcached for tab sync first run
    • QA automation proposal
    • How is Ops doing and keeping up?


Product Delivery Roundtable

  • If we want to get more than 300K (which we may get by default), we need to build a really good product.
  • First goal may be to look at the other products in our space and use that as a target.
  • Involve Ken in some of the market planning.
  • Zandr is going to light up the new commodity hardware platform today.
  • Security review is underway, no major issues since he started last night. ETA: end of this week. Client security review on the 10th starting at 2:30. Ragavan to set up the meeting with relevant parties.
  • Ragavan to follow up with Ken on metrics next step.

Engineering Delivery

  • QA automation proposal - mconnor will be driving this starting Tuesday.
  • Zandr is getting slammed and we need to get him help.
  • Next step for db/hw platform recommendation is to review morgamic's plan. Next week's meeting.
  • MHanson has a spreadsheet with the questions we want answered with our testing. He will share it with everybody.